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Data parsing · Online stores and e-commerce
Ukraine Ukraine
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Email marketing
Ukraine Kropivnitskiy, Ukraine
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Email marketing
Ukraine Lutsk, Ukraine

Website development · Website maintenance
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Anatoly — wellzakaz  
Email marketing · Business consulting
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Email-mailings to your and my databases. Collection bases b2b, b2c, b2g. Consulting email marketing, b2b sales
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Email-mailings on bases of the customer and the. Formation of bases for the target audience, geography and task — B2B, B2C, B2G markets. Email marketing on a turnkey basis, from choosing a service, cleaning and filling the database, layout of templates to system work. Assistance in technical issues — the removal of mail from spam, the correct setting. Consultations on all issues and support of your projects. Mailing experience since 2010. Before that I was engaged in sales, advertising and marketing, and now I am doing it, which allows me to run projects from scratch — from design and selling texts to delivering a message to the target audience. Hundreds of satisfied customers — from noname entrepreneurs to TOP companies that are well known. More than a thousand mailings were made in various markets and geos: Ukraine, the countries of the former USSR, Europe, the USA. Responsible, I keep promises and deadlines, which is rare not only in freelancing. Ready for independent decision-making for the benefit of the case, especially in conditions of time constraints. Aimed at long-term cooperation and repeat orders — it's just beneficial for me. Mailing according to the customer's database — full reporting for each email: letter delivered / letter opened / clicks — clicking on links. Mailing lists for own bases — there are many bases b2b, b2c, b2g in all cities of Ukraine, Europe, USA, other countries. Selections are possible: the direction of the company's activity, KVED, according to the interests of recipients, geography. I work for the result with maximum deliverability and an excellent % in the inbox. In numbers. It reaches 98% of letters from workers. Large volume in the inbox. Good indicators of open rate and click rate — databases are live and active. Technical points: I send through my servers + proof smtp and purchased like Amazon, mailgun and analogues. Domains, redirects and other consumables are available for different countries and mailers. Mailings are relatively slow but reliable. Software solutions like ams, e-mail, powerMTA and similar — sometimes I use the same. Formation of bases of target audiences — collection of parsing addresses for the task, audience, on the specified sites. Consulting. Sample questions: email marketing for your business, options for improving emails (design, layout, sales texts/copywriting), segmentation of target audiences, funnels and trigger stories, technical part, spam removal, other small but important issues. I'll tell you what to do, HOW to do it (this is more important) and why it is so, with all the possible pluses, minuses and pitfalls that can come out. As for consulting, I know and can do a lot, but often there is no interest or there is not enough time. I can create and send you ready-made programs adapted to your business. In the future, conduct an audit of "what is being done" and suggest how to bypass holes and fix jambs. Ready to kick your marketer or project manager so that everything moves in the right direction :) An audit of your email marketing is an assessment of what is being done, mistakes and missed opportunities. You can always do better. Email marketing and mailing services in the complex: — we determine the task and bases: the target audience for the promoted offer, product or service; — we prepare a letter for mailing, approve the deadlines; — distribution and reporting: number of delivered letters / open letters / number of clicks on links + date: time; — implementation on your service (account) or I will offer options. Successes — 70-80% of repeat orders for mailings, which indicates a return in the form of applications, sales and profit for the customer. This is a large percentage — because I take about half of the applications to work. Failures — 10-20%. Usually when the offer is wrong, the price is wrong, the market is wrong, and the time is wrong. Or it was necessary to "simply execute". In most cases, doubts about the results are clear in advance, which I warn the customer about. There are no guarantees of effectiveness. We will evaluate the results upon completion or try a test drive (pilot project). It’s easier to think like this — if you already sell it, it should sell better with me, and if it doesn’t sell (no one needs it), then how can I help. Guarantees of doubling the business, making X10 is not for me, but for the information gypsies. About requests and communications: immediately in the 1st message, write a brief task, we will discuss it. An example of a request is a mailing to my bases: what is planned to be sent (subject of letters) — what target audience (description and where it is — city / region / country) other details — terms, the letter is ready / there is no letter, etc. An example of a request is to your base: what is planned for distribution (the subject of letters), the volume of the base (thousands of emails), geography, what terms are preferred, whether the letter is ready, other details. PORTFOLIO and CASES? There is. I will provide on request for your niche or similar. Hundreds of projects have been completed for entrepreneurs, companies, organizations working in various industries and countries. QUESTIONS? ASK!
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Web design · Banners
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
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Email marketing
Ukraine Ukraine

HTML and CSS · JavaScript
Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine
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Outdoor advertising · 3D modeling and visualization
Poland Gdansk, Poland
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Teaser advertisements · Email marketing
Ukraine Kropivnitskiy, Ukraine
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