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C and C++ · C#
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
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Igor Igorevich Rumyantsev Software Engineer | Software Developer Uzhhorod, Ukraine, 88000My science-groups : https://www.facebook.com/ScinceFriction/My sicence YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc4n-yzBspchaU35WjrL1jw Professional Skills & ExpertiseProgramming languages: C, C++, C#, Java SE, Java, PHP, D, Objective-C, Pascal/Delphi.Operating systems: Linux/Unix, macOS, QNX, Android, Windows.Development environments (IDE): Qt Creator (C/C++), Eclipse (Java, C/C++), Microsoft Visual Studio (C++, C#).Compilers: Mini-GCC, Microsoft Visual Studio, GNU Compiler Collection, Cross-Platform Compiler.Version control systems: Git, Subversion.Additional tools: Davichi Resolve 18, 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro. My videos on the topic Building a WiFi robot On Esp-8266 arduino https://youtu.be/0iRk-KfLyoMProgramming my own game engine in C/C++"Physics of light" https://youtu.be/2LJl-YtqrMUMade a hypercube https://youtu.be/jPjFVAFgpLY My YouTube channel with work report: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHnqe8g-dqbCuYQVPeYPsqA WORK EXPERIENCE : Experience with embedded systems based on Linux ;Advanced proficiency in C++ and Python;Experience with CUDA and OpenCV;Experience in developing drivers for network devices;Experience working with device tree, CSI interfaces, and cameras;;Experience with Nvidia Jetson Nano/Xavier;Experience with Jetson Linux;Experience with ROS и Bullet Physics Proficient in version control system Git. 1) 1) I worked for a while in the Google-siber team on one of the modules of Google Drive! More specifically, on multi-sockets for thread synchronization in server clusters!!P.S. Unfortunately, the code is in a private repository and it is classified!!!!2) In my free time, I work on my own project called Real-Physics. The essence of the Real-Physics project is to create a physical system based on modern physics and mathematical models, such as the Special Theory of Relativity, General Theory of Relativity, and Quantum Field Theory. The Real-Physics project is still in the early stages of development.Project code: https://github.com/werasaimon/realphysics4dProject website: http://realphysics4d.esy.esP.S: This is what you might call a dream project!!! The code for which, I will probably be writing my whole life, because the task is absurdly complex!I am also working on a GUI for the Real-Engine and a shell calledIntelligent-Engine: Project code https://github.com/werasaimon/Intelligent-Engine 3) Developed a mathematical library based on tensor algebra (matrices, vectors, etc.).The library is suitable for 3D-4D graphics, physics (STO, OTO). There is also Octonion for string theory.In short, it's a general-purpose library. There is also an N-dimensional vector, called a Hilbert space vector, Hilbert space - a generalization of Euclidean space that allows for infinite dimensionality.Исходнки:https://github.com/werasaimon/IMath P.S: My main programming language is C/C++, and the development environment is QT-Creator, Eclipse. Moreover, I use both simultaneously! In general, the programming language and development environment are not the most important. In fact, only algorithms are important, which in turn are based on mathematics! So, mathematical algorithms are important! In other words, only mathematics is important, everything else is nonsense. EducationUzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, UkraineBachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Faculty of PhysicsJuly 2007 - July 2015 P.S: My main programming language is C/C++, and the development environment is QT-Creator, Eclipse. Moreover, I use both simultaneously!In general, the programming language and development environment are not the most important. In fact, only algorithms are important, which in turn are based on mathematics! So, mathematical algorithms are important!In other words, only mathematics is important, everything else is nonsense. PhilosophyIn a world increasingly driven by technology, my approach to software development is grounded in the belief that at the heart of every great piece of software lies a solid mathematical foundation. My experience has taught me that while programming languages and development environments are tools of the trade, the true essence of software development is understanding and applying mathematical algorithms. These algorithms are the building blocks of software, enabling us to solve problems in innovative and efficient ways. In my view, mathematics is not just important; it is the cornerstone of all technological advancements and innovations. Thus, my focus remains on harnessing the power of mathematical algorithms to push the boundaries of what is possible in software development. HackathonI am also a participant in the hackathon to counter drones martyrs on the territory of Ukrain CERTIFICATES Online certificates ... https://geekbrains.ru/certificates/217801 I understand the basics of programming ...Online certificates in C/C++ https://geekbrains.ru/certificates/573529 https://geekbrains.ru/certificates/571732 I am good at C/C++ .....If you are in Ukraine, don't forget to turn on VPN so that the website works https://geekbrains.ru P.S: Honestly, personally I think all these certificates are nonsense. Only practice can teach programming LITERATURE : Eric Lengyel: Mathematics for 3D Game Programmingand Computer Graphics Third EditionGregory: Game Engine ArchitectureAlexandrescu: Sutter: C++ Coding StandardsIAN MiLLINGTON: GAME PHYSICS ENGINE DEVELOPMENTChrister Ericson: Real-Time Collision DetectionSergey Gavrilov : Tensor calculus for 'dummies'About myself :A determined person who wants to change the world, or rather, to change it, damn it!P.S : My flaw is that I think about code for a long time, which is why it takes me a long time to write code. !.My idols :R. Feynman (not just a scientist, but also a fascinating person. Besides science, he painted nude women and then solved theories on quantum field theory over his drawings. He also cracked safes and codes and played the bongos. One of the creators of the first nuclear bomb, the Manhattan Project. .L. Euler (This person probably created half of all mathematics, especially in the field of differential geometry)B. Riemann (Curved infinite-dimensional spaces, the first to lay the groundwork for the General Theory of Relativity. Almost all of my code is based on the works of this mathematician. By the way, he was a student of K. Gauss.)Linus Torvalds (Needless to say, 90% of devices in the world run on Linux OS, and the device you are reading this text on also runs on Linux)Donald Knuth (Wrote many foundational books on algorithms in programming. His books are fundamental. If you consider yourself a good programmer and haven't read his books, you're not as good as you think. And I give you a 99% chance that you simply won't be able to get through some of his books.)
  • c /qt
  • c# .net developer
  • mssql
  • stm32 esp8266 linux avr/stm8 c/c /python
  • Unity3D

