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Artem — Artemkins  
Search engine optimization · Contextual advertising
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Hi! I’m SEO | SEM | Outreach expert | PPC specialist and co-founder of Digital Marketing Agency ITForce, which is Premier Google Partner. Also, I'm the #1 freelancer in the CIS countries according to en.freelancehunt.com. 9+ years of experience made me a real Rock in Search Engine Optimization (Keyword research and implementation strategy/Basic on-page optimization/Technical on-page optimization/HTML/Social/Link-building/Outreaching) and in PPC (Google/Facebook/Instagram/Amazon/Bing/). Also, I should mention that I use WHITE TECHNIQUES only. In order to do this, I usually use such tools as AhRefs, ScreamingFrog, Majestic, Serpstat, Netpeak Spider, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, it is not all of them, but the most basic tools. Scroll down to my portfolio and you might see some cases. I do really LOVE my job and can’t imagine my further life without it. This is the main reason why I’m here. Sites I optimized for my clients are related to these fields: sport, medicine, education, shopping (clothes, devices, home things, led product, etc), finance, plants, logistics, law office, industrial products, cosmetics, restaurant/café/bars/, real estate, car rental, etc.
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Web design · Website development
Ukraine Kamenskoye, Ukraine
Make sure you get what you want, otherwise you'll have to love what you have.
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Working schedule: Mon - Fri: 09:00 to 18:00 Sat - Sun: Weekend (if you need an urgent project - I can work on weekends) Contact us for a free consultation! I work through the Freelancehunt service!
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HTML and CSS · JavaScript
Ukraine Gadyach, Ukraine
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Dmitro — DibrovS  
Copywriting · Search engine optimization
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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Andrey — bl4ck
JavaScript · Node.js
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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My skills ✅ HTML/CSS; ✅ Bootstrap/Tailwind; ✅ Javascript/Node.js; ✅ Vue/Nuxt.js; ✅ React/Next.js/Gatsby.js; ✅ Nest.js/Express.js; ✅ MYSQL/MongoDB/PosgreSQL; ✅ Electron; ✅ Telegram bots; ✅ Automation scripts; ✅ Python; ✅ Flask/aiogram/pyTelegramAPI/Django; ✅ WordPress; 5 reasons working with me ✅ Always in touch; ✅ If I take the project to work, then I will do it; ✅ I do my work with the highest possible quality; ✅ I use only the latest technologies when developing sites so that your site is beautiful not only visually, but also technically; ✅ More than 500+ reviews on various freelance sites;
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Contextual advertising · Search engine optimization
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
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  • SEO and Website Optimization — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Contextual advertising
  • Google Context Advertising and Management — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Contextual advertising
  • Development and creation of websites - Internet shops — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Website development

Search engine optimization · Contextual advertising
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Website development · Online stores and e-commerce
Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine
Website development on Wordpress, Modx, Opencart. Accurate adherence to deadlines. 10+ years in web development.
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Main specialization: Website development. Why me? - Accurate adherence to deadlines - I prioritize quality - Working with a designer - I focus on SEO and usability in development What CMS do I work with? Opencart, Wordpress, Modx What kinds of websites do I make? - Corporate website - Online store - business card website
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Contextual advertising · Search engine optimization
Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine
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I will share my Upwork profile in private messages.✅ 500+ projects completed ✅ 2500+ hours paid Core expertise and tools that I use:Сontextual advertisingDisplay advertising (GDN, YouTube)Google Merchant Center (product advertising)Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn)Remarketing (+ combination with social media)Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag ManagerFunnel Chatbots - Leeloo, manychat, chatfuel, mobilemonkey, textback, bothelp, smartsender (on platforms only)Sales Funnels, Campaign Automation, Messenger Sales FunnelsLanding OptimizationEmail newsletter, Email marketing Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English. Created and maintained advertising accounts, auto-sales funnels and optimized SEO for websites in the following niches: MovingReal EstateE-commerceBooksAutoOnline schools / online coursesSport/FitnessLaw/Legal services ⚡ Setting up contextual advertising in Google Ads Bonus: a promocode from me for 1500 UAH for advertising on Google for new accounts! 1. Discussing your business, advertising budget, expected results and campaign goals. 2. Creation of a campaign from scratch without Google recommendations in order to customize ads as much as possible and use all the opportunities for your business.[Gives you the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of a click and conversions, as well as full control over the company. ] 3. Selection of all possible options for target and commercial keywords based on your budget and goals.[Increases the number of clients] 4. Selection of negative words.[Removes unnecessary clicks and requests, and therefore reduces the cost per conversion] 5. Using filling out all key Extensions in advertising:- Call Extension- Sitelinks Extension (submenu)- Location Extension- Structural Data Extension- Sale Extension- Price Extension- Application Extension (only if you have an app)- Message Extension (if possible)[Increases the size of your ad and provides additional information, which means it increases clicks from 20% to 45%] 6. Selecting the right Bidding for your company based on your goals.[Gives you full control over how much you spend and what you get] 7. Structuring your company based on keywords and goals.