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Website development · Online stores and e-commerce
Ukraine Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine
Website development on Wordpress, Modx, Opencart. Accurate adherence to deadlines. 10+ years in web development.
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Main specialization: Website development. Why me? - Accurate adherence to deadlines - I prioritize quality - Working with a designer - I focus on SEO and usability in development What CMS do I work with? Opencart, Wordpress, Modx What kinds of websites do I make? - Corporate website - Online store - business card website
  • Opencart
  • PHP

Oleh — kamenz  
Website maintenance · Web programming
Ukraine Kherson, Ukraine
WEB Development ⭐ Wordpress ⭐ Laravel ⭐ Opencart ⭐ Server setup ⭐
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✅ I will be glad to work with you!
  • css
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • landing page
  • Linux Debian
  • Opencart
  • PHP
  • php laravel
  • web development

Online stores and e-commerce · Web programming
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
Skilled web developer. Building unique websites.
 256  0

Hello! My name is Stas, and I'm a web developer with over 8 years of experience. Throughout my career, I have successfully completed hundreds of projects, ranging from small websites to large web applications. My skills include proficient PHP development for the server-side, strong command of OOP principles, as well as experience working with various SQL databases. I am capable of creating websites from scratch, building responsive and cross-browser interfaces, and utilizing modern frameworks and tools for more efficient development. My ultimate goal is to deliver a high-quality, secure, and scalable web application that fully meets the client's requirements. I am genuinely passionate about my profession and always keep up with the latest trends and best development practices. I am ready to contribute to your project and help you achieve your goals. I would be delighted to participate in your tender for web development and offer my knowledge and expertise for the successful implementation of the project. Thank you for your attention!
  • ajax
  • jquery
  • landing page
  • Opencart
  • Prestashop
  • woocommerce

Website development · Web design
Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
 45  0

Dear future client, I am pleased to meet you! I am a specialist who not only asks questions but also offers effective solutions. My main specialization is the development of websites and applications, and I will help you create a site/application that addresses your business needs. The features of our work are as follows: Extensive experience: Since 2014, we have been successfully promoting projects and taking technical aspects into account during development, which saves your budget on further optimization and promotion. Optimization: We offer to optimize the project immediately after its completion or implementation, ensuring its efficiency. Content and support: We can handle the content and ongoing support of your site, relieving you of additional concerns. Cool designs: We create unique and modern designs that fit your niche and stand out among competitors. Niche and competitor analysis: Before starting work, we conduct a thorough analysis of your niche and competitors, which allows us to find the best solutions for your tasks. Technical assignment creation for: photo sets, copywriting, renderings. Let's discuss your project and start bringing it to life. ✅ Technologies we work with: - React - Sass - Woocommerce - WordPress - Shopify - Astro - HTML - CSS - OpenCart - JavaScript - TypeScript We are passionate about our work, and I have complete confidence in our team. You can see for yourself by exploring our portfolio and reading testimonials about our team. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goals. Contact us today, and we will gladly discuss how we can assist you. Keywords to find me: wordpress, developer, full stack developer, front end developer, react developer, web developer, wordpress website, shopify developer https://mkey.media/ Keywords for which you can find me: shopify, shopify design. Shopify Designer, Shopify Design & Development, Shopify Interface Designer, Shopify UI/UX Designer, Shopify Store Design, Shopify Design, Shopify Design Services, Shopify Themes & Templates, Web Developer, Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer , Full-stack developer, HTML/CSS/JavaScript web developer, Website developer, Web app development, Custom web development, Shopify developer, Shopify expert, Shopify technical support, Platform development, Shopify customization and integration, Shopify plugin developer. WordPress designer. WordPress web design. Front end WordPress designer. WordPress UI/UX designer. Website design on WordPress. Designing for WordPress. WordPress design services. WordPress themes and templates. WordPress developer. WordPress themes and plugins. Creation and setup of sites on WordPress. WordPress technical support. WordPress custom features. WordPress custom development. WordPress optimization and security. WordPress Migration and Upgrade
  • Expert WordPress Theme Developer
  • figma
  • landing page
  • landing page WordPress
  • React
  • Shopify
  • woocommerce

