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Oleksandr Didkovskyi

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Ukraine Zhitomir, Ukraine
2 days 20 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 2 bids
age 21 years
registered for 1 year


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Design & art



  • 139 USD

    Design of a one-page website for the Sports Hall

    Web design
    In this work, a design for the sports hall is designed. Everything is made from the selection of references for work to complete adaptation under different types of devices.
    The main colors of the design are orange, gray, black and white. Use the lora font. #Web Design #Web Designer #Figma/webflow #UX-Designer #webdesigner
  • 450 USD

    One-page website for selling nft

    Website development
    A single-page site is developed from scratch, text writing, colour selection to complete adaptation under different types of devices and web pages.
    Landing is fully developed under key with working form and basic SEO findings.
    The website design is performed in Figma, a layer on the Webflow platform.
    #Web Design #UX-Designer #webdesigner #figma/webflow #LandingRage
  • Instagram and Facebook banners for Clinical Company

    Designed Banner in Figma for Clinical Company. #Web Design #Web Designer #UX Designer #Figma/webflow
  • 500 USD

    One-page website for Electric Vehicle Rental

    Website development
    In this work, the design of the site is fully developed in Figma, starting from the development of the structure of the site, writing the text for it and ending with a complete adaptation to different types of devices. The design is made in grey and orange colors. The Montserrat font is used.
    The website is made on the Webflow platform. The line is connected with the forms for the order of the cars and the mobile phone number.
    #Web Design #Figma/webflow #UX-Designer #Web Designer #Web Sites
  • 189 USD

    Landing for the Clinical Company

    Website development
    Designed and set of a one-page website for the clinical company.
    #Web Design #UI-Designer #UX-Designer #webdesigner #figma/webflow


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Create a website design for a massage parlor
176 USD
Designer of landing pages (confectionery theme)
13 USD
Transfer the landing and add a blog on Webflow
176 USD
Website development. Cleaning services.
13 USD
It is necessary to copy the website.
126 USD
Mini landing page needed
252 USD
UI UX references for pages on the Cleaning Company website
13 USD
Development of a website on Webflow turnkey
13 USD
Landing page with 5 sections (Webflow)
252 USD
Layout of a landing page for the handyman (man for an hour) direction
217 USD