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Volodimir Mamochka

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Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
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Web programming

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Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: upper-intermediate
English English: intermediate


Outsourcing & consulting


  • 1724 USD

    and Factum.

    Web programming
    The case is factum.
    The task is to create a corporate website.
    What was performed:
    They have developed the primary technical task.
    Create the structure of the site.
    Adaptive website design (mobile/desktop)
    The functionality of the site.
    5.Slim system is turned off.
    Connecting the contact points.
    Filled with content.
    8 Copywriting is made.
    Set up the domain.
    10 The Hosting.
    11 The animation.
    Optimize the load speed.
    13 is protested.
    14 was published.

    The CMS of WordPress.
    Technology (RNR, HTML, CSS, JS)
  • 2497 USD

    by GEM

    Web programming
    The case. Website of the company, visit. Processing under the key.

    The objective of the project is to attract foreign investments in Ukraine, to restore damaged housing buildings.

    What was done:
    1.The structure of the site.
    They have developed a multi-shaped adaptive for (mobile, desktop) design.
    Create an admin panel to manage the site.
    Integrated with CMS WordPress.
    5. to set up the domain.
    6 The Hosting.
    7 made animations.
    Optimize the load speed.
    9 is protested.
    10 was published.

    The CMS of WordPress.
    Technology (PHP, JS, HTML and CSS)
  • 1314 USD

    The Zodiac.

    Web programming
    What was performed:

    They have developed the primary technical task.
    Create the structure of the site.
    Adaptive Desktop Design (Mobile Desktop)
    The functionality of the site.
    5.Slim system is turned off.
    Connecting the contact points.
    Filled with content.
    8 Copywriting is made.
    Set up the domain.
    10 The Hosting.
    11 The animation.
    Optimize the load speed.
    13 is protested.
    14 was published.
  • 920 USD

    A cool service.

    1 was created.
    Restore the structure of the site.
    The front-end is built.
    They made a bac-endn.
    5.Make integration, delivery and payment.
    6 set and launched.
  • 657 USD

    School No. 55

    Analysis of market.
    1 Technical tasks.
    I have a logo.
    Create the structure of the site.
    3.3 The design of the website.
    4 have functional.
    5 The integration.
    Set, optimized and launched.
  • 788 USD

    Just water

    1 The TZ
    The structure and the prototype.
    Create a website design
    4 have functional.
    5.Get integrations, payment, delivery analytics.
    Set, optimized and launched.
  • 657 USD

    The Seven.

    1 Technical task.
    2 Design of the site.
    3.Design of the website.
    4 Functional processing.
    5. integration with the mail.
    6 Testing and publication.
  • Plugin for WordPress that adds the Elementor Pro Plugin form

    CMS installation and configuration
    The task:

    Create a plugin for WordPress that will supplement the Elementor Pro plugin form with additional fields and settings through which the form data will be sent to the customer’s CRM system and create orders there. All orders are also stored in the Elementor orders.

    The Decision:

    It was created a plugin fully compatible with the settings and functionality of the Forms Elementor Pro, which added 21 additional fields in the Forms settings, sent and created orders to the customer’s CRM, and saved all orders in the Elementor orders.
  • 300 USD

    Wordpress Contact Form 7 with Dynamic Data

    The Task:
    The customer has a website with a network of medical clinics of partners throughout Ukraine, which is actively developing. Partners are registered on the customer’s website and leave their data, such as area, city, email address. Visitors of the site, who want to leave the application for medical procedure, must see in the form all the areas, towns and addresses in which there are clinics partners. And the form must automatically draw all the partners, that is, if the visitor has chosen the Kiev area, then only the city from this area, in which there are the clinics of the partners are displayed. After the application is made, the data of the application is sent to the customer’s email and the partner’s clinic.

    The solution:
    It was written a script on jQuery, which with the help of Ajax requested to the database of the WordPress site and dynamically updated the lists in the application form, depending on which area and city chosen the site visitor
  • 1000 USD

    Development of applications for data security

    Web programming
    The Task:
    Integrate with Creatio CRM for a site on the Webflow designer.In order that when filling any form on the site in Creatio CRM was created contact, if it is not, and created a link with a link to the contact.The realization:
    Because of the limited Webflow, which consists in that the script can be placed only on the site page, the script integration cannot be placed on the page, because.It contains confidential data from Creatio CRM.In order to ensure confidentiality and protection of the customer’s data, the decision was taken to implement integration on the network application Node JS and framework Express JS, written in JavaScript.The application was linked to a domain, to which the data from Webflow came, after a successful filling of the form on the site.The application accepted and processed the data filled form from Webflow, and in several steps, using the API from Creatio CRM, the following actions of the application were carried out:

    1 .Search the contact number in Creatio CRM, using the phone number from the filled form on the site;
    The 2ndThe unique identity is derived from the contact.If the contact is not found, the contact is created, with the ID of the contact created;
    3 .A new link with the name of the contact and the link to the contact was created using the unique ID of the contact.The difficulties that you have faced:
    Initially the application was placed on the host with the support of the Node JS app, but due to the limited hosting app worked incorrectly, although on the test computer the app worked correctly.To get rid of limited hosting was made a decision to place the application on the Amazon server.They launched a server on Amazon, along with the Node JS and the Express JS framework, to which they moved the application.
  • 3000 USD

    Development of the site

    Web programming
    ODITO (Site Development)
    The area is e-commerce.The product is women’s clothes.The market is Ukraine.Our role is to develop an online store under the key.Duration of cooperation - 01.10.22 - 01.02.23
    Type of payment - Fixed payment

    Market analysis is 20 hours.Processing time: 500 hours
    Testing time: 80 hours

