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Yevhenii — pixx
Online stores and e-commerce · Data parsing
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 42  1
  • 1C-Bitrix
  • Bitrix
  • Parsing

Ukraine Chernovtsy, Ukraine
 330  1

Sergey — WMPRO  
Website development · Online stores and e-commerce
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 186  0

Hello everyone. My main specialization is the creation of turnkey websites, landing pages and online stores (on cms Opencart - opencart (all versions), Joomla, Wordpress). I have been working in the IT field for 10 years. I offer accompanying services: ✔ website design; ✔ domain name registration and I can also offer excellent modern hosting; ✔ html site layout and php programming; ✔ copywriting, rewriting, text editing, translation (Russian-Ukrainian languages); ✔ CEO-promotion; ✔ setting up contextual advertising; ✔ development of corporate identity. ☛ Excellent command: ✔ Opencart (a huge number of modules have been written and purchased); ✔ Management systems (1C-Bitrix, Wordpress, Simpla, Joomla); ✔ HTML5, PHP5, JQuery, CSS3, JS. ☛ Additional services: website marketing audit; marketing audit of social networks; marketing audit of offline (online) advertising campaigns; marketing audit of competing companies; drawing up a content plan; UTP (unique trade offer) for your company, etc. ✔ Professionally and with a guarantee, I "treat" sites from viruses of any complexity, Trojans, malicious scripts I perform tasks on time, efficiently, as I APPRECIATE YOUR and my TIME. I consult for free: chat at any time-I answer as soon as I am busy, if for some reason you do not want to write in private messages, consultations by phone are possible to resolve or discuss general issues from 12 to 18 o'clock. Weekends are SAT, Sun, but if it's really necessary, then I work on these days.
  • Opencart
  • Creation of websites — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Website development
  • Preparation of sites — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Website development
  • Disruption of sites — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Website development

PHP · Web programming
Ukraine Ukraine
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With over 10 years of experience in website and application development on 1C-Bitrix, Opencart, Wordpress systems, I possess a wealth of expertise. My range of skills covers a wide spectrum of tasks, from crafting entire websites from the ground up to implementing various enhancements. This includes writing components, modules, and plugins, as well as seamlessly integrating external systems. One of my strong suits is optimizing websites for Google PageSpeed, ensuring they deliver top-notch performance. Additionally, I excel at troubleshooting and rectifying issues, even in other developers' code. Solving complex problems is a challenge I wholeheartedly embrace. I have a genuine passion for coding, and I'm not afraid to dive into any project. My adaptability and proficiency in diverse tasks allow me to tackle new ventures with confidence. Rest assured, I approach each assignment with dedication and a keen eye for detail.
  • Bitrix
  • bitrixCMS
  • PHP
  • Wordpress?

Website development · Web programming
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 23  0
  • Bootstrap
  • crm 1c
  • ecommerce
  • sulu.io
  • sylius
  • symfony
  • ubuntu
  • Vue.js

1C · Application programming
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
 39  0

Sergii Yanov System Administrator, Programmer Skills Automation of accounting and finance. Business process development. Analysis and resolution of software issues, including 1C. Project development and technical documentation. Development and implementation of data analysis systems. Integration of software systems. Planning and deployment of network and technical infrastructure. Maintenance and repair of computer and server hardware. Deployment of monitoring and backup systems. Development, optimization, and implementation of network infrastructure. Configuration and maintenance of networking devices (including Microtik and Cisco). Virtualization system setup. Selection and optimization of hardware. Software development and customization. Work History Jun 2017 - Oct 2023 Freelancer Private Entrepreneur Yanov S.V., Dnipro My professional activities encompass a variety of projects related to equipping, optimizing, supporting, and implementing the information infrastructure of enterprises. I am also involved in servicing and repairing computer equipment, as well as server infrastructure based on Windows and Linux platforms. My work includes deploying monitoring systems and creating data backups to ensure the reliability and security of information. I design, implement, and integrate the network infrastructure of enterprises, as well as configure and maintain network equipment. In my toolkit, there is also the configuration and maintenance of virtualization systems, virtual servers, and workstations. I engage in selecting and optimizing hardware for various projects, such as accounting systems, CRM, and web products. Additionally, I develop and customize software, including CRM systems, web applications, and accounting systems. My professional scope also encompasses configuring network equipment, including devices from Microtik, Cisco, and other manufacturers. I have experience working with various models and brands of network equipment, ensuring its proper functioning and alignment with the infrastructure needs of enterprises. Mar 2016 - Jun 2017 Analyst-Programmer of Information Systems Biosphere Corporation, Dnipro In my previous role at Biosphere Corporation, I undertook a diverse array of pivotal responsibilities geared towards enhancing operational efficiency and the agility of corporate procedures: My contributions significantly bolstered operational efficiency, curtailed risks, and elevated corporate resource management. I was an integral part of a team fervently dedicated to the continual enhancement and innovation within the realm of information technology and corporate process governance. Furthermore, my responsibilities extended to strategic planning and the deployment of network and technical infrastructure meticulously tailored to the specific requirements of my projects. This task demanded not only the formulation of an optimal infrastructure to underpin business processes but also the assurance that each project boasted a dependable and high-performance technical foundation. Aug 2013 - Mar 2016 IT Director Exim Textile LLC, Dnipro My experience includes deploying server and network infrastructure, implementing, supporting, and enhancing the 1C ERP system, as well as automating warehouse operations. My responsibilities encompassed the following key aspects: All these tasks required a wide range of knowledge and skills in the fields of information technology, accounting, and business process automation. My work contributed to enhancing the company's efficiency and competitiveness by ensuring the reliability and accuracy of information systems, as well as optimizing resource and process management." Please note that this translation is provided for reference, and you may want to review it for any specific terminology or context adjustments depending on your needs. Mar 2003 - Jul 2013 Director Private Entrepreneurship (PE) SV-Service, Dnipro Technical IT Maintenance and Repair: Diagnostics and repair of computers, laptops, and tablets of various brands and models. Installation and configuration of operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS) and application software. Replacement and maintenance of hard drives, RAM, motherboards, graphics cards, and other components. Collaborating with clients to identify and resolve technical issues, providing technical support and guidance. Installation and updating of antivirus programs and ensuring data security. Technical Maintenance of Office Networks: Regular technical maintenance of office computers and networks. Troubleshooting hardware and software issues to minimize downtime for employees. Managing computer equipment inventory and upgrading components as needed. Assisting users with computer and software setup and usage. Working with 1C Products: Selection and consultation of clients on suitable 1C products based on their needs and business processes. Active participation in sales, including product presentations, creating commercial proposals, and contract negotiations. Implementation and configuration of 1C products for clients, including user training and initial support. Project management for the implementation of 1C solutions, from requirements gathering to successful deployment. Website Development and Integrations: Website development using modern technologies and platforms. Customizing accounting systems to meet client-specific requirements. Developing integrations to optimize business processes and data exchange between various systems. Aug 2001 - Feb 2002 Systems Administrator State Enterprise "UkroptGroceries", Dnipro My professional activity focuses on ensuring the reliable and uninterrupted operation of the enterprise's information infrastructure, as well as on the development and improvement of software for financial and production management. My role includes the following key responsibilities: Windows Server Management and Administration: Optimization and support of Windows-based computers and servers to ensure high performance and reliability. Deployment and configuration of new servers, as well as data migration when necessary. Management and monitoring of server resources to prevent overloads and failures. Network Infrastructure and Security: Configuration and support of network devices, including routers, switches, and firewalls, to ensure reliable connectivity and security. Configuration and updating of software, including patch installation and security updates, to minimize vulnerabilities and risks. Data Management and Backup: Implementation of a data monitoring and automatic backup system to ensure data integrity and rapid recovery in case of failures. Development and implementation of data storage strategies for efficient resource management and data availability. Data Security and Network Security: Configuration and maintenance of firewalls and antivirus systems to ensure a high level of data and network security. Development and implementation of security policies, as well as monitoring and response to potential threats. User Support and Accounting: Providing technical support to employees, including troubleshooting technical issues and IT consulting. Installation, support, and customization of software for financial and production management to optimize business processes and improve efficiency. This comprehensive approach allows me to effectively manage and maintain the IT infrastructure, ensuring its stability, security, and alignment with the organization's goals Education Sep 1998 - Jun 2003 Specialist's Degree: Transport Process Management Dnipro National University of Railway Transport - Dnipro, Ukraine Sep 1987 - May 1998 High School School #139 - Dnipro, Ukraine Car repair and various electrical equipment repair Languages Russian: Native language. Ukrainian: Native language. English: Intermediate, actively learning.
  • Bootstrap
  • delphi
  • docker
  • flask
  • jquery
  • odoo
  • PHP Backend Developer
  • postgresql
  • Python3

PHP · Web programming
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 71  0

Hello. I am a back-end developer with over 10 years of experience. My main development language is php. In my work, I use the Laravel framework, but it is also possible to work with other frameworks and CMS. I also use the following languages, frameworks and technologies in my work: DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis Web servers: Apache, Nginx Other: Javascript (Vue, jQuery, Native JS, Node.js) My main operating system is Ubuntu linux, I also work with different versions of Windows. What do I do in development? - Creation of online stores, web applications, websites, APIs - Setting up integrations with various APIs and systems (1C, various CRM systems) - Refinement of existing projects - Transfer sites to hosting/vps/server - Site optimization - Consultation on various issues related to web development - Basic VPS/server setup - Installation and basic configuration of server control panels (cPanel, ISPmanager, HestiaCP, VestaCP, BrainyCP, FastPanel and others) - Other web development services I will be glad to cooperate.
  • Apache/Nginx
  • composer
  • jquery
  • php laravel
  • php-fpm
  • postgresql
  • Vue.js

Dmitry — GektorUA  
System administration · Computer networking
Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
 21  0
  • 1c server
  • firewall
  • Firmware Developer
  • Linux Debian
  • Linux/Windows server administration
  • nginx
  • openwrt
  • Proxmox
  • proxy
  • VPN

Contextual advertising · Online stores and e-commerce
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
A desire has 100 possibilities. There are 1,000 reasons for reluctance
 10  0

Hello I am decent, scrupulous, attentive, energetic, sociable, self-disciplined, with a sense of humor. I am not afraid of responsibility. I know how to find a common language with people. Like travelling. With the equipment - it's up to you. I am constantly developing and improving. I like to learn everything new and unknown I am a certified PPC marketing expert with over 7 years of experience. I can help you with: Advertising (Google Ads); Google Shopping; Google Analytics; SEO; Video (filming, editing, advertising). I have promotion experience in the following subjects (the list is constantly updated): stomatology (UAE / Ukraine); ‍⚕️ medical clinic; rent of office premises; sphere of HoReCa (hotels, restaurants); services for cleaning and filling pools, cleaning graffiti from walls, etc. (Canada); online book store; online store of non-standard solutions; ☢ sale of the chemical industry; sale of carpet; sale of balconies (Germany); sale and rental of equipment; online store of food for cats and dogs; online underwear store; sale of building materials; ♻ sale of industrial ventilation, pumps, heating and electrical engineering; ☀ sale of solar panels/batteries/stations; army online store; online store of measuring equipment; online store of electronics, household appliances, accessories and household goods for home and garden; tent production (Poland); logistics company; taxi service; landscape design; auditor, bankruptcy; security systems; construction of sales departments; ‍ psychological and pedagogical center; circles for children; ‍♂️ summer camp for children physiotherapist services (Canada); website development, creation of a unique design; writing course and diploma theses; opening/franchising turnkey beer stores. There is also a team of IT experts (site development, software/server settings, system administration, 1C, etc.) Tools I know how to use ⚡ Advertising tools: Google Ads (+ Google Keyword planner) - account management, collection of semantics and minus words, evaluation of phrases according to the cost of promotion, popularity, competition, traffic, etc. Keyword Tool (collection of semantics and search tips) KeyCollector (collection of semantics, analysis of phrases according to the cost of promotion, popularity, competition, traffic, etc.) ⚡ e-commerce: Google Merchant Center (creating and filling out an account, feed) Google Shopping (creation and management of advertising campaigns) ⚡ Web analytics: Google Analytics (analytics and reporting) Google Looker Studio (beautiful and visual visualization of reports) - under study GTM - Google Tag Manager (independent management of tags on the site without the involvement of a programmer) Google Trends (tracking trends) Twitter Analytics (Twitter statistics) Binotel (end-to-end analytics and call tracking - call tracking and analysis) HotJar (feedback collection: click map, user behavior tracking, conversion funnel, etc.) iStat24 (call tracking) ⚡ Working with cards: Google My Business (creating a company profile in Google) ⚡ Work with video: Adobe Premiere Pro (video editing) Final Cut Pro (video editing) ⚡ Work with images: Canva (creating banners) Crello (creating banners) Pixabay (selection of free images) Pexels (selection of free pictures) Freepik (selection of free pictures) ⚡ e-mail marketing: SendPulse (creating and sending mailings) ⚡ Online survey: Google Forms (filling in questionnaires, conducting surveys) ⚡ Systems of joint work: Trello (organization and management of projects, compilation and tracking of tasks) ⚡ Online chat: JivoSite (customer site chat) ⚡ Work in CMS: WordPress Joomla Drupal Laravel (web framework) ⚡ others: FileZilla (FTP client) TeamViewer (remote connection and support) Do you have a project? Get in touch! I will be happy to help!
  • Google Adwords
  • google merchant center
  • google tag manager
  • google_ads
  • google_shopping

Andrey — Indes
Web design · Print design
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 87  6

Experience Designer from 09.2021 to now Ritm, Kyiv (Publishing house, printing) ▶ Design and prioritization ▶ Creation of website design ▶ Online editors Figma, Wix ▶ Setup and work on Hp Latex 260, Hp DesignGet 25500 plotters ▶ Setup and work on RIP: Onyx, Shiraz Rosetta, Colorgate ▶ Development of design layouts of printed products ▶ Preparation of materials for printing ▶ Photo and collage retouching Outdoor advertising designer from 03.2020 to 08.2021 (1 year 5 months) Rekmaster, Kyiv (Publishing, printing) ▶ Creation of website design and CMS Worpress site maintenance ▶ Online editors Figma, Wix ▶ Creating video sequences in Premiere Pro ▶ Development of design layouts of printed products ▶ Visualization of outdoor advertising ▶ Outdoor advertising of transport. ▶ Preparation of materials for printing ▶ Photo and collage retouching Designer from 03.2019 to 02.2020 (11 months) Bic Group, Kyiv (Publishing, printing) ▶ Development of design layouts of printed products ▶ Development of layouts for milling and laser cutting, as well as plotter ▶ Visualization of outdoor advertising ▶ Outdoor advertising of transport. ▶ Preparation of materials for printing ▶ Photo and collage retouching ▶ Creation of html sheets, static and animated banners for the KARTOFAN brand Freelance designer from 01.2009 to 03.2019 (10 years 2 months) freelance, Kyiv (IT) ▶ Development of logos, printing, web design. Project management: "turnkey", recruitment of employees for a specific project, implementation control ▶ Project management: "Turnkey", recruitment of employees for a specific project, implementation control. ▶ Visualization of outdoor advertising ▶ Preparation of materials for printing ▶ Photo and collage retouching Education Kyiv College of Communication electronics technician (bachelor), Kyiv Higher, from 2004 to 2008 (4 years) Collection of computers. Settings Additional Information Key information Long-term experience in creating original layouts in mass media, business cards, banners and other printing products; An experienced designer with a focus on web design; A professional with extensive practical experience of successful works in printing Language skills English - average Russian - advanced Ukrainian is native I can pass an interview in this language Courses, trainings, certificates Perspective of the XXI century (Ukraine, Kyiv) The year of graduation is 2005 Advanced study of design and layout programs Main areas of work: Development of original layouts of advertising products, booklets, calendars, postcards, business cards, creation of video-photo albums, retouching and design of photos. Adobe CC, Corel Complete areas of work: site design, technical design (collages), static + animation banners, as well as online editors Figma, Wix, Tilda Wide format printing: Hp Latex 260, Hp DesignGet 25500 R.I.P.: Onyx, Shiraz Rosetta, Colorgate Work skills in 1C 8.3: BonSense (Appearance, wide format, milling/laser) Ability to learn quickly Purposefulness
  • adobe indesign
  • Adode Illustrator
  • instagram
  • landing page
  • logo design