[Makes it possible to track and optimize only what we need. So it reduces the cost of advertising and conversions] 8. Writing targeted and selling texts for advertising. Filing out all additional headings and descriptions.[Increases the size of your ad and provides additional information] 9. Writing / editing texts and the general view of the landing / page of the website the advertising is done for.[This is just as important as creating ads. Correct texts and the type of page a person comes to directly affect conversions] 10. Analytics implementation to the website. Setting up conversions and goals in Google Analytics and Google Ads for tracking actions and campaign optimization:- Integration with Google Search Console- Integration with Google Ads[Makes it possible to monitor and optimize the average cost per conversion, which means it will reduce advertising costs] 11. Analysis of the campaign based on the results and suggestions for optimization based on:- Time: by hours and days- Groups of keywords or single words- Locations: by regions and cities- Cost of conversions and clicks- Interests and characteristics of users: age, gender, hobbies[Key Point: Reduces Ad Costs and CPC by several times] ⚡ Setting up targeted advertising on Facebook/Instagram What is included in the price:Creating a video for advertising (increases the number of clicks by at least 2-3 times)Creating a selling text (increases click-through rate by another 30-60%)Setting up Facebook Pixel (to optimize the campaign for sales)Creation of a correct and scalable campaign structure (for budget optimization and sales automation)Setting up and creating custom audiences and conversions (to create a base for retargeting and LookLike audiences)Competitor analysisAnalysis of client’s pains and needs to create a USPCampaign optimization and spin-up based on the results of the first 10 days Next stage: New creatives creation (to avoid banner blindness, i.e. the client will already get used to the current videos and will not click)Retargeting and dynamic retargeting (to get the best results for the least cost)Using LookLike audiences (to increase sales and reduce advertising budget)Campaign scaling (other audiences, other landing pages, etc.)Campaign optimization and spin-up based on 30-day results Advertising and marketing: What is included:Audience segmentation: find the most effective audience and use itAnalysis of customer problems and needsAnalysis of competitors and market complexityCreation of a unique selling proposition based on customer needsAnalysis and implementation of presales and profit maximizers (cross-sell, up-sell, maximizers)Creating Your Customer Journey in the Sales TunnelCreation of selling and non-skimming articles/notes with a click-through rate of 80% or higherScripting a video, if possibleCreating a selling text at each stepCreate images for articles/notes and posts at each stepLanding Page Optimization/CreationOptimizing or creating a Thank You pageMafia Proposal optimization/creationCreating a trade tunnelIntegration with Google AnalyticsIntegration with Google Tag ManagerIntegration with your CRM To optimize the page for SEO, I will do the following: TitleMeta descriptionTags H1-H4Alt tagsURLContent (if needed)Internal and external linking (where possible)Creating a submenu (Google loves this)shema.org structured data optimization (you will have the opportunity to get a snippet + this will increase your article in the Google’s eyes)Keywords research for a single page ⚡️ And many more that I can't list here You will see before and after changes in a separate file so you can check and edit the text before I change it on the website. On-page SEO: I have access to premium tools like Ahrefs and SE Ranking so I can easily check your site for any issues, check your backlink profile, check your competitors and suggest the best keywords. Keyword ResearchKeyword Difficulty AnalysisWebsite structure analysisURL parsingTitle and meta tagsHyperlink to contentInternal linkAlt tag optimizationAnchor text optimizationFixing 301 redirect Fixing 404 pagesFixing HTTPS/HTTP ErrorsRobot.txt optimizationSite optimization ⚡️ And many more that I can't list here. Off-page SEO: I provide only quality backlinks at an affordable price. Please check the list below for all the information about backlinksHigh DA 20+ (no spam)Contextual links (important for Google)Unique articles (no copy strike from Google)Unique domains (more domains = more weight for your website)100% verified live linksDetailed report (you can check every link I create) Speed optimization:My checklist for optimizing your website speed:Reduce image sizeMinify CSS and JS filesEnable cachingEnable DNS prefetch queriesPut js files in the footer and header of your websiteRemove query strings from static resourcesCDN (if needed)Reduce the number of DNS queriesAdd expire headersInstall and/or configure a professional caching pluginOptimize themes and plugins for better performanceOptimize and clean up your database safelyCheck the website for errors and malicious codeDisable Unwanted Features in WordPressLimit and/or Disable WordPress RevisionsSetting up and/or configuring a content delivery network (CDN)Provide professional advice on how to improve your websitePlus various custom optimizations based on individual websites I am easy to work with and will be available 24/7 for daily reports. I have worked with clients of all sizes and industries and would love to work with you. We can connect via Skype, Zoom or phone to discuss the best solution for your project. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tags: google ads, google adwords, google analytics, google tag manager, sales funnel, chatbots, facebook ads, instagram ads, smm, ppc, crm, chatfuel, mobilemonkey, mobile monkey, leeloo, manychat, hubspot, amocrm, amo crm, send pulse, sendpulse, mailchimp, salesforce, clickfunnels, email marketing, google advertising, contextual advertising, social media advertising, facebook advertising, instagram advertising, sales funnels, auto funnels in instant messengers, email marketing, mailing, chat bots, google analytics, google tag manager, smm, seo, seo, seo promotion, seo optimization, semantic core collection, technical optimization, technical SEO, EAT, YMYL, microdata, word search, keyword research
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Search engine optimization · Website SEO audit
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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