PHP · Interface design
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 52  0

Expert: Creative coding ▪ Frontend ▪ Backend ▪ WebGL ▪ NodeJS ▪ Fastify ▪ React ▪ Laravel ▪ WordPress ▪ Webflow ▪ NFT ▪ DevOps ▪ WebRTC ▪ FullStack Developer Greetings from Ukraine! Full-Stack web-development is my true vocation and I just frickin' love coding: from programming of complex apps and small web-sites to implementation of crazy ideas of immersive design and generative digital art launch. The extensive experience I have gathered over 12 years at various development points is at your service. Helped in the implementation of ideas for well-known brands and the largest companies in Europe from the following industries: Financial services, Pharmaceuticals, B2B Communications, Automotive, Retail, Luxury goods. Over the years, I've worked with agencies, design studios, production companies and with incredibly talented people, creators, photographers, designers and their top-notch projects. Each project becomes a part of me and only increases my expertise, which allows me to avoid fails and improve the development process to solve complex problems and find solutions to create unique cases using the latest technologies. Contact me for: Creative coding ▪ Frontend ▪ Backend ▪ NFT ▪ DevOps ▪ FullStack Technologies: ✅ PHP 5/7/8+ ▪ JavaScript ▪ TypeScript ✅ WebGL▪ GLSL ▪ ThreeJS ▪ Pixi ▪ BarbaJS ▪ WebRTC ✅ Node.js ▪ React ▪ React Native ▪ Gatsby ▪ Electron ✅ MERN ▪ Fastify ▪ Express ▪ Socket.io ▪ Next.js ▪ Vercel ▪ Redux ✅ Web3 ▪ Solid ▪ Truffle ✅ WordPress + ACF ▪ Laravel ▪ Webflow ▪ Strapi ▪ REST APIs/OAuth2 ✅ nginx/Apache ▪ AWS ▪ MySQL/MongoDB/DynamoDB/Firebase ▪ Redis ▪ UNIX ✅ AWS ▪ Google Cloud ✅ Figma ▪ Adobe XD ▪ Sketch ⚡Available now: Let's talk!
  • Adaptive design
  • AWS
  • designer
  • figma
  • interface design
  • landing page
  • mongodb
  • next.js
  • React
  • UX/UI design
  • webflow

Online stores and e-commerce · Web programming
Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Creation of sites, plugins, API, refinement of any complexity
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Greetings. My name is Roman. I have been working in web development for more than 6 years. I have a great experience in eCommerce projects, I can implement turnkey project development. For me there are no difficult tasks. My services: 1. Creating websites on CMS Wordpress, Opencart, Modx 2. Іntegration with CRM 3. Creation of plug-ins and modules 4.Integration of payment systems 5. Configuring import and export of products on the website 6. Synchronization with Marketplaces 7. Layout design 8. Other site modifications of any complexity 9. Site edits 10. Makeup layouts Write, ready to discuss your project, please pre-spell out the TOR at least in their words At the request of "how much will the site ?" not respond Available Monday-Saturday 9:00-19:00
  • api vk
  • modul
  • Opencart

Contextual advertising · Project management
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 37  0

