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Murat S.

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Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
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  • 98 USD

    The ShopBot

    Bot is still in development, but you can track his progress here. You can divide the goods into several categories, and people will be able to buy them through a bot, using a Telegram wallet or other methods of translation. There is a shopping cart, checking subscriptions to channels and the possibility of adding categories through the admin.
  • 17 USD

    Wallet Generator for Metamask

    The task was to create a metamask wallet generator. To work, it is enough to enter the display parameters. The wallets will be created with all the passwords in the Excel file.
  • 49 USD

    Dayz Discord bot

    Discord chat bot with many functions for communication and moderation. Keeps order and brightens up dialogues with funny messages. Also works with DayZ commands
  • 49 USD

    TickTok Parsers

    The task was to create a bot that would parse information about TikTok users on their login or video information on a link to it. Used TikTokApi and the skills to work with requests. It was also necessary to add subscription checking to channels and the possibility of sending advertisements to users who have an active bot. That’s what I did.
  • 123 USD

    Multifunctional Userbot

    The essence of the project is to automatize some processes when communicating in Telegram.In addition to the automation of useful things, functions for entertainment were required.This userbot is placed on the user account and allows you to use some commands.The list:

    and PIAR
    Users are selected from the database and receive your advertising message.
    - /block and /unblock
    The ability to block attempts to write to you by immediately removing messages from an unwanted user.It can also be used as a moderators team to disable the sound.The /Pack
    Adding all users of chat to contacts
    by /boom
    Add all contacts to your channel.
    – /clear
    Clean up the contact list
    by /chat_id
    receives the chat ID
    by /done
    Delete the chats to which you sent advertising (for yourself)
    - /addto, /addsend, /removeto, /removesend
    The first command adds a channel to the database to which all the channel posts you add with the /addsend command will be sent to.The last two teams simply remove channels from the database when necessary.Simply speaking, this is an instant copy of posts from another channel to yours.by /ids
    keeps the IDs and user names of all chat users in the members.txt file
    The / Voice
    Convert a text message into a voice message.According to the principle /voice (text)
    by /randomizer
    Randommaster of two numbers
    - time
    Creates a time display in your nickname, every minute time changes to your real time display.
    by / type
    Write /type (text) and your message will begin to be printed consistently letter by letter before other users
    by /info
    receives information from the user
    by /id
    receives an identification from the user
    by /ip
    Creates a false IP address for the user
    by /tr
    /tr (language) (text) - Google's translator to all languages
    by /trt
    send this command in response to a message you don’t understand and it will be translated into the language you specified.
    by /calc
    The Calculator.1248120+412412-412412*412^2 = ?.I can’t do RJ
    by /crush
    It makes a little bit of fun :)

    You can also add words, if they are, the other user’s message will be deleted.
  • 492 USD

    Website for the sale of furniture

    Hello to you!My name is Murat, I am a web developer with experience in creating dynamic and functional websites.Below is my portfolio of the project for the sale of furniture developed using the Django framework.Website for the sale of furniture.The technology:

    by Jango (Piton)
    HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    PostgreSQL (the database)
    Bootstrap (Frontend Framework)
    The main functions:

    Authentication and Authorization:

    Registration and login to user accounts.Opportunity to restore your password by email.The catalogue:

    Description of goods by categories (e.g. tables, chairs, closets, etc.)and d.)Detailed products pages with images, descriptions and prices.The Corsa:

    Adding the goods to the basket with indication of quantity.Viewing and editing the content of the basket.Removing goods from the basket.Payment of :

    Integration with payment systems for online payment of goods.Safe payment gateways for payment processing.Management of products and categories:

    Administrator panel for adding, editing and deleting goods and categories.The ability to add images, descriptions and prices for each product.

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 8

13 June 172 USD
Simple telegram bot - TASK FOR BEGINNERS


Everything is done with quality and speed!

11 February 70 USD
The Telegraph Bot


He performed the work well. I recommend it!

9 February 25 USD
Bott Analysis TG Channel


Everything is fast and quality, I’m already working with this freelancer not the first time and it’s all wonderful, I recommend

14 December 2023 123 USD
Spam in Personal Messages


Доволен выполненной работой фрилансера, всё сделал быстро и чётко, даже то что забыл указать в начале проекта фрилансер выполнил без каких либо возражений, просто замечательно, советую

14 November 2023 25 USD
Telegram bot, software


With all the gratitude I want to express my pleasure of collaborating with you on the telegram-boot project. Murat showed a high level of professionalism, thoroughly studied the tasks and quickly developed the functional, meeting all the requirements and agreed details. Each stage of execution was accompanied by a clear communication that significantly facilitated inter-understanding and the resolution of any issues.

Murat revealed a high level of technical understanding and preparation for self-performing, proposing alternative solutions and beyond the assigned task. The result of the work was above all expectations, and in relation to the deadline of performance, the task was performed timely and in the shortest possible time.

I recommend Murat as an excellent specialist, ready to take responsibility for the high quality and efficient performance of tasks. Any further projects with pleasure trust him for cooperation.

10 November 2023 12 USD
Telegram discharge


It’s all fast and quality. I recommend

15 October 2023 54 USD
Userbot telegram for disclosure


The freelancer performed the task, not everything as desired, but the software works, all the found gods were removed. Freelancer honestly tried to do the job to the maximum, promised not to fall and rule the gods if something comes out later. Whoever needs a supervisor, I recommend.

8 October 2023 49 USD
Create a bot in the telegram c tictus


Best, I recommend, done quickly and well.
Rate of 10/10


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