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Ihor Muzil

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Ukraine Ternopol, Ukraine
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  • jira
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Testing and QA
Testing and QA

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  • Telegram bot for creating resumes and sending to specialists

    Our bot is designed to facilitate the process of creating a resume and sending it to a special group in Telegram. This tool helps users effectively present their experience and skills to employers and recruiters. The main functions of the bot:

    Resume Creation: Users can fill in information about their education, work experience, skills, and contact details. The bot provides templates and tips for easier completion. After filling in the data, users can review their resume and make necessary changes before sending it. Sending to Group: After completing the resume creation, users can send it to a special group in Telegram, where employers and recruiters can review the proposals. Resume Management: Users have the ability to edit, update, and delete their resumes. Notifications: The bot provides notifications about new feedback on resumes and other events related to resume placement. Technologies:

    The bot is developed using Aiogram. SQLite3 database.
  • Telegram bot for sending job vacancies

    The goal of this project was to create a job distribution management system via Telegram using an admin bot (Admin Bot) and a distribution bot (Link Bot). Main functions:

    Admin Bot (Admin)

    Subscriber management: Admin can manage the list of subscribers, view subscriber statistics, and manage their subscriptions. Adding jobs: The administrator can add new job listings, specifying necessary information such as title, description, location, and salary. Sending schedule: The Admin Bot can set up a sending schedule and determine the frequency and time of message delivery. Link Bot (Link with Link):

    Job postings: The Link Bot is responsible for sending job postings to subscribers according to the established schedule. Job filtering: Users can set filters to receive only job listings that match their interests. New job notifications: Subscribers receive notifications about new job listings immediately after they are sent. Technologies and tools:

    Programming language: Python
    Bot creation framework: python-telegram-bot
    Data storage: SQLite
    Hosting and deployment: Heroku
  • Creating a Telegram bot to get Random Anime

    Project Goal
    Create a Telegram bot that provides users with random anime from the database upon request.

    Main Functions
    Getting random anime: Command /random returns random anime with title, description, genre, and link.
    Searching anime by genre: Command /genre [genre name] returns random anime based on the specified genre.
    User profile: Command /profile provides information about the current user and the ability to update data.
    Technological Stack
    Programming language: Python
    Bot framework: python-telegram-bot
    Database: PostgreSQL
    Deployment: Docker
    Hosting: Heroku / AWS / DigitalOcean
    Implementation Stages
    Preparation: Setting up the environment and database.
    Development: Implementing bot commands and connecting to the database.
    Deployment: Configuring Docker and deploying to the chosen hosting.
    Testing: Performance and reliability checks.
    Launch and maintenance: Launching the bot and regularly updating the database.
    Expected Results
    A functional Telegram bot that allows users to quickly and conveniently access information about random anime from the database.
  • A bot that sends you a weather report of the city you write to it.

    The bot that sends you a weather report of the city you write to it.
  • 32 USD

    QA Testing of a mobile application

    Testing and QA
    Interesting project helped improve the application, and bug hunting.
  • 7 USD

    Test case creation, bug report documentation, testing analysis

    Testing and QA
    Simple Checklist for testing the website, I can write in Ukrainian because I mostly write in English.
  • QA Testing Adidas

    Testing and QA
    The test case is ordinary cheap, the company wanted it to be cheap but understandable, so the project was very interesting.

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16 April 32 USD
Mobile application testing


Thank you, everything is done on time


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