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Daniil Berner

Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
4 months 28 days ago
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1 year ago
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  • Unity2D,3D/C# Developer

    Puzzle Equal is an opportunity to pump your logic through exciting riddles and quests.

    You have two colors. With their help, paint over the gray squares so that you get two identical shapes.
    With each step you will face an increasingly difficult task. Connect logic and develop your thinking in hundreds of different levels.

    Game features:
    - 100+ exciting levels of varying difficulty.
    - Stylish graphics and pleasant music.
    - Playing fields from 3x2 and higher.
    - Dynamic gameplay and the ability to spend time with the benefit of the mind.

    Suitable for both kids and adults!
    Plunge into the world of interesting puzzles and puzzles with us!
  • Unity2D,3D/C# Developer

    Train your reflexes and become a true ninja master in Street Food Ninja.
    Watch the orders on the right carefully so you always know what you need to cut. Just focus, turn on Precision Mode and collect points to become the best among the best.

    Game features:
    - Dynamic change of goals;
    - Bright graphics;
    - Musical accompaniment;
    - The best way to kill time.

    A good option for players of all ages!
    Join, here they were waiting for you.
  • Unity2D,3D/C# Developer

    Connect your logic and burst into the bright world of "Twist Puzzle"!

    Rotate and arrange the puzzles to fill the entire playing field. Pay special attention to the notches and elements that are located in advance on the board. No time limits, just enjoy the game!

    The game has:
    • Many different levels;
    • Bright 3D graphics and pleasant music;
    • Ability to choose the quality of graphics;
    • Day and night modes;
    • Fascinating, understandable gameplay.

    Free puzzle game for puzzle lovers. Suitable for players of all ages.
    Play jigsaw puzzles with your family on your phone or tablet. Arrange yourself an unforgettable quest!
  • Unity2D,3D/C# Developer

    Set records in neon light!
    Dual World is a free mobile arcade game where, by changing the side and color of the controlled ball, you need to remove obstacles in front of you. Collect stars to score points and unlock new colors. Use bonuses to help yourself set a record. Spend time developing your own reactions.

    Dual World is:
    • Fascinating, addictive gameplay;
    • Nice looking neon graphics;
    • Excellent musical accompaniment;
    • 18 bright, stylish color themes.

    The game will be interesting for both children and adults.
    Plunge into the world of bright inversion!

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Было очень приятно поработать. Учли все нюансы, выполнили все в срок. Исполнитель всегда на связи, оперативно отвечает на сообщения. Спасибо большое.


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30 000 UAH
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5000 UAH
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20 000 UAH
Создание казуальной 2D Иры на движках unity, construct
8000 UAH
Создать игру на Unity(дизайн+кодинг)
30 000 UAH
Настольная игра
1500 UAH
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10 000 UAH
Unity Developer
25 000 UAH
Unity разработчик или команду под допиливание игры по типу Minecraf
10 000 UAH
Адаптация настольной игры в веб или Unity среду
15 000 UAH