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Hybrid mobile apps · Python
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
 28  0
  • back-end
  • c# .net developer
  • dart
  • flutter

Hybrid mobile apps · Apps for Android
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
 19  0

I spetialize in developing applications for Android operating systems in Kotlin and Java, as well as for IOS, Windows using Dart and Flutter Framework. I spetialize in the development of applications for Android, iOS, Windows using Dart and Flutter Framework. I am engaged in both Back-End and Front-End, using other programming languages (see below). I also own Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition, Audacy. Development of applications within the framework of the Android operating system, as well as other platforms. EDUCATION Major "Computer Sciences", specialization "Computer Science", a bachelor's degree and master's degree in Computer Science. LANGUAGES Ukrainian (native); English (Upper-Intermediate B2). TECHNICAL SKILLS Programming and technology languages: Kotlin, Java, XML, Augmented Reality, Dart, Flutter, Python, C#, C, HTML, CSS, Numpy, Matplotlib. DATABASE TECHNOLOGIES SQLite, PostgreSQL. IDE and INTERIMENTS: Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, MS Visual Studio, PyCharm, Scilab, Unity, Vuforia. VERSION CONTROL Git, Github. OTHER Understanding the principles of OOP, Kiss, Dry, Refactoring; PERSONAL QUALITIES Honest; Responsible; Attentive to the details; Disciplined; Punctual; I quickly learn new things. Thank you for taking the time to view my profile. Sincerely, Alexander

Hybrid mobile apps · Web programming
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 6  0
  • dart
  • flutter

Hybrid mobile apps · Hybrid mobile apps
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 10  0
  • dart
  • flutter
  • Mobile application

Apps for Android · Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine
 13  0
  • .Android
  • android developer
  • dart
  • flutter
  • ios-
  • Kotlin
  • Mobile development

Python · Hybrid mobile apps
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
 6  0
  • ansible
  • celery
  • django
  • docker
  • FastAPI
  • Flutter/Dart
  • pythonanywhere
  • REST
  • Vue.js
  • vuex
  • Wagtail
  • websockets

Oleg — EcoLogin
Gaming applications · Hybrid mobile apps
Ukraine Ukraine
 18  0

I have almost three years’ of commercial experience developing and publishing C# games in Unity Engine (UI + Rest API) for Android & iOS (Xcode). Furthermore, I have experience in integrating SDKs into programs: UniWebView, AppMetrica, Facebook, Firebase, Rest API, JSON, OneSignal, In-App Purchasing (Unity IAP), Appodeal, AdMob, Adapty, OpenAI API. Experience using version control tools such as Git and online repository hosting services like Github. I also have experience in publishing and sending messages to the AppStore (TestFlight) of applications developed on Flutter (Dart). Unreal Engine Technical Artist Unreal Engine 4 & 5 / Metahuman / Face Control RigUnreal Engine 4 & 5 / Metahuman / Face Control Rig Skills: FACS · Character Animation
  • android developer
  • gamedev
  • metahuman
  • Mobile games
  • RESTful
  • sdk
  • ue5
  • Unity3D
  • unreal engine 4
  • UnrealEngine (Blueprints)

Bot development · Web programming
Ukraine Truskavets, Ukraine
 16  0
  • Bootstrap
  • jquery
  • Opencart

Nick — nozy
Hybrid mobile apps · DevOps
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
♈️ (Years+): Fasting 7/12, Lanzarote 1/12, Father 7+, Technology Adviser 15+, CTO 10+, Ukrainian 30+, Gamer 36+, Cuban 40+
 5  0

Over the last 15+ years, I was helping to architect, design/develop, automate, deploy and maintain a wide range of technological solutions (including: web sites, mobile and desktop apps, front/back ends, low level system services, complex multi micro-service systems etc.) for startup companies and small/mid businesses and big enterprise.Professional Summary Technology Advisor | CTO, CIO, CQO, CSO Implement Technology (Vision, Strategy, Planning, Deployment, Validation, Control) Business Alignment (Costs Analisis, Budget Planning, Always Up2Date, Team Building/Mentoring/Recruiting) Application Engineer | Mobile, PWA, Electron Pattern Nerd (KISS, Open API/RAML, MVC, MVVM. etc.) Flutter Evangelist (get*, dio, m3, symbols) Hidden FOSS Contributor (dart/flutter, material, typescript, yarn) Global Presence Protagonist (cloudflare, equinix. etc.), SaaS Driver (fauna, supabase, etc.) DevSecOps Extremist | Design, Build, Implement, Maintain Full Automation (Zero DevSecOps) Zero Trust Architecture (Paranoid Defense Mode) Continuous Deployment, Integration and Delivery (CD/CI/CD) Infrastructure as Code (Configuration Management, Infrastructure Orchestration, Infrastructure Automation) Senior Reliability Hacker | Plan, Build, Implement, Maintain High Availability & Fault Tolerance Full Stack Logging and Monitoring Disaster Recovery & Self Sustainable Infrastructure 4QM Professional | Plan, Design, Build, Implement, Maintain Quality Assurance Quality Control Quality Engineering Quality Improvements R&D Pioneer | Research, Develop, Validate Top Edge Technology Stack for any Business Domain, etc.
  • blockchain
  • Bun
  • containers
  • DevSecOps
  • digital ocean
  • Firebase / Supabase
  • Flutter/Dart
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • nomad/consul
  • Ruby / Rails
  • Rust
  • solana
  • SRE
  • vagrant

Hybrid mobile apps · Node.js
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 2  0
  • dart
  • flutter
  • hmtl5