Media buying, PPC Ads, SEM, user acquisition specialist. Creating and executing marketing strategies, sales funnels, lead generation. Data-Driven Marketing with 7+ years of experience building a digital-first culture. B2B, B2C, SaaS, E-commerce internationally experienced. Personally and as a team, I launch and manage advertising campaigns on Google Ads, YouTube, Telegram Ads, Facebook, Instagram & Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, Yandex Direct. Public history of successful collaborations on local and international projects. Some of which had budgets exceeding $250k per month for promotion. Certified by Google in multiple categories (search, display, mobile apps, video, shopping, analytics, and tracking) Current Google Ads partner status ASO services for mobile app promotion I'm the person that other agencies and contractors rely on to create and execute their SEM and Media Buying strategies. Skip the middle man and let's work together! In 2017, I founded agency.pizza - the team of key-value professionals are ready to help you with digital tasks and web development of any complexity. Open to offers and business partnerships!
  • ASO
  • Facebook
  • Google Adwords
  • google_ads
  • LinkeIn Ads
  • media buyer
  • reklama
  • Twitter Ads

Web programming · Vector graphics
Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
 101  0

I have been engaged in full-cycle web development and graphic design for 20 years. I spent some time working in the printing industry, creating packaging designs and preparing layouts for printing. During this period, I honed my skills in image vectorization, developed a passion for vector graphics, and started applying my acquired scripting skills to automate graphic work processes. In two companies, I designed and developed their own websites and web services. I handled the entire web development cycle, including design, layout, and programming. Code was written from scratch as well as using various frameworks. The rest of my time has been dedicated to entrepreneurial activities in programming, data processing, advertising, design, and illustration creation. I have personal projects with branding (trademarks, logos, print materials) and websites, all of which I created myself. Additionally, I shoot and edit videos, take photographs, develop educational programs, and organize events for these projects.
  • css
  • Google Apps Script
  • HTML 5
  • javascript
  • node.js
  • PHP
  • svg
  • SVG animation

Web programming · HTML and CSS
Ukraine Zhitomir, Ukraine
Frontend Development and Backend Development for WordPress.
 79  0

A bit about myself! ✅ Engaged in web development for over 8 years. ✅ Main specialization - WordPress, PHP. ✅ Creating custom themes for WordPress. ✅ Developing plugins for WordPress based on client specifications. ✅ Code optimization for fast website loading and improved search engine rankings. ✅ Redesigning websites on WordPress and custom PHP. ✅ Handling setup, planting, HTML to WordPress conversion using ACF Pro plugin functionality - whether it's simple meta-boxes or in conjunction with Gutenberg. ✅ Assisting in patching up website vulnerabilities, eliminating viruses, and reducing the number of plugins. ✅ Crafting responsive layouts for screens of all sizes. All work is conducted securely. Feel free to reach out for consultation via private message. Don't hesitate to get in touch - ready to discuss all tasks and proposals!
  • acf
  • Bootstrap
  • GitHub
  • Gutenberg
  • jquery
  • woocommerce
  • WP-Recall

Dmitry — dmriabkov  
Project management · Online stores and e-commerce
Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
Efficient E-commerce management for positive cash flow
 52  0

In the world of e-commerce, every entrepreneur faces the challenges of updating and developing their online business, and it is crucial to have a fast and efficient team at hand to achieve business goals. I am Dmitro Riabkov, an e-commerce Product Manager with over 10 years of commercial experience, am ready to become your reliable partner in the field of e-commerce. To tackle large and complex projects, I have a team of experienced professionals in the e-commerce field, specializing in automation and business scaling from creating MVP to a well-established mechanism. We provide a full range of services, starting from market analysis and design, and ending with business process optimization and marketing support. Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs in building efficient internet commerce projects, and we are ready to share our extensive experience and solutions. Our specialists are proficient in various areas necessary for successful online businesses, including UI/UX design, management consulting, web development, technical support, content strategies, logistics, marketing, sales, and personnel management. Therefore, if you are looking for a partner who will help you achieve success in the world of e-commerce and introduce new efficiency into your business, please note that we are always ready to support you in achieving your goals. Let's work together to bring your business ideas to life and lead them to success in the field of e-commerce!
  • cms Horoshop
  • ecommerce
  • keycrm
  • microsoft excel
  • notion
  • OkayCMS
  • PowerBI
  • PowerQuery
  • product information management