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Illia Maksymchuk

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
5 hours 31 minutes ago
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Contextual advertising
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  • 326 USD

    3740 purchases up to $1 in a healthy food delivery niche

    Contextual advertising
    Information about the project:

    We have been contacted by a customer who offers the delivery of foods of healthy food in the main cities of Ukraine.The main goal is to attract potential customers at affordable prices.We developed a promotion strategy, conducted a niche analysis and identified the target audience.It was important to lower the price per order and increase the number of them.We set targeted advertising on Instagram and other communication channels, focusing on the best quality result for the customer.Working with a limited geography, we have faced certain challenges in scaling outcomes.However, we have effectively used a variety of methods and channels to our goals.They conducted a niche analysis, developed internal and external SEO optimization, studied competitor methods and made a portrait of the target audience.We also experimented with different audience segments and applied testing to optimal results.Our Results :

    Advertising budget – $2745
    The average order price is 0.74$.
    Number of purchases: 3740

    Conclusions: For effective targeted advertising, it is important to apply different methods and goals, as well as to test different creative approaches.This helps to attract the maximum number of target audience and ensure an effective order flow.
  • 130 USD

    Help with Google ADS

    Contextual advertising
    I was hired for a few days to help set up a social media advertising campaign for the building company’s marketing department. I analyzed their target audience and developed new advertising strategies, developed creative materials and launched campaigns. As a result, the company was able to attract more attention in social networks and improve its marketing results.
  • 250 USD

    Google ADS - Full Advertising Office

    Contextual advertising
    I set up a advertising campaign for the online bookstore and gradually optimized it, analysing and improving the advertising strategy that allowed to maximize its efficiency and attract more customers.
  • 49 USD


    Contextual advertising
    He conducted an audit of the advertising campaign of the company that specializes in children’s car services. During the audit, I thoroughly analyzed their advertising strategy, checked the effectiveness of the use of keywords, the quality of the ads and the work of targeting. Further, I gave concrete recommendations to improve their advertising strategy, including optimizing the use of keywords, creating attractive ads and setting accurate targeting. After the implementation of the recommendations, the company observed the growing popularity of its services among customers, which them attract more customers and increase profits.
  • 46 USD


    Contextual advertising
    I conducted an audit of the Google Ads advertising office of a company that specializes in selling computer equipment. After thorough analysis of the structure of their account, I checked the productivity of campaigns, advertising groups, keywords and ads. I have paid special attention to the matching of keywords to products and the text of the ads with the target pages. After that, I assessed the work of targeting settings and expanded capabilities, such as advertising location and advertising layout. I then prepared a report with recommendations on optimization of companies, which used the budget as efficiently as possible and attracted more targeted traffic for the company.


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