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Oleksii Sidorov

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Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Client management and CRM

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  • 1569 USD

    Implementation of CRM and data-driven strategy development

    Client management and CRM
    Case EVAkovrik
    Success at every step: A story about the successful implementation of CRM at Evakovrik company and its impact on increasing repeat sales by 30%
    The company "EVAkovrik" has been on the Ukrainian market for over 6 years, specializing in the production of custom car mats made of EVA material. Known for its high-quality products that meet international standards. It has a significant business turnover and over 50 employees.

    In 2021, the company EVAKOVRIK approached us to replace their outdated CRM system. It no longer met modern requirements and could not satisfy current business processes. Our task was to select and adapt a new CRM system that meets the company's needs.

    We presented five suitable CRM systems to the company EVAKOVRIK, comparing their capabilities. We conducted a detailed study of the business processes and identified areas for optimization. We found a lack of necessary tools for e-commerce in the previous system.

    Our business analyst conducted a deep financial analysis, which led to the following results:

    The percentage of delivered packages increased from 92% to 97%, reducing the number of returns.
    The overall CPO decreased by 28%, increasing the product margin by 12%.
    The share of repeat sales increased from 13% to 44%.
    Thanks to the implementation of the new CRM system, the company EVAKOVRIK significantly improved its business processes and achieved impressive results in sales and customer service.

    What we did for this
    Based on our experience, we developed clear criteria for selecting a CRM:

    Full coverage of business processes: All departments, including customer service, work in a unified system.
    A single working platform for managers: Task-manager provides efficient project management.
    Flexible settings for rights and access: Different levels of access for employees.
    Integration with sales and communication channels: CRM integrates with the website, social networks, and telephony.

    After connecting all sales channels and tracking contacts, we conducted sales analysis, created cross-cutting analytics, and identified the most profitable sources. We optimized the marketing budget, leading to an increase in leads, a decrease in CPL, and high conversion rates. As a result, the CPO indicator decreased by almost 30%.

    In the customer service department, we reorganized processes to improve response speed. We introduced a ticket evaluation system and automatic notifications for customers regarding delivered packages. We added a package pickup indicator to employees' KPIs.

    After analyzing the customer base and sales, we developed a mailing strategy segmented by customer groups. We offered additional discounted products. We implemented an automated targeted advertising system and individual offers. We created three additional landing pages with offers that customers could use after successful previous purchases.

    These measures significantly increased customer satisfaction and repeat sales, demonstrating care and attention to their needs.
  • 604 USD

    Quick switch to another CRM

    Client management and CRM
    Life-critical: How speed became a decisive factor
    "Pyrus M" - a well-known supplier of surgical material of high quality standard.
    After the start of a full-scale war, the company approached us with a request to quickly select a CRM to switch from Bitrix24. This was due to the unwillingness to work with Russian software and the fear of data loss. Our task within this project was to efficiently allocate resources and migrate to the new platform as quickly as possible without data loss.
    First and foremost, the most important thing is to preserve the client base and interact with key clients. Secondly, minimizing downtime during crisis situations.
    The economic impact can be calculated quite easily by knowing the average income of your company per day. Imagine if the company cannot operate for a week due to unforeseen circumstances...
    What we did for this
    We analyzed various CRM systems, identified their advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly, chose the optimal solution that aligns with the company's business processes.
    We conducted a full export of information and database from the previous system, improved the client database to meet the requirements. This was a time-consuming process that once again emphasizes the importance of proper client database management from the very beginning.
    We configured and adapted the new CRM, migrated the client database, set up a workspace for managers for effective client interaction, connected communication tools (telephony, messengers), and integrated with Nova Poshta.
  • 724 USD

    Integration of CRM systems into sales department

    Client management and CRM
    Customer: Scientific and Manufacturing Company Commander
    Website: commander-adm.com

    Implementation of CRM:
    There is no organized work of the departments.
    Loss of information when transferring orders between departments
    Unorganized sales department work
    Loss of entering applications
    Lack of clear business processes
    Solution of Problems:
    • Developed an algorithm of work in SMR taking into account business sales processes
    Integration of Bitrix24 with Phone
    • Developing a transaction algorithm
    Training of employees at Bitrix24
    • Training with the sales department on cold calls, work with objections, work with conflict situations, meetings.Obtained results:
    Strictly prescribed business processes within the company
    Scenarios and scripts of managers with different types of clients
    Increase in sales
    With the CRM Bitrix24:
    • Create a single customer base
    • Fixing phone calls with storage in the customer base
    • Communication secured: employees use the Bitrix24 functionality
    • Automated documentation
    No loss of entry applications
    • Strong analysis and sales reporting

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