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Alex — iamking
C# · C and C++
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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Microsoft .NET · C#
Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
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  • ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.NET MVC Web Api
  • Bootstrap
  • c# .net developer
  • Entity Framework
  • jquery
  • mssql
  • postgresql
  • senjor C#

Video processing · English
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Photo and video processing. (senior) Programming in C#, Python, HTML-CSS-JavaScript. (senior) Writing telegram bots. Moderation, creation and configuration of discord servers. SMM management, creation and management of pages in social networks. AI operations - voice acting, photo generation, prompt engineering. Creating presentations. Translation and writing of texts. Site - https://sites.google.com/view/diachenkobohdan/main
  • adobe photoshop
  • blender 3d
  • Davinci Resolve
  • microsoft powerpoint
  • SMM / targeting
  • translator
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production

C# · Data parsing
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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- Senior .NET developer (10+ years of commercial development experience with C#) - Web scraping expert (5+ years of experience and 200+ completed projects on different freelance platforms). Perform web scraping on a large scale.
  • data scraping
  • Fluent English
  • SQL Server
  • web crawling

Web programming · Website development
Armenia Yerevan, Armenia

Hey, I'm Armen. I'm a SENIOR FULL STACK ENGINEER with great WEB developing experience (5+ years). So I can offer high-quality and fast work My work is starting from just $15. My Services Provide PSD to HTML Webpage design Responsive design Special attention to UI/UX Friendly & Easy to Use Admin Panel Fully Responsive Website as per your requirements Best design and layout revisions until 100% satisfaction Adding / Editing / Removing features Fixing Bugs / Issues in code Security best practices followed Enhanced Security with Image optimization Visually attractive Graphical layout Localization API's Integration Application development. Social Media Integration, Contact Forms, Google Maps, Newsletter Subscription & Mailing list Why work with me? 24/7 Support Fast Delivery On-Time Delivery 100% clean code 100% money-back guarantee Professional Services Featured by Fiverr. 100% Customer Satisfaction Complete Satisfactions. Building relationships that last! Everything is hand-coded by me. What can I do? PHP MySQL Laravel Codeigniter JavaScript JQuery Ajax WordPress HTML / CSS Unity 3D C#
  • Back-End Devolopment

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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HR-Recruiter with 2 years of experience. Was working in fintech/crypto, IT and arbitrage positions and now want to develop my skills in this sphere. SKILLS Recruitment, Interviewing, CV screening, LinkedIn Search, Human Resources, 1:1 meetings, Full Recruiting cycle, Onboarding, Offboarding, Communication skills, Jira, Confluence, Slack, HRM System PeopleForce, CRM Systems, English (B1) RELEVANT EXPERIENCE PayAdmit (fintech, crypto, IT) HR-Recruiter March 2022 - Now AcidBro (IT, arbitrage) HR-Recruiter March 2021 - March 2022 MY DUTIES WERE: Full cycle of recruiting (Write a post job description, Screening CV, Interviewing candidates, Compose job offer letters, Hiring); Closed IT/Marketing/Finance/HR/Sales/Support/Arbitrage positions (Middle/Senior Developer (Java, JavaScript, Android, C++, C#, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack etc.), Devops, Project/Product Manager, CFO, CMO, CTO, Head of Sales, etc.) Onboarding and offboarding of employees.

C and C++ · Python
Ukraine Ukraine
Work until your body hurts
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SummaryC++/C, Python and Java Developer with additional experience in Linux software development and kernel modification, embedded programming and comunication protocols, Android Development. Expertise in robotics and developing software for different kinds of robots (robots for logistics, desinfection, agriculture work etc.). Collaborative, decisive with strong interpersonal and planning abilities. Highlights Analytical Tech-savvy Strategic planning Perfectionist Creative Resistant to stress Curious ExperienceApril 2021 - Today : GlobalLogic Ukraine April 2020 - Today : Robotec Created a differential drive package for a robot Was part of the team which created a firmware for a microcontroller to check sensors and send the data over RS485 using a custom protocol Had been working with a local planning package and found a bug in a big open-source package Created a package for weeds detection on live-stream videos Created a package to detect frames with specific colors on a live-stream videos Built a Linux kernel with RT and minor patches for Raspberry PI Had been refactoring the whole project Built a LiDAR sensor Created a navigation stack for a robot which creates a map of a room using scans from a custom LiDAR Education : Wrocław University of Science and Technology : Electronics, Programming (2019 - 2023) Languages : English (C1) Ukrainian (native) Russian (native) Polish (B2) German (A1)
  • C/CPP
  • copywriting
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C and C++
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine

