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Andrey — bl4ck  
JavaScript · Node.js
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 833  2

My skills ✅ HTML/CSS; ✅ Bootstrap/Tailwind; ✅ Javascript/Node.js; ✅ Vue/Nuxt.js; ✅ React/Next.js/Gatsby.js; ✅ Nest.js/Express.js; ✅ MYSQL/MongoDB/PosgreSQL; ✅ Electron; ✅ Telegram bots; ✅ Automation scripts; ✅ Python; ✅ Flask/aiogram/pyTelegramAPI/Django; ✅ WordPress; 5 reasons working with me ✅ Always in touch; ✅ If I take the project to work, then I will do it; ✅ I do my work with the highest possible quality; ✅ I use only the latest technologies when developing sites so that your site is beautiful not only visually, but also technically; ✅ More than 500+ reviews on various freelance sites;
  • discordBot
  • javascript
  • landing page
  • mongodb
  • MySQL.
  • next.js
  • node.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Python 3.
  • React
  • react.js
  • Telegram Bots
  • Vue.js

Web programming · JavaScript
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
 21  0

Hello! I'm a JavaScript FullStack Developer. My main focus is the development of productive, fast and modern websites. I also develop Telegram bots and parsers. My skills: - React, Next.js, FSD, Typescript - Redux Toolkit, Zustand, Context API - SCSS, TailwindCSS, - MaterialUI, DaisyUI - React Query, RTK Query, SWR, axios - Node.js. Express.js, MongoDB, JWT, Telegraf/Grammy, puppeteer Github, CV
  • Node.js / Express.js / MongoDB
  • React / Redux TK / Next.js
  • telegraf.js

Python · Bot development
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
 42  0
  • aiohttp
  • API Integration
  • FastAPI
  • flask
  • Java Script
  • node.js
  • Parsing
  • Python3
  • Telegram Bots

Python · Bot development
Ukraine Ukraine
Expencive. Qualitatively. By the end of
 9  0

Hello! We're a team specializing in the development of web applications, backend services, and various software for businesses. Our team includes: UX/UI Designer , crafting intuitive user interfaces. Python Developer , skilled in one of the most in-demand programming languages. TS/JS Developer ️, working with cutting-edge technologies to create dynamic and interactive applications. DevOps ‍, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our projects. We're ready to bring your ideas and challenges to life, infusing innovation and quality into every project!
  • Amazon AWS
  • Back-End Devolopment
  • django
  • Front End Developer
  • full stack web-developer
  • Python 3.
  • React
  • react.js
  • RESTful
  • Senior Web Developer
  • Telegram Bots
  • Web UI/UX Designer

Interface design · Mobile apps design
Ukraine Ukraine
Product Designer - iOS / Web App / Android
 18  0

Hi, I'm a Product UI/UX designer who combines a passion for minimalism and creating design systems with basic knowledge of front-end and back-end development. My experience and skills allow me to identify and unlock the full potential of large projects, but I'm also open to smaller tasks, contributing and helping out. I value long-term relationships with clients and strive for collaborative growth and success. My approach: 1) Research and analytics. 2) Wireframing. 3) User interface design. 4) Creating an interactive prototype. 5) Providing the result to the developer. 6)Participation in further development as needed. My tools are not only Figma for interface design, but also FigJam for information architecture and user flow. ✉️ Ready to discuss a project? Contact me. Contacts: Personal Website | Dribbble | Linkedin Updated: 09/11/23.
  • android design
  • figma
  • IOS design
  • landing page
  • Mobile UI Design
  • Mobile UI/UX Design
  • Mobile UX/UI
  • Telegram Bots
  • User Interface Design
  • Web App Design

Bot development · Data parsing
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
 20  0

