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Illia Dubiaha

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
4 hours 6 minutes ago
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age 22 years
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Lead generation and sales
Social media advertising 4

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  • Performance Max | Google | 436 leads for a fitness club

    Fitness by Grek is a fitness club that offers various group activities such as crossfit, stretching, TRX loops, functional training, tabata, and workout.

    - Increase the number of subscription sales
    - Increase the attendance of the fitness club
    - Popularize the "Massage" direction
    - Increase the number of inquiries

    - Conducted a comprehensive audit:
    web analytics
    Google Ads account
    - Adjusted web analytics
    - Conducted basic setup of the advertising account
    - Configured and launched advertising campaigns in Google Ads


    - In January 2024, 436 conversions were recorded for various directions.
    - The "Massage" direction has started to gain popularity, appointments are being scheduled for procedures.

    Link to the case: https://silver-pike-a50.notion.site/ae108480b8114c58b9ea46586b0fd975?pvs=4
  • Performance Max | Google | Sold cosmetics for 500,000 UAH

    Drain effect is an international company. In the market for 21 years.
    It produces and promotes products designed to improve
    the quality of human life - vitamins, dietary supplements, phytopreparations and
    body care cosmetics.
    All products meet quality standards and undergo
    certification by SGS - a world leader in the field
    inspection services and expertise.
    Has an international ISO22000 International certificate
    standard, which confirms the requirements for the management system
    food safety.

    -The client approached with the task
    to set up and launch contextual
    advertising for a new online store
    -We received a new website for work,
    made on the Horoshop platform.

    -Registered Google Tag Manager
    -Registered an advertising account in Google
    Ads and Google Merchant Center
    -Set up Google Ads + Google link
    Analytics 4;
    -Imported Google Analytics 4 conversions into
    Google Ads;
    -Set up Google Merchant Center + link Google Ads
    -Set up the product feed
    -Outlined the structure of the advertising account
    -Set up and then optimized
    advertising campaigns

    350 conversions in January, total conversion value 509,354.20 UAH.
  • Performance Max | Google | MEDICAL CLINIC 580 leads at 57 UAH

    Contextual advertising
    The client requested an increase in the number of calls and inquiries through the website.

    What I have done:
    - Creating an account / setting up Google Analytics.
    - Creating an account / setting up Merchant/Center.
    - Creating an account / setting up Google ads.
    - Transition to Performance Max.
    - Weekly optimization of the account, click prices.
    - Recommendations for processing the description of product items and the type of product card.

    Number of leads - 581
    Average lead cost - 57.34 UAH

    Case link: https://silver-pike-a50.notion.site/580-57-47d10c9748a3453cb3d91a6921a44e63?pvs=4
  • We earned over $39k on cosmetics courses.

    About the project:

    EXPERT is an International Online School of Cosmetology, which has been on the market for 13 years and has more than 62,000,000 students around the world.
    The Task:

    Connect potential customers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Europe and the United States and increase the price of purchases
    The result:

    Costed for advertising – $3260
    The number of applications received - 751
    Selling - 109
    Sold at $39503
    Total of 1211.75%
  • Employee set (gray niche)

    Social media marketing
    **INPUT DATA**
    Niche - set of employees for work
    Geo - Kyiv + region
    Landing pages - Instagram, Telegram through a proxy
    Strengths - stable rate, housing provision
    Budget - $30/day

    **MAIN TASKS:**
    - Set up lead flow

    **WHAT WE DID:**
    - Analyzed all direct and indirect. What ads are running, advertising goals, offers, creatives, CTA and landing pages
    - Analyzed and segmented the target audience (TA)
    - Designed a mind map based on hypotheses and the structure of advertising campaigns
    - Detailed the customer journey, from Ad Display to Clinic Visit
    - Outlined advertising offer options, considering requests, TA pain points, and market specifics
    - Developed advertising creatives, created a proxy on Telegram, and designed a quiz site
    - Launched test advertising campaigns on Instagram, lead generation on Telegram through a proxy
    - Tested various lead forms based on text quantity, from simple to complex
    - Tested TA segments, identified the best ones
    - Analyzed advertising metrics
    - Optimized and scaled advertising campaigns
  • Case: Production of domestic products with a total of 1077%