Senior Software C++ Developer I'm a C++ developer with more then 5 years of experience. Mostly, I was working on desktop applications for Windows and MacOS using Qt/Qml library. Also I have experience with writing multi-user application from scratch. Programming languages: C++ Libraries: Qt/Qml, STL, Poco
  • C/CPP
  • QT Framework

Play a Conscientious role in an organisation that enhances my skills and capabilities, challenges me to perform exceptionally, preferably in a progressive and competitive work culture in a technology driven company.  Having around 11 years of experience in information security on software and product engineering and architecture development.  Engineered automation scripts to streamline repetitive tasks, minimizing manual intervention and seamlessly integrating them into the pipeline. Additionally, independently implemented new features, accommodated change requests, and resolved production issues by coding in the respective programming languages.  Contributed to the establishment and security enhancement of public cloud environments such as AWS, GCP, and Azure through the creation and review of policies.  Enforce security best practices for Docker containers and Kubernetes pods, including image scanning, network policies and role-based access control (RBAC), correspondingly patch container runtime and orchestration components to address security vulnerabilities.  Played role of scrum master in multiple engagements overseeing azure boards, repositories, and pipelines.  Instituted the Secure Software Development Life Cycle within startup organizations.  Executed security audits and assessments in alignment with NIST RMF, CIS Benchmark, ISO, SOC2-TYPE2, and PCI-DSS standards to validate and ensure compliance.  Mobile application penetration testing on platforms like Android, iOS for both client and server-side applications using multitudinous open source and commercial tools.  Performed security vulnerabilities test on application by following OWASP top 10, SANS Top 25.  Performed threat modeling for Dockerized, microservice and client server-based applications in Kubernetes infrastructure. Conduct risk assessments to identify and prioritize security risks associated with containerized environments.  Established a CVE program and publicly documented valid vulnerabilities, assigning them appropriate CWE classifications and CVSS scores.  Conducted comprehensive training sessions covering security awareness, best practices in secure coding, and the enforcement of HTTP security headers along with their associated benefits.  Played role of scrum master in multiple engagements overseeing azure boards, repositories, and pipelines.  Acquired proficiency in effective vendor management for VAPT & SOC service, adept at selecting and deploying commercial tools tailored to organizational needs. Successfully implemented and widespread adoption within the internal environment.  Supervised and mentored teams, encompassing risk analysis, meticulous planning, adept development, and systematic documentation and reporting.  Worked at client location Austin, Texas, USA for certain time and had 6 years valid US B1/B2 visa. Experience HCL Tech – Lead Software Engineer 03/2023 - Current  Establishing project for AppScan source/standard development, mentoring team, auditing existing process and improvising it  Developing cir following llvm ast with programming C/C++ languages  Adding more rules to tool monitoring performance on each release.  Conducted security vulnerability tests on applications in accordance with OWASP Top 10 and SANS Top 25 guidelines. Yugabyte DB – Security Engineering Lead 03/2022 – 03/2023  Cloud security, aws/gcp, aws trusted advisor, aqua security, jfrog, wazuh, scripted aws security group clean up and docker scanning using python scripting using boto3, re and google pip libraries, used aws services like vpc flow logs, inspector, detector, cloud trail, cloud watch, detective, waf, macie, kms, guard duty, lambda, cloud front and athena queries to achieve scanner and probe automation.  Prometheus, snyk, CWE program implementation, vapt, crowd strike, splunk, GitHub actions, trufflehog, CIS benchmark, PKI, threat modelling, threagile, kubernetes security with app armor, sysdig/falco and etcd transport and authentication. Finnovation Tech Solution Pvt Ltd – Soc Lead 06/2021 – 03/2022  SOC, incident response, mobile penetration testing, CSA star, PCI-DSS, AWS shared responsibility model, ISO 27001, team handling, policy implementation, devops, automation, Sonar cloud, power bi, tableau, GitHub action.  Integrate Docker and Kubernetes security solutions with other security tools such as intrusion detection systems (IDS), endpoint protection, and log management systems. News Technology Services – Project Lead 11/2020 – 05/2021  Checkmarx, sast, dast, cspm, infrastructure hardening, snyk code, Azure Sentinel, Defender, Arc, AD for conditional access, identity protection also automates, detected, and investigated risk.  Aws prevention with aws waf, iam, n/w firewall, kms and detection guard duty, cloud trail, cloud watch inspector, detective, macie, ip pkt inspection, vpc flow logs with Athena, cloud front, s3 by automating using lambda functions and represented in grafana, power bi dashboard and configuration fixed using trusted advisor and aqua security findings. Dover Corporation – Associate Architect 07/2017 – 11/2020  Performed automated scans using Qualys Guard, fuzzing using winafl and idap pro, Defensics.  Nikto, Gobuster for directory analysis  Identified vulnerabilities like XSS, CSRF, XXE and multiple injections.  Designed threat model and mitigated identified threats.  Worked on mobile apk testing and reverse engineering and scanning with various tools.  Implemented secure code review process in ci/cd. CGI – Senior Software Engineer 03/2016 – 07-2017  Worked on Microsoft threat modelling tools, automation of build process by writing script based on python.  Preparing build pipeline using Jenkin jobs Applied burp, Zap tools for creating vulnerabilities poc.  On boarded rapid7, app-spider  Performed web session manipulation and http/https traffic recording using fiddler.  Identified Insecure CORS, IDOR injection, privilege escalation. Dell Technologies – Software Development Engineer in Test 07/2013 – 02/2016  Worked on java/plsql development, used oracle application platform for xml and database table also performed web service validation using soap ui / postman / swagger, used tools like OATS, sql developer, eclipse and toad for verification and validation purpose.  Coding framework uses power shell, python, and core java, etl testing. Disclaimer I hereby declare that all above-mentioned information is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) · Swift
Canada Vancouver, Canada

