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Web design
Website development
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  • 328 USD

    Website for the company Utec logistics

    Website development
    The client needed a website created for a company specializing in international cargo transportation. The site had to be fully responsive to display optimally on any device, including mobile and tablets. Also required were the presence of animated elements to enhance the dynamism and attractiveness of the web page. Additionally, calculators for estimating delivery costs were integrated into the site, making it more functional for visitors. The possibility of ordering goods transportation through a special feedback form was also taken into account.

    #React #node.js #online-store #website #Web-development #website #web-development #UI/UX-designer #figma
  • 192 USD


    Website development
    A site that is easy to use and that is easy to understand.Realised a quality structure of blocks that leads to the key action is the leaving of the application.
    The site is made in a stripped style, with easy styling under a logistic atmosphere, reaching the target audience
    #React #node.js #website #web development #website #UI/UX-designer #figma
  • 265 USD

    Website for Moving Expert

    Website development
    The contractor needed to create a website for a company that is engaged in the transportation of goods. The site should be adaptive to mobile and tablet devices. There is also an animation for dynamics on the site. On the site there is also a specific functional in the form of calculators for the cost of delivery. In order to get more detailed about the company’s services, we have made separate pages with detailed information. To order the deployment of your goods, a form of feedback is provided.

    #React #node.js #online-shop #website #website #website #website #UI/UX-designer #figma
  • 230 USD

    Motherhood School

    Website development
    The task was to create a website for the online school Mothership
  • 222 USD

    Website for Digital Company

    Website development
    The task was to create a website for a digital company in dark tones.
  • 189 USD

    Website design for the game platform

    Web design
    The website has been designed for the game platform. The main requirements for the site were that it was in dark tones, laconic and stylish. It was decided that the site will be divided on screens, on each of which a new block of information appears. This makes it very easy for the user to perceive the content. Everything was done, the customer liked the work.

    #UI/UX-designer #figma #photoshop #webdesigner
  • 167 USD

    Website design for the "Spirit of the Carpathians" complex

    Web design
    The task was to make a website design for a company that provides services in the field of tourism services. The main requirements were to make a convenient booking system, a building card with a detailed description, as well as a attractive, minimalist design and a convenient mobile version. All of the project’s tasks have been successfully completed, the result you can see above.
  • 68 USD

    Logotype for the Military

    Logo design
    Development of the logo for the online store of military things
  • 177 USD

    Website Design for Cryptocurrency Company

    Web design
    The task was to make a website design for the cryptocurrency exchange company. All of the project’s tasks have been successfully completed, the result you can see yourself.

    #Web Designer #Site Visit #Figma #photoshop #UI/UX-designer
  • 253 USD

    Create a website for an investment company

    Website development
    The task was to create a website for the company from scratch. What was done: a unique design that takes into account the customer's wishes, the selection and hosting of infographics, the adaptation under mobile and tablet devices, the setting of the form of feedback.
  • 177 USD

    Website Design for Pizza

    Web design
    Landing Page Design for Pizza. The site contains a box for pizza order, as well as a full range of pizza with the weight and composition of the ingredients.
    #Web Design #UX-Designer #Figma #Web Site #Web Design
  • 177 USD

    Website for the Tarologist

    Website development
    The main function of the site, developed on React, is to tell about the activity of the tarologist and attract visitors to the site for cooperation. The objectives of the project have been achieved: on the site you can learn more about the work of the tarologist, learn about the services and reviews, and ask questions and contact him quickly.

    The site was designed using modern technologies, including React, to create an interactive user interface. After the development, the site was placed on the host, which ensures reliability and downloading speed.

    #React #Html #CSS #Figma #photoshop
  • 278 USD

    Website development for the Nuts Boom online store

    Website development
    We got the task of developing a website for the online store of peanut butter and dry fruits. Using React for front-end and Node.js for back-end, we have created a light, minimalist and simple website.

    The main objective was to make the purchase process as comfortable as possible. We have developed an intuitively understandable interface where the user can choose a product, add it to the basket and make a purchase by just pressing one button.

    The Node.js package was designed to process user requests, manage product data, and process transactions. We have used modern technologies to ensure safety and efficiency.

    After developing the site, we put it on hosting. The layout process was smooth, and the website works without trouble.

    We have addressed this task, and the website is already actively used by customers. We are pleased that our work helps people easily and comfortably buy peanut butter and dry fruits online.

    #React #node.js #web-site #figma #photoshop
  • 126 USD

    Website design for cryptocurrency

    Web design
    The task was to create a website design for cryptocurrency in Dubai. The page design was made to attract visitors to buy the ticket and explain the essence of the event.

    #Figma #Photoshop
  • 33 USD

    Banner for the network of sports facilities "Fitness club"

    A banner was created for the network of sports facilities, according to the wishes of the customer.

    #Figma #photoshop

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13 October 2023 101 USD
The website that is in development


The task was carried out with compliance with all requirements and with great attention to the details in agreed terms. very grateful


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