    About the project:
    Exclusive Zoo for Small Dogs
    and cats, produced from natural yeast, the customer has its own production so can make unique shapes which are not available on the market

    The task:
    Sales through the site and Instagram, it was also needed to put a pixel on the site, put Google Analytics and increase the site conversion

    Targeted Advertising:
    We immediately started working for a wide audience, subsequently segmenting it by gender and age, because the product is not narrow. The main task was to clearly understand what advertising creativity and proposal should be given to a person. The main emphasis was made on creating relevant content. In total, we created 4 portraits of the target audience that were targeted. The best result was a portrait of a woman aged 30 to 55 and advertising video banners in the UGS content format.

    We summarize:
    Costs for advertising - $850
    The price of the ice is $2,05
    Selling - 305
    Sold at $950
    Total of 1077%
  • Recovered in 10 times advertising investments in the backbone project

    Lead generation and sales
    About the project:
    - Individual washing sets of backbags on order. The manufacturing industry has enough power to produce 100+ orders per month. The range is not very large, once a couple of months new sets (designs) are added. There are bestsellers that are always sold well.

    The main objective:
    By improving targeted advertising, increase the number of orders per month and lower the price for sale.
    During this time, they worked with the main strategy:
    Three Top Auditors
    - Video-creatives with the price of the set
    Advertising Purpose - Direct
    Plays: Instagram Stories and Riles

    The result:
    Spending on advertising in 1 month: $528
    Number of Recipients: 188
    The price of the ice is 2.8$
    Number of sales: 93
    sold for: $5300
    Total number: 1007 %
  • Courses sold for $105.

    About the project:
    EXPERT is an International Online School of Massage, which has been on the market for 13 years and has more than 62,000,000 students around the world.

    The Task:
    Connect potential customers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Europe and the United States and increase the price of purchases

    What was done:

    Started the first launch of the testing and testing creatives - they worked both with statistics and video creatives, the feature of the project was that traffic was simultaneously launched in 6 countries, and only on Instagram.

    The first week after the launch of the advertising has already begun to show itself well, but it should have been to find work connections in several countries, and in each country the audience responds differently to the creatives and offers. Having done a detailed analysis of each company, I changed the format of creatives with offers, under each country I did what the audience best responds to and then I took it.

    The Results:
    Advertising budget: $4850
    Number of Applications: 2073
    The price of the application is $2.34
    Sold at $105803
    Total of 2181.51%
  • 252 food supplies

    Lead generation and sales
    The entrance data:
    - Unsystemed and unsuccessful launch of advertising companies
    Advertising budget up to $900
    The absence of marketing strategies
    Average 3 orders per day

    What did they do?
    1 . Install Pixel and Google Analytics
    The 2nd They protested various groups of audiences (interest, broad, LAL) and engaged in the goal.
    3 . Tested different formats and designs of creatives
    and 4. Incentives to introduce the SRM system due to the growth of the number of customers
    and 5. Consulting on Sales

    The result:
    Spending on advertising in 1 month: $848
    The price of the ice is 2.8$
    Number of sales: 252
    Sold for: $12,548
    Total number: 1481%
  • Starting Targeting for Hair Studies

    Lead generation and sales
    About the project: studio on hair reconstruction and restoration

    Qualitative applications for Keratin/Botox services

    What was done:
    The social network was only Instagram, so they decided to launch advertising on it. It was created by 3 creatives under service and written to the audience, coming out of the niche and hypotheses. The purpose of the advertisement was **writing in Direct** and **traffic** on the page.Worked in Zaporezh, J20-45 years


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