Denis Efremov Highlights Summary ● iOS Development: Objective-C (7 years), Swift (8), SwiftUI (3), Vapor (3), Xcode (14), Instruments (14) ● Solid knowledge of all classic design patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER, Clean Architecture, etc.) and best practices (POP, SOLID, DRY, KISS, YAGNI) ● Strong Knowledge of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, experience with creating UI using IB, in code and in SwiftUI ● Full-stack and client-server iOS development (3 years): SwiftUI, Vapor, Postgres/MongoDB, Heroku and AWS ● Native iOS Frameworks: Foundation, UIKit, Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Image, Core ML, Create ML, Core Location, MapKit, Security, LocalAuthentication, Core Motion, SceneKit, CallKit, NotificationCenter, SwiftUI, Combine ● Third-party Frameworks and APIs: Alamofire, RxSwift, Swinject, Firebase, Realm, SwiftKeychainWrapper ● Test Automation: Unit/UI Tests in Xcode, SpecFlow and Gherkin, Karma, Jasmine ● Deep knowledge and solid hands-on experience with CI/CD pipelines: Jenkins, Fastlane, Xcode Cloud, GitHub ● Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL, Postgres, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB, Access, FoxPro ● Earlier full-stack development experience: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Entity Framework 6, WCF, Web API, MVC, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 ● Adobe Products: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, XD ● Extensive experience with Agile, knowledge of Jira, Confluence Work Experience Feb. 2021 – May 2023 Senior iOS Developer HSBC, Vancouver, B.C. Contract, Full-time: working remotely in a team based in Vancouver BC, collaborating with teams from US, UK, Hong Kong, India and Poland Responsibilities/achievements: ● Developed global digital solutions for 37+ million customers worldwide ● Implemented new features and online experiences for HSBC Mobile Banking, HSBC UK, HSBC US and HSBC Canada apps ● Worked on new features and improvements in multiple frameworks and libraries: messaging, authentication, accounts, wealth management, money transfer ● Worked in a UK-based team on the “QR code Digital Secure Key device transfer” feature ● In a Canadian team, implemented Chinese language support for Canadian market ● Implemented “Transfers and Contributions” feature for the Canadian market ● Collaborated with multiple teams (US, HK, China, India), integrated Wealth Dashboard feature into HSBC (US) mobile app ● Integrated Zelle API into “Move Money” module Jan. 2019 – Nov. 2019 Senior iOS Developer Freightera Logistics Inc., Vancouver, B.C. Full-time: design and development of Freightera iOS Booking App Languages/technologies/frameworks used: Swift 4 and 5 with Xcode 10, Unit and UI tests, WebKit, SwiftKeychainWrapper, Security, LocalAuthentication, CocoaPods, JWT authentication, Laravel RESTful API, Git with Sourcetree, JIRA. Tasks completed include: ● Gathering requirements from the stakeholders ● UI and wireframe prototyping with Adobe XD ● Design and development with Xcode 10 ● Performance tuning with Instruments ● Unit and UI tests in Xcode ● RESTful API end-point design and implementation with Laravel ● Managing testers with TestFlight ● Publishing and updating the app at App Store Jan. 2017 – Jan. 2019 Senior Mobile Developer Frozen Mountain Software, Surrey, B.C. Full-time: building WebRTC applications for iOS, Android, Windows and UWP platforms Languages/technologies/frameworks used: Swift 3 and 4,Objective-C, Xcode 8 and 9, AVFoundation, ARKit, SceneKit, CallKit, NotificationCenter, UIKit, Java, C#, Xamarin in Visual Studio, JavaScript. Tasks completed include: ● Working closely with Project Manager to gather and document requirements ● Designing and developing RTC solutions for iOS, Android and UWP platforms ● Integrating internal WebRTC SDKs and libraries into production applications and APIs ● Troubleshooting existing WebRTC applications Mar. 2014 – Dec. 2016 Senior Software Developer LifeLabs, Burnaby, B.C. Full-time: design and development of a suite of electronic health care products for iOS and Windows platforms. Web application development with .NET technologies. Languages/technologies/frameworks used: Objective-C, Swift 2 and 3, Xcode 6, 7, and 8, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, EF6, WCF, Web API, MVC, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3. Tasks completed include: ● Designing and developing new features for MyeHealth iOS app ● Designing and developing new features and add-ons to Launchpad (client-side Web application for care providers) and Rover (back-end services) ● Working on a brand new product, called eOrdering (electronic medical care ordering) ● Designing and developing a brand new product, called MyResults (client-side Web application for Ontario clients) ● Designing and developing a brand new product, called eSubscribe (to accommodate Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) May 2012 – Feb. 2014 Senior PHP Developer Freightopolis, Montreal, Quebec Full-time contract (remote): design and development of an online shipping platform. Tasks completed and under development include: ● Implemented an algorithm allowing skid spot optimization for Less-than-Truck loads and later improved the algorithm adding skid stacking option. ● Designing and developing major logistics and operational system modules. ● Integrating third-party APIs and Web services. ● Designing and maintaining system DB. ● Front-end development, jQuery, CSS, and AJAX. ● Back-end development with PHP frameworks. Mar. 2003 – May 2012 Senior Software Developer E-Port Systems, Vancouver, B.C. For 9 years, was responsible for the full software development life cycle at the company: design, development, testing, debugging and maintenance of the touch-interactive multi-platform systems. Projects completed: ● Developed touch-interactive multi-purpose solutions for Windows and iOS platforms. Tools used: Visual Studio, Flash CS5.5 Professional, Xcode. Languages: C/C++, C#, Objective-C, ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0. ● Designed and developed back-end for the software systems. Servers: Apache (both, Windows and Linux), IIS, Flash Media Server 3.0, Mail-server, FTP-server. Languages: PHP and Perl. Web services that support the client-side are written with: SOAP, JSON, XML, and REST. ● Designed and developed databases to capture all the touch-tracking and user data. Databases: MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server. ● Implemented video capture and video playback functionality for the system using Flash Media Server 3 (current version) and DirectShow (older version) ● Completed video host playback that helps the user with navigation through the applications (using Flash CS5.5 Professional, ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0, and Video Encoder) ● Developed on-line credit card processing functionality for the system using C#, ActionScript, PHP, and MSXML library ● Designed, implemented, and maintained the back-end database that holds all the data relative to the on-line transactions, video- and photo-postcards, merchandise, and customers ● Built the Windows XP Embedded OS images for the touch-screen interactive kiosks to run the software (using the Windows Embedded Studio tools) Education Present Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems, part-time British Columbia Institute of Technology Sep. 2000 – May 2002 Computer Systems Technology, Diploma British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, BCIT Sep. 1989 – June 1995 Engineer-Physicist, Master’s Degree The Urals State Technical University, Ekaterinburg, Russia References Excellent references are available upon request.
  • Firebase
  • Mobile development
  • Objective-C
  • SwiftUI
  • UIKit
  • xCode