C and C++ · Python
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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  • C/CPP
  • framework django
  • Python3
  • Qt C
  • QtQuick
  • sqlite

C and C++
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
  • C/CPP
  • Qt C
  • Qt5
  • Configurator of stand for test plate — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category C and C++

C and C++ · Application programming
Ukraine Krivoi Rog, Ukraine
  • c /qt
  • C/CPP

C and C++
Poland Szczecin, Poland

I am a Software Engineer specializing in C++, with skills verified by a CPA certificate and five years of hands-on experience in commercial development, encompassing both backend and GUI development. Furthermore, I possess two years of expertise working with the Qt framework, proficient in both Qt Widgets and Qt Modeling Language (QML). Tech Stack: C++, Qt, Qml, QtQuick, Jira, Git, Gerrit, CMake, QtCreator, VSCode, Eclipse, Windows, Linux.
  • c
  • c /qt
  • C/CPP
  • CMake
  • cpp
  • QML
  • Qt5
  • Qt6
  • QtQuick

Python · Application programming
Ukraine Ukraine
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My name is Oleksandr Velikiy, I'm a backend developer and lately I specialize in Python and Django.For the last 2 years, I have been working full-time in a Ukrainian outsourcing company as a Python developer. During this time, I took part in the development of 2 projects. Both are quite large and have been developed and supported for more than 2 years.Before that, I worked as a freelancer (partially) for 5 years, mainly on this site and with regular clients. Had several long-term projects from regular customers.I have a higher education, graduated with a master's degree in System Programming in 2001. I have more than 7 years of experience working with Python.I have experience working with multi-threading, experience designing systems, writing desktop applications using the QT library, writing parsers using the Scrapy framework, t ried using FastAPI, Flask and so on.Before Python became the main programming language, I developed in C++ (a long but long time ago). Recently, for about a year, in addition to Django, I've been doing full-stack development using React - I've learned JavaScript and TypeScript, CSS layout and front-end development.I have experience working with the necessary tools for developing testing and deploying projects.I take my work as seriously as possible and try to perform it as well as possible.My father used to tell me: "Try to do well, bad things will turn out by themselves." :) I always try to do just that.I have experience working in a team and managing a team. I believe that the team and people are what the company should value the most.
  • crawler
  • Python(Django/DRF)
  • scrapy
  • selenium
  • web scraping

