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Oleksandr Komendantov

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Ukraine Izmail, Ukraine
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Українська Українська: fluent
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  • 104 USD

    Women’s store of accessories. The goods.

    Social media advertising
    Customer: shop, women’s accessories.
    Work with banned brands.
    The Grey Nish.
    Geo of Ukraine.
    14 days of targeting.
    The result is visible on the corner.
  • 52 USD

    The goods. Drying for clothes.

    Social media advertising
    Customer: a personal face. The commodity business.
    Products: Clothes for clothing.
    Geo of Ukraine.
    The test period is 5 days.
    The customer asked to set the advertisement for the test period, so that to see the result and understand whether it makes sense to put in the target.
    The results of the advertising are visible in the hidden.
    In 5 days, 17 official requests for the purchase of the goods.
    After completion, the client decided to turn the advertisement on his own, without the help of a specialist.
  • 104 USD

    The online shop of alcohol.

    Social media advertising
    Customer: The online store of the elite alcohol.
    The whole of Ukraine.
    Two announcements.
    The FB/Inst.
    Advertisements have been launched to a wide audience. Only age category and languages are indicated. The advertisement turned off in the test period of 7 days. There is no one ban and no one ban.
    The result is seen in the screens.
    After the test period, the customer offered long-term cooperation.
  • 104 USD

    The service of Mr. Luck.

    Social media advertising
    Customer: Lechmeaker service in the city of Luck.
    Geo: Ukraine, city of Lutsk.
    Budget for the day: 6 UE.
    CA: women aged 18-55 years.
    Language: Ukrainian and Russian.
    The advertisement was launched for a month.
    One campaign was launched with two advertisements and creative.
    After 18 days of advertising, the customer asked to stop the display of the advertising, as it just stopped processing orders. The registration of the procedure came a month in advance.


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