Better image quality - https://imgur.com/a/6kgkR3v What I develop programs for my clients - Browser Automation Studio , JS What do you get when you order a program from me? 1) Free and clear UI design (you can see examples in the portfolio) 2) Qualitative and fast execution of works 3) Support and help in installing the script and solve your problem completely 4) I often give out free support software for 7 days (this means that you can fully test the software within 7 days and if there are any problems I will help you for free) - if the time limit has expired, the modifications to the software will not cost a lot of money You can buy additional service to support the program for a longer period of time. 5) Before taking the order is not a big test. 6) Always in touch. I work 24/7. From simple automations: Go to the list of links from the file, Do certain things: write a comment, download a picture, Click on a certain place, etc. to the most complicated! I can also do programs with over 1000+ actions! Full list of what I work with: Query work Program development via Selenium Profiles (software remembers) Proxy Captcha solution SMS activation Emulation of work through a mobile device on the site Mouse and keyboard emulation for human scripts Working with telegram bots (all sorts of notifications and logic building via bots) Working with files Working with pictures Working with archives Working with mail and IMAP / messaging Work with databases And much more, this is not a complete list, because I am engaged in any automation on the Internet! Registration on the site, captcha solution, registration confirmation at the post, authorization, avtars upload, writing posts, adding to friends, etc. Bot reacting to specific events: new message, new post, specific text in a message, etc. Bot reactions: reply to a message, like repost, comment, add to friends, download a photo, etc. And much more - I can do it all! Need to order: To clarify the details of the work (ToR, video clips that you need to do) , agree on the terms and price, to make a deal! The result will be a program that runs on Windows 10 + - The program will always have a clear graphical interface Also I refine scripts on BAS - price and timing will depend on the severity of fixes Ad search tags: BAS program, BAS software, BAS template, BAS automation, BAS script, BAS bot, BAS parser, Process automation, BAS , automation,routine tasks
  • Browser Automation Studio
  • selenium

Bot development
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
 25  0
  • aiogram
  • chatbot
  • chatgpt
  • mongodb
  • openai
  • postgresql
  • Python3
  • smartsender
  • Telegram Bots
  • viber

Bot development · Python
Ukraine Chernovtsy, Ukraine
 12  2

I'm a seasoned web developer with over 8 years of experience. I specialize in backend website development, creating Telegram bots, and crafting parsers for various websites. Now I look for projects on Python.
  • docker
  • jquery
  • Parsing
  • Python3
  • selenium
  • telegram bot api

Apps for Android · Java
Ukraine Mykolaiv, Ukraine
 16  0

Freelancer, that specialising in developing websites from scratch. Work on CMS WordPress and create websites on pure code. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4.5. During my work experience developed a lot of projects of varying complexity related to WooCommerce, landings, government webs, connection to payment system and membership fees. Using PHP created parsers, telegram bots, authorisation, modify WP plugins and themes. Fast learning and high motivated person that is open for new knowledges and work. Calm and outgoing person, which is passionate about personal development. Seeking for stability with the opportunity for career advancement and recognation.
  • android developer
  • Android SDK
  • Kotlin

Go · Blockchain
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 41  0

As a back end developer with a passion for blockchain technology, I have gained valuable experience and skills in various projects and platforms. Previously, I worked at Everstake, a leading staking service provider, and at INC4, a blockchain technology development company, where I contributed to the open-sourced AirDAO Bridge project. I performed extensive research on challenging blockchain topics, such as ETH proof of stake, ETH slashing and penalties, and others. I also championed the importance of code quality and architecture within the team, leading by example and reminding team members of best practices. I am skilled in Golang, Python, and Solidity programming languages, as well as in Linux, Bash, Docker, and other tools and technologies. I have also created at least 15 large Telegram bots, integrating various payment systems and earning 40+ positive reviews from customers. I am always eager to learn new things and challenge myself, and I enjoy working with other talented and motivated developers. I am open to work on exciting and innovative projects that leverage blockchain technology and require back end development expertise. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in collaborating or hiring me.
  • aiogram
  • blockchain
  • DeFi
  • ethereum
  • GitHub
  • golang
  • postgresql
  • Smart contract
  • Solidity