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Dmitro Tyasko

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Ukraine Tyachev, Ukraine
20 days 13 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
1 Safe completed
1 year ago
1 Client
age 19 years
registered for 2 years
  • java spring
  • java developer
  • JavaAndroid
  • python asyncio
  • requests
  • Flutter/Dart
  • pyrogram
  • Web Flutter
  • discord.py


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Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: fluent
English English: pre-intermediate



  • 22 USD

    The Bot button

    A bot to check the user, is it a bot.
    It has 3 levels of complexity of drops, which are distinguished by increased distortions on the final image and the addition of a greater number of characters. For example, a number, or a letter in the lower register.

    The boat is built on a micro-service architecture, with the illustration of the main paradigms of the OOP. Also with several templates, such as a single to a database or DTO.

    It was initially planned for the java, but it was important to complete the task in the shortest time possible, so it was decided to write on the paton, so it is best suitable for quick writing of the code, as there is no strict static typing, and there were ready pieces of code from other pet projects.
  • 25 USD

    The Piar Tool

    A script for sending advertising messages to all users who entered the online, in one unknown social network. It has features of changing accounts at the bathroom, or to overcome restrictions, supports proxy, works on multi-precision.
    There is also a database for preservation when reused.
    Can spam by groups from the list in a separate text document

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19 February 2023 20 USD
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Dmitry worked well and do more than we agreed.


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