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Dmitro — DibrovS  
Copywriting · Search engine optimization
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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Text translation · English
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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  • business english
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  • english copywriting
  • english-ukrainian/russian translation
  • financial english
  • Russian - English translator
  • russian native translator
  • translations
  • translator
  • ukrainian native translator English
  • ukrainian/russian-english translation

Aleksey — AlexeyL  
Copywriting · Article writing
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Copywriting · English
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
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  • lsi

Sofi — sofi_sussi  
Text translation · Logo design
Ukraine Ukraine
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Yurii — insid3  
Article writing · Copywriting
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Vitaly — mistfist  
Website development · Online stores and e-commerce
Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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Copywriting · Article writing
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Hello! We offer content creation services (copywriting and rewriting). We have a big team, and we are working without days off. Thus, large volumes of tasks are not a problem for us. On the contrary, we are eager to work even more! The team has over five years of experience in content creation. Here's what we offer: SEO-optimized texts. News articles. Informative articles; Creative texts, blog posts, and social media posts. Scientific or academic writing (i.e., essays, literature reviews, etc.) We write articles on any topic, as we are professionals in different industries (from doctors and lawyers to linguists and psychologists). Our languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Polish, Spanish, Turkish. We always meet our deadlines, even during these difficult times! Additional info: We create technical tasks and the semantic core. We offer internal optimization of the website's content. We have examples on any topic that we are ready to provide per request.

Copywriting · Naming and slogans
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Search engine optimization · Website SEO audit
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
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