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Dmitry Kosenko

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  • 86 USD

    Promotion of YouTube Education Courses

    Task: Attract new students to educational online programming courses.

    The Steps:

    Target audience research: Determining age groups, level of education, interests and experience that correspond to potential students.
    Creating video content: Developing quality and attractive video content that demonstrates the advantages of courses and examples of student success.
    YouTube Targeting: Advertising based on interests, keywords and demographic data of the target audience.
    Results monitoring and optimization: Analysis of views, clicks and registration data for courses to optimize the advertising campaign.
    Result: Increased the number of registered students by 25% in the first two months.
  • 62 USD

    Attracting new customers to the restaurant through targeted

    Task: Increase the flow of visitors to the restaurant by attracting new customers from the area.

    The Steps:

    Competitors and local audience analysis: Identification of main competitors, as well as analysis of the demands and interests of potential visitors.
    Creating keywords and ads: Creating a list of keywords that are most relevant to the restaurant, and creating attractive text ads.
    Targeting in search engines: Set up a campaign taking into account the geographical location, demographic data and the interests of the target audience.
    Efficiency Assessment and Correction: Use analytics to assess the effectiveness of the campaign and make corrections if necessary.
    Result: Increased the number of visitors to the restaurant by 30% in the first month of the advertising campaign.
  • 74 USD

    Increasing conversion in the online store with targeted

    Contextual advertising
    Task: Increase the conversion in the online store for the sale of cosmetics.

    The Steps:

    Target audience research: Analysis of customer data, determining the main characteristics, interests and preferences.
    Creating personalized advertisements: Use the graphic and text elements that will most attract the target audience.
    Social Media Targeting: Set up advertising campaigns taking into account demographic data, interests, behavioral factors and the audience’s location.
    Testing and optimization: performing A/B tests to identify the most effective elements of advertising, as well as regular optimization of campaigns based on the data obtained.
    Result: Increased conversion in the online store by 20% in the first three months.
  • 369 USD

    HealthAssist: A Careful Bot for Management

    Bot development
    HealthAssist is a bot designed to provide personalized health care for users.The project aims to combine technology and health care, providing support in monitoring physical activity, rational nutrition and mental well-being.Case of development:

    The purpose of the project:

    Increased awareness of health and lifestyle.Provide personalized recommendations to improve the overall condition.Functionality of the BOT:

    Monitoring of physical activity:

    Analysis of data from smart devices and giving recommendations on activity level.Providing personalized training programs.The rational nutrition:

    Maintaining a dietary journal and providing statistics on the calorie consumption.Replacement of foods for a healthy diet.The psychological support:

    Daily reminders of the practice of meditation and rest.Providing resources and advice on the maintenance of mental health.Integration with medical data:

    The collection and analysis of health data to provide more accurate recommendations.Interaction with electronic medical cards and devices to measure health indicators.The technical aspects:

    Use of artificial intelligence to adapt recommendations to individual needs.Integration with smart devices such as fitness tracker and smart weights.Ensure the confidentiality of medical data and compliance with safety standards.The expected results:

    Increase the level of care for your own health and lifestyle.Reduce stress and improve the mental well-being of users.Increase motivation for health care through personalized recommendations.The HealthAssist Case: The Career Bot for Health Management offers the development of a bot that will become a reliable companion in health care, providing personalized support and motivation to improve general well-being.
  • 541 USD

    BizBot: Automated Business Communications Assistant

    Bot development
    BizBot is a bot designed to optimize communication in a business environment.The project aims to improve the efficiency of the company’s internal and external communications, ensuring the automation of a number of tasks and improving the efficiency.Case of development:

    The purpose of the project:

    Improve communication within the company and with customers.Automation of routine tasks to improve the efficiency of business processes.Functionality of the BOT:

    Internal Communications :

    Organizing surveys and collecting feedback from employees.Information about current projects and tasks.External Communications :

    Automated response to customer requests through a website or messenger.Send notifications and news to customers.Planning and Organization:

    Scheduling of meetings and planning meetings.Notification of important events and delays.Integration with internal systems:

    Integration with project management systems, email and calendars.Automated monitoring and reporting.The technical aspects:

    Use of natural language for more natural communication.Integration with communication platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.Mechanisms of data protection to ensure the confidentiality of information.The expected results:

    Increased business processes and faster decision-making.Reduce the load on employees to perform routine tasks.Improve interaction with customers and strengthen their confidence.The case “BizBot: Automated Business Communications Assistant” offers a bot development that will be an indispensable tool for optimizing the company’s internal and external communications, providing automation and increasing efficiency within business processes.
  • 295 USD

    BotCraft: Intelligent Assistant for Online Learning

    Bot development
    BotCraft is an innovative bot designed to improve the online learning process.The project is designed to provide students and teachers with a convenient and effective tool for interaction and exchange of information.Case of development:

    The purpose of the project:

    Improve interaction between teachers and students in online education.To provide quick and intuitively understandable access to the necessary information.Create a personalized learning experience using artificial intelligence.Functionality of the BOT:

    Personal Assistant :

    Answers to frequently asked questions.Support in the organization of educational materials.Automated Assistance :

    Automatic distribution of educational materials.Support for testing and testing tasks.Improved Communication:

    A built-in system of scheduled notifications and important events.The possibility of conducting online consultations through chat-bot.Adaptation to the needs of the user:

    Behavioral analysis and personalized recommendations.Optimization of access to educational materials in accordance with the needs of the student.The technical aspects:

    Using artificial intelligence to optimize answers and recommendations.Integration with online learning platforms and electronic libraries.Multi-platform support, including messengers and web applications.The expected results:

    Improve learning efficiency through improved communication.Reduce the load on teachers in part of the responses to standard requests.Improved experience of students through a personalized approach.The “BotCraft: Intelligent Assistant for Online Learning” case is aimed at creating an innovative bot that will become an indispensable tool for modern educational platforms and will provide more efficient and convenient interaction between teachers and students.

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