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Linux and Unix · Software and server configuration
Ukraine Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine
 798  0
  • apache
  • linux / windows
  • Mikrotik
  • nginx
  • unix
  • VPN

PHP · JavaScript
Ukraine Ukraine
Full stack web developer
 68  0

Beware of scammers. Please DM me for confirmation if you chat with me on any messenger⚠️ Highly skilled and collaborative developer experienced in working closely with UX/UI designer to bring design concepts to life. Tech stack PHP (Laravel / Yii2 / CodeIgniter / Symfony) Shopify Python (Django) RESTful services Third-party API's (e.g. Fondy, Liqpay, amoCRM, Mailgun) Web3 RabbitMQ / Apache Kafka Redis / Memcached Opencart / SimplaCMS Javascript (Vue / React / jQuery) Next / Nuxt MySQL / MariaDB / SQLite / PostgreSQL / MongoDB HTML (pug / jade) Nginx / Caddy / Swoole / Apache CSS (sass / less) Docker / docker-compose CI/CD (ansible / gitlab pipeline / github actions) Websockets (Centrifugo / Socket.io) Bash Git (github / gitlab / bitbucket) Linux / Windows / macOS Figma / Photoshop / Sketch / Avocode Looking for long-term cooperation⏳
  • Adobe Photoshop/Zeplin/Figma/Sketch
  • b2b/sass
  • DO/AWS
  • docker
  • html/css/js
  • jQuery •
  • Landing page design
  • Laravel/Yii/CodeIgniter/Symfony
  • Opencart
  • React/Vue
  • ssh

Yevgeny — jekasumy  
System administration · Software and server configuration
Ukraine Sumy, Ukraine
Professional system administration. Linux/Unix.
 458  0

My Skills and Experience I specialize in and work with various operating systems: Debian Ubuntu RHEL CentOS FreeBSD Windows I work with server hardware: IBM HP ProLiant Dell PowerEdge Supermicro I know how the following software should work: Web: Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, OpenLiteSpeed Mail: Exim, Postfix, Dovecot FTP: ProFTPd, vsftpd, PureFTPd DNS: BIND, PowerDNS DHCP Gateway: NAT, traffic shaping Proxy: Squid Directory: LDAP AAA: FreeRADIUS VPN: IPsec-based, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP TFTP NTP Syslog TLS/SSL SNMP Virtualization: KVM, Xen, VMware ESX, OpenVZ, Proxmox Backup and Restore: RSYNC Revision Control Systems: CVS, SVN, Git File Sharing: NFS, SMB Software-Defined/Network-Based Storages: DRBD, Ceph, iSCSI, AoE Printing Systems: CUPS I am familiar with databases: PostgreSQL MySQL I have experience with monitoring systems: Zabbix Cacti Munin I also work with: Telephony: Asterisk (FreePBX, Elastix, MikoPBX) Routers: Mikrotik, All (Firmware OpenWRT, DD-WRT), hardware repair Billing systems for Internet Service Providers: Abills, Ubilling (building networks from scratch) Billing systems for hosting providers: BillManager, RootPanel, WHMCS Hosting panels: ISPManager, CPANEL, BrainyCP, VestaCP, ISPConfig, aaPanel, HestiaCP PON equipment (ONU, OLT): BDCOM Switches: Mikrotik, D-Link, TP-LINK, Cisco I have extensive experience in these areas. Feel free to reach out to me, I'll answer all your questions! Please note: I do not engage in website development.
  • abills
  • bgp
  • billing
  • CloudLinux
  • cPanel
  • hestiacp
  • ISPmanager
  • linux / windows
  • Mikrotik
  • nginx
  • routeros
  • VestaCP
  • Zabbix

