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Personal project for freelancer Inna Hrinko

If you liked the freelancer's portfolio, or you have already collaborated with him before, you have the opportunity to offer him a Personal project. Work on the Personal Project involves the reservation of funds in the Safe.

After the publication of the Personal Project, a Workspace will be automatically created for correspondence and agreeing on the terms with the freelancer, who will receive a notification about the invitation to work. When he answers, you will be able to approve the final terms of cooperation.

If for some reason the contractor refuses to cooperate, you can open this project for accepting rates and find another specialist.

If you are looking for an employee for permanent remote work or office work, create a job offer.
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The description of the personal project is available only to you and the chosen contractor - no one else can see it.
Download the terms of reference, examples of the works you like, photos or other documents that freelancers need for work (maximum size of one file is 4MB). After publishing the project, you can still add files.
Only to activate a profile — we will send a free SMS with a registration code in it. If you are already registered, log in.
If the performer for some reason refuses to complete the task, then you can open the project for accepting bids, and we will notify all freelancers in the selected category about it.
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    Project budget and payment
    The parties work via a secure deal — Safe, which provides financial guarantees to the parties. You will receive a high-quality and timely result, or we will refund your money. Service commission 9%.
    UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)