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Application programming · Data parsing
Ukraine Stryi, Ukraine
 16  0

Power Apps | Program | Excel | VBA | Macro | Chart | PHP | Mysql ✅✨⭐✨⭐✨⭐✨⭐✨⭐✨⭐✨ ✨ ⭐ Hello, ✨ I am an experienced programmer. ⭐ Thanks for viewing my profile. ✨ Thank God I excelled in computer science while still in school. ⭐ I think the reviews about my work can tell you what kind of specialist I am. ✨ ⭐ I have experience with : ✨ - Power Apps, SharePoint ⭐ - Excel VBA Macro Coding, Formula Generation ✨ - Lazarus, Delphi ⭐ - PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery ✨ - FoxPro ⭐ - Word, Excel
  • access/Excel
  • delphi
  • Lazarus
  • macros
  • Microsoft Exel

C# · Databases
Ukraine Borispol, Ukraine
 2  0
  • access/Excel
  • c# .net developer
  • Google Sheets
  • Unity3D

Data parsing
Moldova Tiraspol, Moldova
  • access/Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • microsoft excel

JavaScript · Databases
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
 20  0

I have web development skills with experience using various technologies and methodologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3 (+SCSS), React, JS (JQUERY), GULP, GIT, BEM, and others. I have experience working with SVG and practice Mobile First and Perfect Pixel. I am familiar with Bootstrap 4, 5, cdnjs, Font Awesome and can create UI/UX design. I have skills in working with various tools including Visual Studio, VS Code, GIT, Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, and CMS. Using these tools, I can develop websites with attractive design and unique content. Additionally, I have experience in creating content for online stores, developing business cards, logos, and banners. I can create a brand and corporate style and provide SEO optimization for your websites. I have experience in placing ads on Facebook and managing stores on Instagram. My experience also includes working with various types of content for stores, which allows me to understand the needs of clients and create websites that meet their needs. I am ready to help you create websites and help you increase your online impact. Skills: • HTML 5 • CSS 3 (+SCSS) • React • NextJs • NodeJs • JS (JQUERY) • GULP • GIT • BEM • Experience working with SVG • Mobile first • Perfect pixel • Bootstrap 4, 5 • cdnjs • Font Awesome • UI/UX design • Placement of content for the store • Had experience in "cold and hot" sales • Instagram store management • Placement of advertising on Facebook • Creation of website content • SEO optimization • Interface • Content for stores • Business cards • Logos • Banners • Creation of a brand and corporate style. Tools: • Visual Studio • VS Code • GIT • Adobe Creative Cloud • MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook) • Figma • CMS.
  • ajax
  • Bootstrap
  • figma
  • jquery
  • landing page
  • LendingPage
  • mongodb
  • node.js
  • React
  • sass
  • woocommerce

1C · Application programming
Ukraine Priluki, Ukraine
 72  0
  • Microsoft Access
  • microsoft excel
  • Windows Server

Project management · Client management and CRM
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 8  0

Profile Project Manager with 1 year experience on IT, Amazon USA. Production team leader with 2 years’ experience within of goods for children's creativity. Desire to help the team successfully complete projects. BSc Computer Science SkillsPrograms mastered Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, SlidesIT I know the following computer programming languages at an elementary level: Java, C#, C++, PHP, JavaSсript, HTML, CSS, SQL Familiar with mobile app development and web development Familiar with the basics of web design (UI/UX), I have experience in creating sites Bubble.io AI: Chat GPT, Midjourney Trello, Jira, Azure DevOps Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva Amazon Seller Central Google, Fb, Instagram, Amazon AdvertisingLanguages Ukrainian – Native Russian – Native English – A2 EducationMini digital agency | 2023 | Genius.Space Basics and resource formation Marketing, finding clients and scheduling negotiations. Scripts and communication Service performance and operational work. Using artificial intelligence for work Creating a personal brandProject Manager course | 2022 | Genius.Space Familiar with project structure, management methodologies, requirements gathering, project initiation and planning, management, execution and completion Practiced in roadmap creation, micro and macro environment analysis Created a project plan, its decomposition, scheduling and resource planning Programs mastered: Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Smartsheet, Asana, MiroWeb-design UI/UX course | 2021 | Source IT Familiar with modern UI/UX technologies Practiced in creating a beautiful and user-friendly design of web pages and applications Programs mastered: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Axure, InVision, After Effects, MockFlowBachelor's Degree in Computer Science | 2016-2021 | Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics Area of expertise: Information Technology Gained knowledge in computer programming, consulting and related activities ExperienceProject Manager | SDGroup | 06.2022-present Scheduling, managing projects and staff Communication with clients and contractors Working with the Amazon marketplace. Operational work, work with listings of goods, with a warehouse and advertising. Strategies to Increase Traffic, Sales, and Profits Creating simple websites on Bubble.iopicker-packer | LLC "MAYA I KO" | 04.2018-05.2022 Packing products according to the content. Scheduling work for a group of pickers. Control of employment, availability of raw materials, product quality, productivityTAXI DISPATCH | CALL CENTRE | 07.2017-10.2017 Making orders by phone, advising customers on the cost of orders and services of the companySALES CONSULTANT, cashier | Prostor | 03.2017-06.2017 Work at the cash desk, advising customers on the company's products, displaying goodsFACULTY DISPATCH | Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics | 09.2016-02.2017 Document management, secretariat, student advising, tracking student attendance and progress
  • adobe photoshop
  • google docs
  • google forms
  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Access
  • microsoft excel
  • microsoft powerpoint
  • trello

Databases · Databases
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 32  1
  • Microsoft Access
  • MS Excel

Application programming · Databases
Ukraine Ukraine
 99  0
  • delphi
  • Microsoft Access
  • microsoft excel
  • Visual Basic for Applications
  • web scraping

Databases · Data processing
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Access and SQL Server
  • Anki
  • C#/VB/VBA
  • Excel VBA
  • VB.Net

Web programming · JavaScript
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
 2  0

I am a web developer with a wide range of skills and experience in building modern websites and applications. My expertise includes the following technologies and tools: HTML: I am able to create structured and semantically correct pages using HTML5 to ensure optimal search engine access and cross-device compatibility. CSS/SASS: I have extensive experience in creating beautiful and engaging designs using CSS and SASS. I am able to use various practices and techniques to create efficient and modular styles. Bootstrap: I know how to use Bootstrap to quickly develop responsive and mobile-ready interfaces using pre-built components and styles. Tailwind CSS: I have experience using Tailwind CSS to develop web interfaces quickly and easily without the need for a large amount of custom CSS code. JavaScript: I have excellent knowledge of JavaScript and can develop dynamic and interactive functionality for web pages and applications. Node.js: I know how to develop the server side of web applications. DOM: I know how to work with the object-oriented document model (DOM) to manipulate the content and structure of web pages using JavaScript. BEM: I have an understanding of the BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) methodology and use this approach to organize and name classes in HTML and CSS to improve readability and support scalability. Always open to learning new technologies and development methods to support my development
  • Bootstrap
  • docker
  • express.js
  • figma
  • Java Script
  • landing page
  • node.js
  • react.js
  • tailwindcss
  • vite