    The Company
    Odito is a brand of modern women’s clothing.The tasks
    - Generate profits from cold traffic, new customers.Generate profits from repeated purchases.Automation of the company’s marketing processes.Automatize the payment process.Create a customer base.Improve the image of the company

    Architecture of the site
    UX / UI Design
    Creating a catalogue
    Payment Systems
    Service of Delivery
    CMS of WordPress
    - Facebook Platforms - Google.- Google Analytics 4

    What we have done
    Develop the structure and architecture of the site.The UX/UI design.Create a catalogue and fill the site with content.Connect the payment system.Connected the delivery service.The store is built on CMS WordPress.- Connected the advertising platforms of Facebook - Google, and set Google Analytics 4.Connected to the SRM cyste.Results
    Currently, the business has a professional online store that closes its tasks, generates profits from new customers and increases the efficiency of working with existing customers.The store automates the marketing processes - the purchase of goods, payment, and delivery.Integrated with the core business processes of the company.The site is designed taking into account the features of the advertising platforms, so the site can work with Facebook and Google Ads traffic.The project team
    Project Manager
    UX/UI Designer
    HTML programming
  • 1000 USD

    Development of the site

    Web programming
    Repair (WEB Repair (WEB
    The area is building.Services - Repair apartments, houses and commercial objects.The market is Ukraine.Our role is to develop (update) the company’s website.Duration of cooperation - 01.08.22 - 05.02.23
    Type of payment - Fixed payment
    Market analysis is 10 hours.Programming time: 200 hours
    Testing - 10 hours

    The tasks
    A good analyst.
    Increase the marketing efficiency of the website (% CR)

    The new structure of the site
    New structures of pages blocks
    Each service on a separate page.
    New meaning packaging.
    The partial re-design.The IP phone.What we have done
    - Develop and update the structure of the site, change the structure of the blocks on the pages under the psychology of the user behavior.- They have developed separate pages under each service of the company, delivering the product informatively packaged and understandable for the potential customer.Partly updated website design.Connect with IP phone.Advertising platforms of Google, Facebook and Facebook have been connected to the site.Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.Results
    Currently, the customer has a professional company website that 100% closes its functions, receives applications from potential customers, and has quality analytics to make the right decisions in the company.The site is designed taking into account the features of the advertising platforms, so the site can work with Facebook and Google Ads traffic.The project team
    UX / UI designer.The Web Developer.Project Manager .and copywriter.
  • 500 USD

    The Google Ads

    Contextual advertising
    by horizonsbatumi.com (Google Ads)
    The area is immovable.The market is Georgia.Our role is Performance Marketing Partner.Reporting period - 17.01.23 - 17.02.23.
    Payment type is a fixed monthly payment.The Customer's Task
    Require high-quality applications up to $80

    performed work

    1 .Data collection on demand for different countries (seeking potential target geos)
    The 2ndOptimization of advertising campaigns
    3 .Set and launch search and Rmax campaigns for new countries (Pul 2 and Pul 3)
    and 4.Creating recommendations on the website
    and 5.Setup and launch of search advertising campaigns for competitors
    6 .Set and launch video campaigns to increase the number of conversions for the test
    7 .Set and launch In-Stream campaigns for testing
    8thSetup and launch Rmax campaigns by Stock
    The 9.Cleaning of search requests
    The 10.Extension of Minus Words
    11 of 11.Adjusting bets for campaigns, ad groups and key phrases
    12 .Redistribution of budgets between advertising campaigns depending on their effectiveness
    13 .Disabling ineffective advertising campaigns
    14 .Verification of Conversion

    The table contains the data from the advertising report in Google Analytics (i.e. only on direct contacts).151 conversions were made.
    Costs on advertising campaigns $7 178,20
    But it was also received and 43 associated conversions (screenshot below)
    In summary, direct and associated conjunctions:
    Total conversions = 151 + 43 = 194 conversions

    The average cost of the conversion with the account of associated = 7 178,20/194 = $ 37,00

    This report only takes into account conversions for requests on the site and sending links through the chat Venyoo.In Analytics, we also track additional (double) conversions: clicks by number, clicks by e-mail, sending a message in the Venyoo chat, transitions to messengers,
    Go to Sochi.and networks.Secondary conversions during the reporting period were 305 direct and 44 associated.The total number of secondary conversions for the reporting period is 349.
  • 500 USD

    Facebook Ads

    Social media advertising
    Facebook Ads (Facebook Ads)
    Sphere - Building
    Products - Construction Materials
    Market - Kiev
    Our Role - Performance Marketing Partner
    Reporting period - 22.12.21 - 01.01.22
    Payment Type: Fixed Monthly Payment

    The task

    Qualitative applications up to $10

    Our decisions

    1.Tested and optimized new advertising campaigns from the lead generation of Facebook.2.Developed a communication strategy under the grief of holidays, shares and discounts.

    3.Create photo and video creatives under all the company’s promotions4.Take for the customer a number of improvements on the site


    Invested $3531.91

    469 applications received at a price of $7.5
  • 500 USD

    Facebook Ads

    Social media advertising
    Facebook Ads (Facebook Ads)
    Sphere - Health
    Product - Innovative ventilation systems
    Marketplace - Spain, Portugal
    Our Role - Performance Marketing Partner
    Reporting period 27.10.21 - 01.02.22
    Payment Type: Fixed Monthly Payment

    The task

    Qualitative applications up to 10 Euro

    Our decisions

    - A strategy of scalability and improvement of the company's digital marketing.
    - Connected and installed CRM with technical accompanimentCreated a communication strategy under changing seasonal conditions
    Create advertising banners.
    - Connected LED Generation Tools Facebook made product packaging in social networks Optimized cold advertising companies


    Invested: €3168

    430 applications received at the price of 7.3 Euro

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1 September 2023 105 USD
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