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Vladislav Popov

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Ukraine Irpen, Ukraine
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Web programming

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Українська Українська: fluent
English English: intermediate



  • 26 USD

    Website - Team Visit

    #react #react #node.js #CSS #JS #HTML/HTML5
    The website is a visit to our team.
    The website contains examples of implemented projects.
  • 408 USD

    The homeforest shop

    Web programming
    Online store of the indoor plants

    1 . Information about the store.
    The 2nd Product catalog with the ability to search, filter, sort and add products to the "Liked" folder.
    3 . Making an order through the basket.
    and 4. User's cabinet with order history.
    and 5. The administrator can edit product parameters, add/delete ones.
    6 . Orders are stored in a separate database.
    7 . For analysis, a separate database is kept on the actions of users who started placing an order, but did not complete it.
    8th It is possible to blog, post videos, conduct Rewards Programs

    Used technologies: #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #Parcel, #Git / #GitHub, #Figma, #React, #Node JS, #MongoDB.

    Libraries: #reduxjs, #axios, #formik, #framer-motion, #i18next, #lodash, #moment, #notiflix, #rc-slider, #swiper, #uuid4, #yup
  • 511 USD

    The event shop BloomSkill

    Website development
    Platform with the information about various events
    User can make registration for event
    Languages: French, Ukrainian and Russian.

    MERN stack was used to develop the project

    Admin can control (add, delete, edit) events, categories, images, states.
    User can see information about events, masters and choose event by filtering by date, language, location, free places and so on.
    Also user can make event registration, ask a question to a specialist.
  • 306 USD

    The Financial Club

    Web programming
    SoFi is a platform for communication between the financial and banking community, the expert environment, regulators and the community.Website in 3 languages.
    2 thoughts on “Day and Night”
    Form for registration,
    Form for access to the "event" purchase package,
    User Office (Authorization + Different Roles)
    Office of the administrator with the possibility of:
    (a) adding/changing/release of sales packages;
    b) adding / changing / removing “events”,
    c) adding/changing/deleting/blocking users.The administrator changes are immediately displayed on the frontend.Project Description
    SoFi is a platform for communication between the financial and banking community, the expert environment, regulators and society.Three languages
    2 Topics: “day and night”
    the registration form,
    Form for access to the package purchase "event",
    User’s cabinet (authorization + various roles)
    Administrator's cabinet with the ability to:
    adding/changing/deleting sales packages
    adding/changing/deleting “events”
    adding/changing/deleting/blocking users.Admin changes are immediately reflected on the frontend.The technology:
    #react #react #js #node.js #CSS #JS #HTML/HTML5
    #react-redux #redux #swiper #react-paginate #yup #notiflix
    #express #react-email/link #aos #axios #formik #i18next
  • 230 USD

    The Salamandra Cafe

    This project is for generating a menu of the cafe via a QR code.
    It was important for the customer to bring authenticity to the style of the establishment and the paper menu.
    Much attention is paid to the mobile version of the site.

    Using NodeJs-BackEnd
    it takes some time to launch the site, because the backend is on a free server

    Add administrator's link with authorization
    and implemented:
    Add an item to the menu.
    Change the positions in the menu (price, photo, etc.)
    Remove from availability
    Delete the position.
    Create a new category in the menu.

    #react #react #node.js #CSS #JS #HTML/HTML5
  • 255 USD


    The site allows users to select the films they would like to watch. by selecting
    a movie, the user can view the rating, read the description, watch the trailer,
    and add the movie to the queue list. The site also has a section for children,
    where they can also play some games.

    Used technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Parcel, Git / GitHub, Figma, TMDB API.

    Libraries: Axios, Firebase, AnimeJS, DarkmodeJS, Debounce, JQuery, Letterizejs
    Scroll-smooth and Tui-pagination
  • 204 USD

    Web-studio site

    One website - Visitors
    Design - Order

    We can create such a great website for you!

  • 128 USD


    Site with Animation

    The press turn left ;)
  • 511 USD


    Useful site for hairdressers, massage parlors and other services.
    For the User/Client:
    You clients have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the
    - your work philosophy,
    the description of services,
    your team,
    The collection of your works,
    The reviews,
    List of prices,
    to book the service online or to leave a message.

    The client has the opportunity in a few seconds to book a service with the hairdresser of his choice on the selected date/time.
    The user can see his records of reserved events and the history of his visits.

    For the administrator:
    An additional opportunity for the salon administrator to make:
    - change the schedule of user's booking services,
    - process the database of user requests,
    - change the list of services and prices,
    Change the working time of hairdressers.

    #react #react #node.js #CSS #JS #HTML/HTML5
  • 204 USD

    Website for the Lawyer Association

    Web programming
    Website - Visitors
    #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #Parcel, #Git / #GitHub, #Figma, #React,

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 3

10 March 13 USD
The deep project MERN


I liked working with the executive. He did everything very quickly, he was in contact.

26 February 13 USD
List of site


Very pleased with the work of your team! Within a few hours, everything was ready. It was pleasant to communicate with you – your responsibility and excellent understanding of the customer’s needs really impresses. I will contact you again!

30 January 217 USD
Website booking events


I was very pleased to work with the government and his team. The whole process was very clearly organized. Without hesitation, after the approval of the TZ took the development, and the development speed itself was impressive. All comments, all questions and problems that arose were solved in the shortest time. Communication is also simple and very effective with regular process updates.
I highly recommend cooperation with the Government, Julia and Georgy.


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