Python · Databases
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
 29  0

Ivan Hrytskiv Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer Summary I am an Team Lead / Principal | Senior Software Engineer, Developer with over 18 years of experience in software development and leading IT projects activities. I have worked on many different projects where I have had to solve a different issues including architecture design, DB schemas, optimization, some DevOps tasks, requirements analysis and technical research, leading full cycle development from scratch to product launch. Creative, polite, punctual, responsible, study easy, can work independently and in team. Great desire to work. I have my own patents in the fields of medicine, religion, science. Technical skills Programming Languages ,Technologies & Tools: DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Progres4GL NoSQL: Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra Search Engine: ElasticSearch Technologies: Docker / Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Postman, Prometheus Web-servers: nginx, apache Cloud: Google, AWS Frameworks / Libraries: Django framework, REST framework, Flask framework, Scrapy, Selenium, SeleniumBase, SeleniumWire, puppeteer, JMeter, jQuery, Bootstrap, Jinja2, Allure Tools: Atlassian JIRA; Confluence The Python Object Relational Mapper: SQLAlchemy CI/CD tool: Jenkins Experience working with Linux and cloud platforms Experience in Agile-based (Scrum) methodologies Repository / CI :GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket Task Queue: Celery, Circus Message Broker: RabbitMQ, Kafka Python AsyncIO, Aiohttp, Aiofiles Create API documentation – RAML, Swagger Operating Systems Linux Windows Other Scrum Patent ▪Patent Title: “BorntoFish”. Patent/Application Number: m202016093 ▪Patent Title: Computer program “The Secret of Happiness”. Patent/Application Number: 39354. Author and developer of project "First Ukrainian anti-crisis Christian - psychological medical - health program" Secret of Happiness "(Part One) ▪Patent Title: Computer program “Hello Bible”. Patent/Application Number: 86345. Author and developer of project “Hello Bible”. ▪Certification Authority Ministry of Health of Ukraine. License Number АГ № 599796 January 2012. ▪Ukrainian Catholic University (Bioethics). License Number 000034 June 2012 Interests Books, philosophy, psychology, east combats, medicinal, football, snooker, gimm, fishing. Experience Project name:NDA Description:Development of interfaces of connection of endpoints of our product and products of partners. Develop integration of this product into partner’s products. Tools & technologies: DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL NoSQL: Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra Search Engine: ElasticSearch Technologies: Docker / Docker Compose, Kubernetes , Postman, Prometheus Web-servers: nginx, apache Cloud: Google, AWS(AWS Serverless, AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, AWS Athena, AWS DynamoDB, AWS SNS and SQS, AWS S3, AWS ElasticSearch) Frameworks / Libraries: Django framework, REST framework, Flask framework, jQuery, Bootstrap, Jinja2 The Python Object Relational Mapper: SQLAlchemy CI/CD tool: Jenkins Experience working with Linux and cloud platformsExperience in Agile-based (Scrum) methodologies Repository / CI :GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket framework : Django framework, REST framework, Flask framework, Scrapy Task Queue: Celery, Circus Message Broker: RabbitMQ, Kafka Python AsyncIO, Aiohttp, Aiofiles Create API documentation – RAML Project responsibilities: Software Engineer - Coach junior team members -Prepare technical documentation -Build efficient back-end features in Python -Use server-side logic -Identify and suggest various opportunities to improve efficiency and functionality -Write and implement software solutions that integrate different systems -Write reusable and testable code -Manage testing and bug fixes -Help design and implement functional requirements Duration:3 years Customer:EU Project name:NDA Description:Outsource ecommerce project based on iPad application. The idea was to develop Python scripts for web scraping and web page crawling using Scrapy framework, Portswigger, Puppeteer, Nord VPN, BeautifulSoup, PyQuery, LXML, request, Selenium, aiohttp modules. Tools & technologies: Python, JavaScript, Django Rest, jQuery, CSS, HTML, PyCharm, DataGrip, Jankins, Slack, Cabot, Pivotaltracker, Kibana, Eclipse, Git, Sublime Text, Notepad ++, HTML, CSS, XML, MySQL Workbench, PuTTY, WinSCP, Cygwin, Experience with the full LAMP stack Project responsibilities: Software Engineer -Build efficient back-end features in Python -Manage testing and