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HTML and CSS · JavaScript
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 202  0

HTML and CSS · Web programming
Ukraine Chernovtsy, Ukraine
 272  4

Contextual advertising · HTML and CSS
Ukraine Kherson, Ukraine
 53  0

HTML and CSS · Copywriting
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
 57  1

I offer a wide range of services, as limiting myself in one activity is way too boring. I will find an individual approach to each client, as I have the ability to adapt, be loyal, and understand (and accept) the human nature. Honestly assessing my abilities, I do not take on projects in which I cannot show a decent quality of performance. I am open to all kinds of assignments, suggestions, and experiments with texts, graphics, creativity (digital and man-made), brainstorming, etc. I have a personal interest in self-development, a healthy lifestyle, and science. It means that I pick the most effective approach and go deep into the essence of each question and topic, regardless of the type of project (like making a text, image, search, design, or anything else) I am calm about edits, but I can't stand impudence. A bachelor's degree in English philology is earned by honest labor, so this paper only confirms a high level of language skills. After graduation, I have been constantly practicing English at work and in communication. To achieve high-quality texts (while writing articles, copywriting, and translating), I use various services and additionally proofread each work so that you get not only a competently designed and unique, but also an easy-to-understand result. I have experience providing personal assistance to a foreigner with attention deficit disorder. And this assistance is very effective! So, if you lack organization, with my help, you can become more productive. For any questions, write in private messages. I'm always happy to help :) What I can do - page and site layout HTML/CSS/JS, Bootstrap, flex. - edits for ready pages and sites, creating responsive/adaptive versions. - redesign of ready-made sites. - writing, editing and translating articles (Russian, English, Ukrainian), rewriting and copywriting (diploma in English philology, language level C1; Ukrainian language proficiency test - 198.5 points) - PDF editing - content management, social networking - quick printing of text from photos or PDF - structuring information, writing plans and manuals - searching and analyzing information on the Internet, creating collections of information - using various AI to generate text and images - working with raster and vector graphics (Infinite Painter, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop) - (not proficient, but) at the beginning of learning Python - Other tasks requiring the ability to evaluate, critique, systematize, organize, research, correct, invent, etc) Personal qualities: organization, responsibility, stress resistance, attention to detail, flexibility of thinking, quick adaptation, excellent learning ability, high work capacity, self-criticism, communication skills.

Web design · HTML and CSS
Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
 18  0  1

HTML and CSS · JavaScript
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
 5  0

HTML and CSS · JavaScript
Ukraine Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine
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HTML and CSS · Vector graphics
Ukraine Ладыжин, Ukraine
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HTML and CSS · JavaScript
Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine
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HTML and CSS · JavaScript
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine