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Deniel — denielsonis  
Web programming · Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
 217  0

I have been working in the IT field for more than 12 years, I have extensive experience in the development of software products of any kind, as well as competencies in related areas. Important: If you have any doubts about whether I communicate with you, please write to me in private messages, since fakes of my account have appeared lately, thank you for understanding.
  • Angular
  • flutter
  • React
  • React Native

Hybrid mobile apps · Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Ukraine Mariupol, Ukraine
 100  1
  • android developer
  • CodeIgniter Framework
  • figma
  • Ionic Framework

Python · Machine learning
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
 342  0

We work together, so the directions and complexity of the projects are different. Key projects: Python + machine learning, forecasting and analytics; performance of student and postgraduate works in natural sciences and information technologies. Python: machine learning and AI: TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, PyTorch. frameworks: Flask, Django, FastAPI, Dash databases: SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle message brokers: Rabbit MQ, Kafka graphical desktop interface: PyQt visualization: MatPlotlib, Seaborn, Plotly constant use in projects: pandas, NumPy, SciPy, statsmodels, asyncio project deployment and collaboration: Docker, GitHub, GitLab focus of projects: analysis of texts data analysis and search for dependencies classification and clustering mathematical modeling API creation creation and integration of applications for RaspberryPi Other programming languages: Java (desktop and mobile applications). Other software tools: MatLab (Simulink, SimEvents) Arena Simulation CPN Tools Student and postgraduate theses for ukrainian and foreign universities: Information Technology mathematics and modeling, mathematical physics finances Languages: Ukrainian and English. Text and layout processors: Word, CorelDraw, LaTex.
  • android developer
  • data science
  • pandas
  • Parsing
  • postgresql
  • selenium

Dmytro — Claks  
Apps for Android · Java
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 140  3
  • android developer
  • Kotlin

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) · Swift
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
 144  0
  • Android Kotlin
  • Apple
  • blockchain
  • iPhone
  • Objective-C

Web design · Interface design
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
UX/UI Design | Mobile Application Design - iOS, Android
 117  0

‍♀️ Hello, My name is Anastasia. ‍ I create UX/UI Design that will work for your business. ‍ Services: Website design. Landing page design. Mobile application design. Logo design. Form style. and other. Some benefits: Always in touch with the client. I always bring the project to the end or return the money. I accompany the project after the completion of the design and consult for free in case of questions. ‍♀️ Write to me, let's make a cool design together! #StandWithUkraine
  • figma
  • landing page
  • logo design
  • Responsive Web Design

Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine
 49  0
  • android developer
  • Bootstrap
  • Crossplatform development
  • jquery
  • Opencart
  • Web Flutter

Hybrid mobile apps · Mobile apps design
Ukraine Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine
 81  0
  • figma
  • IOS design
  • Mobile application
  • React Native

Web design · Mobile apps design
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
 99  0  1

Websites on Webflow: https://car-repair-1096b3.webflow.io/ https://strava-20f890.webflow.io/ https://piligrim-7.webflow.io/ https://kenerinas-fantastic-site.webflow.io/ I'm working at the moment: ✅ Figma - UI/UX Design ✅ Web-design - design website, Landing page, online shop (e-commerce), website prototype. ✅ Webflow developer, figma/webflow ✅ Tilda - ZERO BLOCK ✅ Web-design - Mobile applications. I do my work in Figma - mobile app development iOS design Android design. UX designer, app design, mobile ui/ux design, ui/ux prototypes, mobile apps, mobile app interface ✅ Wordpress Elementor - Elementor PRO
  • elementor
  • figma/webflow
  • webflow
  • Webflow developer
  • wordpress elementor

Ruslan — torovyk  
System administration · Web programming
Ukraine Rovno, Ukraine
If you want to do a good job, do it yourself! ©
 104  1

My freelance web developer website has a portfolio of projects that I have developed over the past nine years both in collaboration with web studios and for private clients, as well as several personal projects. Most of these sites were developed using CMS Joomla, CMS WordPress, CMS Drupal, CMS Bitrix, self-written website engines. The bulk of the projects contain custom functions for the implementation of the peculiarities of the website. In addition to many created sites in my portfolio, I have also developed various calculators, complex feedback forms, multi-level menu, slider images, reviews, etc., a lot of upgrades to a new version of CMS with transfer of all content from the old with the preservation of the functionality of the website, fixing various errors in sites, optimizing loading site (PageSpeed), filling the site up to 75.000.000 products, material (text information) and much more ... In my portfolio of web-developer indicates the name of the site, the link to the site (where the link is unknown - means that the client did not need to install it on his hosting and I do not know what address is the site at the moment), the site and a description of the work performed. If required, I can provide evidence that I did all the sites in my portfolio (the source layout of the site, the link to the web studio for which I designed it or the owner of the site if he was for a site in person, not through a web studio).
  • landing page
  • Manual testing
  • Opencart
  • OpenCart 1.5-3.0.3
  • QA Engineer
  • woocommerce