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Yurii — ostapchuk  
Web programming · CMS installation and configuration
Ukraine Zhitomir, Ukraine
 282  2

Hello! I am a professional frontend/backend developer with 10 years of experience in the IT industry.My skills and experience include: Development and customization of websites of varying complexity using CMS and frameworks such as WordPress, Symfony, Laravel, YII2, HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, BOOTSTRAP, NODE JS, GULP, SASS/SCSS, LESS, PUG, WEBPACK, VUE JS, REACT JS, ANGULAR JS. Integration of any external API services. Development and implementation of RESTful APIs for interaction with other applications and systems. Adaptive layout of any complexity using PERFECT PIXEL. Experience with PHP, Laravel, Symfony, YII2, JavaScript (jQuery, VueJS, VueRouter), APIs (Google, LiqPay, Facebook, Ipstack, and others), WebSockets, Redis, Git, HTML5/CSS3, JS/jQuery, VueJS/React. Project development and management tools: JIRA, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Slack, Zoom.My advantages for you: Professional approach to each order. Timely and high-quality completion of work. Individual approach to each project. Support and assistance after project completion. I am always ready for new challenges and projects. Please feel free to contact me if you need my services. Thank you!
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery
  • laravel 5.8 - 10
  • Laravel/Yii/CodeIgniter/Symfony
  • Reactjs/Angular/Vuejs

Python · Machine learning
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
 348  0

We work together, so the directions and complexity of the projects are different. Key projects: Python + machine learning, forecasting and analytics; performance of student and postgraduate works in natural sciences and information technologies. Python: machine learning and AI: TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, PyTorch. frameworks: Flask, Django, FastAPI, Dash databases: SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle message brokers: Rabbit MQ, Kafka graphical desktop interface: PyQt visualization: MatPlotlib, Seaborn, Plotly constant use in projects: pandas, NumPy, SciPy, statsmodels, asyncio project deployment and collaboration: Docker, GitHub, GitLab focus of projects: analysis of texts data analysis and search for dependencies classification and clustering mathematical modeling API creation creation and integration of applications for RaspberryPi Other programming languages: Java (desktop and mobile applications). Other software tools: MatLab (Simulink, SimEvents) Arena Simulation CPN Tools Student and postgraduate theses for ukrainian and foreign universities: Information Technology mathematics and modeling, mathematical physics finances Languages: Ukrainian and English. Text and layout processors: Word, CorelDraw, LaTex.
  • android developer
  • data science
  • pandas
  • Parsing
  • postgresql
  • selenium

Serhii — sergii13  
HTML and CSS · JavaScript
Ukraine Rovno, Ukraine
 126  1
  • Composition API
  • figma
  • vite
  • Vue.js
  • webpack/gulp

Anton — netwechsel  
JavaScript · PHP
Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
Website development, script writing, self-written engines finalization, optimization. My skills: javascript, php, html, css, sql
 444  0

Hello!My name is Anton. I am a web developer with more than 8 years of experience.Has successfully completed more than 400 projects I create websites for large and small businesses. I have experience in developing websites based on most CMS and simple web pages from the beginning. you can start working with me By offering me a project you can see my work in my Portfolio work on an advance payment of 50%, or through Safe Services CMS installation and configuration writing, integrating and configuring plugins coding self-written engines revision module development and integration website migration turnkey website creation adaptive layout layout stretch psd to html development of extensions for Chrome and Firefox developing bots for Telegram payment system connection A little bit of my stats Stack Javascript PHP HTML CSS SQL Advice free of charge In doing my job, I talk to all kinds of people, and they are all happy with the work I do. I have an individual approach to each project. Each job I would get, I will do everything possible to make my client satisfied: the work will be done in a quality and on time. I like contact customers. I have a desire to get the job done as quickly as possible and with minimal rework. Please keep in touch. Regards, Anton javascript, php, html, css, срочно, wordpress, opencart, сайт под ключ, php-программирование, веб программирование, скрипт, джаваскрипт, написание скриптов, laravel, долгосрочное сотрудничество, cms opencart, tilda, php developer, css/html, сhrome extension, CMS WordPress, Open Cart, Joomla, Drupal, Bitrix, Magenta, ModX, API, SDK, front end, back end, full stack, firefox extension, google apps scripts, jQuery, скрипты, woocommerce, сайт на wordpress, payment, mysqli, google tag manager, facebook pixel, chrome extensions, firefox extensions, pagespeed, api integration, telegram bot api, netwixell, newaitix. My portfolio is available at https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/netwechsel.html My skills: #HTML, #CSS, #PHP, #Javascript, #SQL MY PORTFOLIO You can offer me project. Regards, Anton
  • API Integration
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Firefox Extensions
  • google tag manager
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • mysqli
  • Opencart
  • PageSpeed
  • payment
  • PHP
  • telegram bot api
  • woocommerce

Denys — shpy  
Machine learning · Python
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 160  1
  • FastAPI
  • LLM
  • machine_learning
  • openai-api
  • Python 3.
  • stable diffusion
  • whisper

Anton — webquantum  
PHP · JavaScript
Ukraine Ukraine
Full stack web developer
 68  0

