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Andrey — bl4ck
JavaScript · Node.js
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 807  2

My skills ✅ HTML/CSS; ✅ Bootstrap/Tailwind; ✅ Javascript/Node.js; ✅ Vue/Nuxt.js; ✅ React/Next.js/Gatsby.js; ✅ Nest.js/Express.js; ✅ MYSQL/MongoDB/PosgreSQL; ✅ Electron; ✅ Telegram bots; ✅ Automation scripts; ✅ Python; ✅ Flask/aiogram/pyTelegramAPI/Django; ✅ WordPress; 5 reasons working with me ✅ Always in touch; ✅ If I take the project to work, then I will do it; ✅ I do my work with the highest possible quality; ✅ I use only the latest technologies when developing sites so that your site is beautiful not only visually, but also technically; ✅ More than 500+ reviews on various freelance sites;
  • discordBot
  • javascript
  • landing page
  • mongodb
  • MySQL.
  • next.js
  • node.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Python 3.
  • React
  • react.js
  • Telegram Bots
  • Vue.js

Python · Machine learning
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
 342  0

We work together, so the directions and complexity of the projects are different. Key projects: Python + machine learning, forecasting and analytics; performance of student and postgraduate works in natural sciences and information technologies. Python: machine learning and AI: TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, PyTorch. frameworks: Flask, Django, FastAPI, Dash databases: SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle message brokers: Rabbit MQ, Kafka graphical desktop interface: PyQt visualization: MatPlotlib, Seaborn, Plotly constant use in projects: pandas, NumPy, SciPy, statsmodels, asyncio project deployment and collaboration: Docker, GitHub, GitLab focus of projects: analysis of texts data analysis and search for dependencies classification and clustering mathematical modeling API creation creation and integration of applications for RaspberryPi Other programming languages: Java (desktop and mobile applications). Other software tools: MatLab (Simulink, SimEvents) Arena Simulation CPN Tools Student and postgraduate theses for ukrainian and foreign universities: Information Technology mathematics and modeling, mathematical physics finances Languages: Ukrainian and English. Text and layout processors: Word, CorelDraw, LaTex.
  • android developer
  • data science
  • pandas
  • Parsing
  • postgresql
  • selenium

Anton — webquantum  
PHP · JavaScript
Ukraine Ukraine
Full stack web developer
 65  0

Beware of scammers. Please DM me for confirmation if you chat with me on any messenger⚠️ Highly skilled and collaborative developer experienced in working closely with UX/UI designer to bring design concepts to life. Tech stack PHP (Laravel, Yii2, CodeIgniter, Symfony) Python (Django) RESTful services API's (e.g. Fondy, Liqpay, amoCRM, Mailgun) Web3 Opencart / SimplaCMS Javascript (vue.js, react.js, jquery) MySQL / PostgreSQL HTML (pug / jade) CSS (sass / less) Figma / Photoshop / Sketch / Avocode Docker / docker-compose CI/CD Bash Git (github / gitlab / bitbucket) Hubstaff / Timedoctor Linux / Windows / macOS Looking for long-term cooperation⏳
  • Adobe Photoshop/Zeplin/Figma/Sketch
  • b2b/sass
  • DO/AWS
  • docker
  • html/css/js
  • jQuery •
  • Landing page design
  • Laravel/Yii/CodeIgniter/Symfony
  • Opencart
  • React/Vue
  • ssh

Web programming · Python
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 43  0
  • Django REST Framework
  • docker
  • React
  • Vue.js

Python · Bot development
Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine
 53  0
  • beautifulsoup
  • Django REST Framework
  • flask
  • postgresql
  • REST
  • telegraph api

Python · Data parsing
Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine
 38  1
  • aiohttp
  • api google sheets
  • asyncio
  • Django REST Framework
  • flask
  • pandas
  • Parsing
  • scrapy
  • webscraping

Python · Bot development
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
 27  2

Hello, I am a Full-Stack web developer with experience since 2018. I specialize in PHP, Laravel, Django and MERN, and also have experience in developing desktop applications and Python scripts. You can check some of my projects in my portfolio. I am confident that I can easily and efficiently complete your project. If you are interested, please contact me, and we will discuss the details. Below is a list of my skills: PHP Golang ASP .NET Laravel WordPress JavaScript Vue.JS React.js Node.js Inertia.js Alpine.js Express.js Axios Python Django Flask PostCSS SCSS Tailwind CSS Bootstrap Docker MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL sqlite3 Ajax I always allocate time with a small margin so as not to get into a difficult situation in case of emergency. Sincerely, Andrii Vozniak
  • developer python
  • landing page
  • MERN
  • python / django / flask / fastapi
  • web developer
  • websocket

Website development · Web programming
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 13  0
  • laravel php
  • Python/Django
  • React/Vue/HTML/CSS/Boostrap
  • Steam API/Gambling
  • Wordpress & OpenCart

Node.js · PHP
Ukraine Kramatorsk, Ukraine
 67  0

I am a Full-stack developer with over 4 years of experience. I have extensive experience in developing commercial applications that are currently working and bringing profit to their owners. My main responsibilities include: creating project architecture, developing backend and frontend parts, as well as connecting various APIs. I use the following languages, frameworks and technologies in my work: Front-end: HTML/CSS, SCSS/SASS, Gulp.js, Jquery, React/React Native, Redux, MobX Back-end: Node.js/NestJs, PHP/Laravel/Wordpress/Opencart, Python/Django Other: TypeScript, git, Linux, AWS, docker, nginx, apache, CI/CD, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, REST API, GraphQL
  • ajax
  • CI cd
  • docker
  • jquery
  • JS && TypeScript
  • mongodb
  • Nestjs
  • node.js
  • PHP
  • postgresql
  • qraphql
  • React
  • RESTful

Python · Web programming
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 104  0
  • djangorestframework
  • Payton django
  • Python(Django/DRF)