Dmytro — dimmak
C and C++ · Gaming applications
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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I am fluent in English and Ukrainian for the respective interfaces. BUT! I do not develop and do not explain how to develop interfaces in the moscovian language.
  • CMake
  • CPP 14/17/20
  • gamedev
  • googletest
  • Python3
  • QT Framework
  • SDL
  • SFML
  • UnrealEngine (Blueprints)
  • UnrealEngine (CPP components)

Web programming · Audio and video editing
Ukraine Kamenskoye, Ukraine
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  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Bootstrap
  • C#/C
  • CSS(.saas)
  • landing page
  • QT Framework
  • React
  • react.js
  • Video Editing

Apps for Android · C and C++
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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As a Software Engineer, I have gained extensive experience in utilizing technologies such as C++, Java, and various other tools. During my professional journey, I had the opportunity to work on a project where I developed a sophisticated product aimed at automating price updates for all types of documents. The successful implementation of this application yielded remarkable outcomes, including a significant 10% reduction in company expenses and a notable increase in overall productivity. By leveraging my expertise in C++, git, firebase, QT, and MySQL, I ensured seamless integration and efficient automation of price updates, positively impacting the company's operations.In addition to the price update automation project, I undertook the responsibility of creating an intuitive application that facilitated monitoring and task assignment for employees within the organization. This application played a pivotal role in enhancing work efficiency by providing a centralized platform for tracking tasks, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring progress. By combining my technical skills in C++, git, firebase, QT, and PostgreSQL, I successfully implemented this application, empowering the company to streamline its internal processes and optimize workforce productivity.Furthermore, as a valued developer, I actively contributed to the creation and refinement of functionality for both AOSP and vendor products. Collaborating closely with the development team, I actively participated in design discussions, providing valuable insights and suggestions for enhancing the products' features and overall performance. By utilizing a diverse set of technologies, including C++, Java, android sdk, gerrit, and jenkins, I contributed to the ongoing improvement and evolution of the products.During my time as a C++ Developer, I had the opportunity to support a dynamic project focused on managing mobile facilities, including trucks and cars. Taking the initiative, I led the migration of the application to cutting-edge technologies, such as C++, boost, С++builder, RAD Studio, git, and svn, ensuring scalability and future readiness. Additionally, I successfully created new functionality based on client requirements, effectively augmenting the system's capabilities and addressing specific business needs. Moreover, I optimized technical processes, streamlining the development workflow and resulting in improved efficiency in terms of both time and resources. The successful outcome of these efforts was reflected in enhanced operational efficiency and improved performance of the project, enabling effective management of the mobile facilities.Within my role as a C++/Java Developer, I actively contributed to the development of user-friendly interfaces, ensuring intuitive design and seamless user experiences. I also played a crucial role in implementing database interactions and data management functionalities, enabling efficient storage and retrieval of critical information. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, I actively gathered requirements and delivered practical solutions that met their specific needs. Following best practices, I consistently wrote clean and maintainable code, contributing to the overall quality and stability of the projects. Participating in the entire development lifecycle, from concept to deployment, I ensured the successful delivery of robust and reliable software solutions. Regular code reviews and close collaboration with the team further strengthened the development process, fostering a collaborative environment focused on excellence.Overall, my diverse experience in software engineering, combined with my proficiency in C++, Java, QT, git, firebase, and other technologies, has equipped me with the skills to deliver innovative solutions and drive positive outcomes. I am committed to leveraging my expertise to overcome challenges, optimize processes, and contribute to the success of future projects.
  • C/CPP
  • Rust

C and C++ · Gaming applications
Ukraine Velikie Mosty, Ukraine

My name is Maksym, I am 16 years old, studying at the Technical Vocational College of Lviv Polytechnic National University as a software engineer, I program in Python, C++ and C#, I also have ready-made projects in the Play Market, and I develop Windows applications with a graphical interface in Python. I was engaged in creating multi-accounts and abusing crypto networks, such as: ZkSync, Starknet, so I have experience with anti-detection browsers and proxies.
  • C# Unity
  • C/CPP
  • game development
  • gamedev
  • Git (and some other VCS)
  • GitHub
  • Mobile games
  • QT Framework
  • Unity3D