bug fixes -Help design and implement functional requirements Duration:2 years Customer:EU Project name:NDA Description:Development of live dialogs of communication.Web UI controllable Microservices Infrastructure with services deployment and operating platform. Implementation of this development on the customer side. Tools & technologies: Java, Python, Django framework, REST framework, Cloud: Google DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Search Engine: ElasticSearch Project responsibilities: Back-end Engineer -Build back-end features in Python, Java -Manage testing and bug fixes -Introduction of new technologies -Development of speech recognition technologies Duration:1 year Customer:EU Project name:NDA Description:Database design, development of environment for writing algorithms for banking and payment systems.Integration of payment systems into third-party protocols. Development of Startup Project Tools & technologies:Python, JavaScript, NoSQL Project responsibilities:Software Engineer -Development payment and banking systems -Build back-end features in Python -Manage testing and bug fixes Duration:1 year Customer:USA Project name:Own projects Description:Projects in medical, religious, scientific field.All of these projects were funded through international grants. Tools & technologies:Python, Very wide and diverse technical stack for all projects Project responsibilities:Software Engineer -Research in the field of medicine, science -Data collection and analysis -Integrate data storage solutions -Implement data security and protection -Development of project structure -Database design Programming the interface for various medical devices Duration:3 years Customer:DIFF Project name:NDA Description:Development and design of databases for the field of medicine and pharmacology. Tools & technologies:Progress 10 4GL , Softserve Explorer, DB and DBMS technologies Project responsibilities:Software Engineer -Software development -Software maintenance -Algorithm development for DB on DBMS Progress 10 4GL Duration:6 months Customer:UA Project name:«Parus» Description:Software incorporation and maintenance on the client's side. Optimization and development of algorithms for DB and DBMS Oracle (9-th and 10-th versions). Worked with: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Defence Ministry. Tools & technologies: Oracle PL\SQL, SQL PLSQL DEVELOPER, TOAD, Crystal Reports 8.5 and 9.0 Project responsibilities: Software Engineer -Obtained professional knowledge in accounting and economics -Worked with such partial projects: Accounting, Realisation and storehouse administering, Administrator, Finance administration Duration:1 year 1 month Customer:UA Project name:NDA Description:Development and design of databases for the district heating utilitiesTools & technologies:FoxPro Visual FoxPro 1С Linux Suse Server 10 Project responsibilities:Network administrator -Lead engineer developer -DB improvement, assistance -New features development -User support Duration:2 years Customer:UA Project name:NDA Description:Analyst-developer in drivers design for gears and trip computer of “Ferrari”, “Porsche”, “Lamborghini” Tools & technologies: MS Visual Basic MS Visual C++ MSI HTML, DHTML, CSS JavaScript SQL Virtual Table MS Access Oracle Win32 API *nix (Linux etc.) Project responsibilities: Network administrator -Maintaining company web-site -Development of DB with millions of records -Preliminary algorithm testing Duration:1 year Customer:EU
  • crawler
  • postgresql
  • scraper
  • web crawling
  • web scraping

Dmitry — GektorUA  
System administration · Computer networking
Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
 21  0
  • 1c server
  • firewall
  • Firmware Developer
  • Linux Debian
  • Linux/Windows server administration
  • nginx
  • openwrt
  • Proxmox
  • proxy
  • VPN

Website development · Web programming
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
 79  0
  • Apache/Nginx
  • bmshop
  • DevOps engineer
  • landing page
  • linux / windows
  • Opencart

Web programming · System administration
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 110  4
  • centos7
  • Linux (Centos Ubuntu Debian ...)
  • linux / windows
  • mig-hosting

C and C++ · C#
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 14  0
  • asio
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • c 11/14
  • C/CPP
  • Git (and some other VCS)
  • linux / windows
  • oop
  • Python3
  • sqlite

Web programming · HTML and CSS
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
 50  1
  • AngulaJS
  • apache
  • Bootstrap
  • Cordova
  • jquery
  • linux / windows
  • Opencart
  • React
  • Vue.js

Python · Data parsing
Ukraine Ternopol, Ukraine
 31  0
  • linux / windows