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Client management and CRM
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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  • CRM Bitrix-24
  • pipedrive
  • pipedrivecrm

Recruitment · Business consulting
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine

My name is Maxim, I am a recruiter at the consulting company Adjutor. We have been recruiting for 15 years and our main focus is IT. During this time, we have learned to find even the rarest specialists around the world. As a result, companies that have worked with us have created many high-quality products. With our help, you will be able to save your resources, reduce the time spent searching for candidates, which will speed up your deadlines and save your finances. Our services: - Mystery shopping - HR audit - Staff recruitment - Building a systematic recruitment - Development of KPIs - Personnel assessment by 360 competencies - Total Rewards motivation system - Implementation of CRM Bitrix24 - CRM Bitrix24 service package - Conducting an assessment center - Building an Asset Center at your place - Staff certification - Psychological assessment of staff - Analysis of staff satisfaction - Analysis of staff engagement - School of HR directors - Business school of managers With our help, you will be able to save your resources, reduce the time spent searching for candidates, which will speed up your deadlines and save your finances.
  • hr consultant
  • java developer
  • Phyton

Hybrid mobile apps · Website development
Turkmenistan Ашхабад, Turkmenistan
People are not your most important asset. The right people are

Hey everyone! I've been developing websites and mobile apps for the past 5 years. When I'm not developing, I'm often sharing my knowledge by teaching PHP and Flutter via Zoom calls, or offering personalized consultations. I am well-versed in a wide range of technologies, including: Frontend: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap, Tailwind), JS (React, jQuery, Vue) Backend: PHP (Laravel), JS (NodeJS), Python (Django) Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQLCMS: Joomla, WordPress, Opencart, Tilda, Flynax Mobile: Hybrid (Flutter), Native (Kotlin)Analytics, Data Visualization: MS Excel, PowerBI, Looker Studio, Qlik ERP integration: Logo ERP, Akinsoft ERP CRM integration: Bitrix24 I'm passionate about working with both companies and individuals to bring their ideas to life, creating modern, user-friendly products that are a joy to use. When I'm not coding, you'll find me with my nose in a good book, watching a movie, or exploring on two wheels. I'm always interested in connecting with new people and exploring exciting opportunities, so if you've got a project in mind, don't hesitate to shoot me a message!

Client management and CRM · Website development
Ukraine Rovno, Ukraine
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  • bitrix24
  • keepincrm
  • keycrm
  • PerfectumCRM
  • weblium

Business consulting · Client management and CRM
Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
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  • b2b
  • bitrix24
  • Gold Certified Partner 2020 - 2021 — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Client management and CRM
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  • Competence “CRM” 2020-2021 — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Client management and CRM

Client management and CRM · Consulting
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
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  • Bitrix
  • bitrix24
  • keepincrm
  • keycrm
  • odoo

Website development · Project management
Ukraine Ternopol, Ukraine
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  • Bitrix
  • bitrix24
  • Google Adwords

Email marketing · Social media advertising
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Marketing team lead / Head of Growth Hello!I am a happy son, brother, husband, father, and friend from the very center of Ukraine. My experience with digital marketing began eight years ago at the university when I was studying to be a producer in Kyiv. I studied a vast amount of branding, advertisement, public relations, and traditional marketing. My last position was as a Growth Manager at a Canadian digital marketing agency.I am interested in leadership and effective team management. I am inspired by fresh ideas, ambitious people, and innovative products that create trends. Hobbies: I’m in love with NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), studying emotional intellect, learning how people think, and everything that affects behavior and decision-making is exciting for me. EXPERIENCE January 2014 — Today Senior digital marketer | Head of Marketing (tech) • Worked primarily on IT companies, online education, business automation, digital agency, and hr-tech projects.• I launched projects and optimized marketing work in B2B and B2C segments.• I have experience creating the right key messages and promoting business online via omnichannel digital strategy.• I can analyze the situation with reliable data and turn conclusions into growth points for a business.• I have experience and proven skills in management and business. SKILLS • Management of marketing teams;• Market and competitors analysis;• Testing hypotheses; Product strategy;• UX Design of sales funnels;• Setting up complicated analytical systems;• Technical specifications for developers;• Creating omnichannel marketing systems and their automation;• Building and setting up communication channels with audiences;• Marketing strategy, PPC, SERM, SEO, SMM, CRM, Content, PR;• E-mail marketing, E-mail base segmentation;• B2B Lead generation, Facebook Ads, Google Ads. TOOLS AI: ChatGPT, Midjourney, Sintra, Preplexity,Google Analytics, Google Ads, FB Business Manager,Serpstat, Snov.io, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Trello, Slack, Adobe CC,Excel, Bitrix24, Notion, Basecamp Zoho CRM, OpenCart, WordPress, MailChimp, Sendpulse, ManyChat,GetResponse, Smartsender, etc. EDUCATION 2014 — 2018Bachelor’s degreeManagement of show business (producer)University of Culture & Art / Kyiv, Ukraine 2022 — 2024Master’s degreeManagement of business (e-business)Academy of Management / Opole, Poland CERTIFICATES Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Business Analyst Advanced, Zoho CRM I am confident that my skills and experience could makea significant contribution to your company. Thanks for your consideration!
  • Webinar

Web programming · Online stores and e-commerce
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Opencart, Wordpress, PHP, PerfectumCRM, Bitrix24 - revision/development
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Experience in IT over 14 years Opencart, Wordpress, PerfectumCRM, Bitrix24 Understanding someone else's code, modification Development from 0 – online stores, websites, modules for CMS (WordPress, OpenCart) HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax, AngularJS, Yii2, Simple PHP, API (development/implementation/integration) Parsing and uploading data in any formats (import/export/parsing) Checking and removing viruses on websites Analytics settings: Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, goals. Preparing and uploading feeds to Google Merchant Server support, configuration and optimization I will be glad to cooperate!
  • ajax
  • jquery
  • Opencart
  • PerfectumCRM
  • PHP
  • woocommerce

Client management and CRM · Web design
Poland Bialystok, Poland
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  • Adode Illustrator
  • Bitrix
  • bitrix24
  • figma
  • landing page