Beware of scammers. Please DM me for confirmation if you chat with me on any messenger⚠️ Highly skilled and collaborative developer experienced in working closely with UX/UI designer to bring design concepts to life. Tech stack PHP (Laravel, Yii2, CodeIgniter, Symfony) Python (Django) RESTful services API's (e.g. Fondy, Liqpay, amoCRM, Mailgun) Web3 Opencart / SimplaCMS Javascript (vue.js, react.js, jquery) MySQL / PostgreSQL HTML (pug / jade) CSS (sass / less) Figma / Photoshop / Sketch / Avocode Docker / docker-compose CI/CD Bash Git (github / gitlab / bitbucket) Hubstaff / Timedoctor Linux / Windows / macOS Looking for long-term cooperation⏳
  • Adobe Photoshop/Zeplin/Figma/Sketch
  • b2b/sass
  • DO/AWS
  • docker
  • html/css/js
  • jQuery •
  • Landing page design
  • Laravel/Yii/CodeIgniter/Symfony
  • Opencart
  • React/Vue
  • ssh

PHP · JavaScript
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 59  1
  • API Integration
  • jquery
  • middle php developer
  • PHP Frameworks
  • Vue.js

PHP · Interface design
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 51  0

Expert: Creative coding ▪ Frontend ▪ Backend ▪ WebGL ▪ NodeJS ▪ Fastify ▪ React ▪ Laravel ▪ WordPress ▪ Webflow ▪ NFT ▪ DevOps ▪ WebRTC ▪ FullStack Developer Greetings from Ukraine! Full-Stack web-development is my true vocation and I just frickin' love coding: from programming of complex apps and small web-sites to implementation of crazy ideas of immersive design and generative digital art launch. The extensive experience I have gathered over 12 years at various development points is at your service. Helped in the implementation of ideas for well-known brands and the largest companies in Europe from the following industries: Financial services, Pharmaceuticals, B2B Communications, Automotive, Retail, Luxury goods. Over the years, I've worked with agencies, design studios, production companies and with incredibly talented people, creators, photographers, designers and their top-notch projects. Each project becomes a part of me and only increases my expertise, which allows me to avoid fails and improve the development process to solve complex problems and find solutions to create unique cases using the latest technologies. Contact me for: Creative coding ▪ Frontend ▪ Backend ▪ NFT ▪ DevOps ▪ FullStack Technologies: ✅ PHP 5/7/8+ ▪ JavaScript ▪ TypeScript ✅ WebGL▪ GLSL ▪ ThreeJS ▪ Pixi ▪ BarbaJS ▪ WebRTC ✅ Node.js ▪ React ▪ React Native ▪ Gatsby ▪ Electron ✅ MERN ▪ Fastify ▪ Express ▪ Socket.io ▪ Next.js ▪ Vercel ▪ Redux ✅ Web3 ▪ Solid ▪ Truffle ✅ WordPress + ACF ▪ Laravel ▪ Webflow ▪ Strapi ▪ REST APIs/OAuth2 ✅ nginx/Apache ▪ AWS ▪ MySQL/MongoDB/DynamoDB/Firebase ▪ Redis ▪ UNIX ✅ AWS ▪ Google Cloud ✅ Figma ▪ Adobe XD ▪ Sketch ⚡Available now: Let's talk!
  • Adaptive design
  • AWS
  • designer
  • figma
  • interface design
  • landing page
  • mongodb
  • next.js
  • React
  • UX/UI design
  • webflow

Vladislav — lemurs  
HTML and CSS · CMS installation and configuration
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
We are the creators of your digital world.
 57  0

Hello, my name is Vladyslav! You are with an experienced website developer. I provide complex services for the development of sites and landing pages of any complexity. I provide not only quality, but also a guarantee and friendly communication. Add professionalism and reliability to your project! What you get by working with me: - unique and thoughtful design; - adaptive layout; - pixel perfect; - smooth dynamic effects; - clean code; - convenient admin panel of your site; - support and guarantee for my work; - pleasant communication and understanding with half a word. My skills: figma, photoshop, illustrator, after effects, html+css, bootstrap, JavaScript, jquery, react, nativejs, node js, vue js, php, MySQL, typescript, rest api, git, primary service administration of servers. www.lemurs.agency
  • Bootstrap
  • figma
  • flexbox
  • jquery
  • landing page
  • Opencart
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • woocommerce

Online stores and e-commerce · Web programming
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Creation of sites, plugins, API, refinement of any complexity
 45  0

Greetings. My name is Roman. I have been working in web development for more than 6 years. I have a great experience in eCommerce projects, I can implement turnkey project development. For me there are no difficult tasks. My services: 1. Creating websites on CMS Wordpress, Opencart, Modx 2. Іntegration with CRM 3. Creation of plug-ins and modules 4.Integration of payment systems 5. Configuring import and export of products on the website 6. Synchronization with Marketplaces 7. Layout design 8. Other site modifications of any complexity 9. Site edits 10. Makeup layouts Write, ready to discuss your project, please pre-spell out the TOR at least in their words At the request of "how much will the site ?" not respond Available Monday-Saturday 9:00-19:00
  • api vk
  • modul
  • Opencart