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2250 RUB

Client's feedback on cooperation with Oleh V.


The guys were not impressed at all, they didn’t listen to the task, claiming that everything was clear to them, they tried to explain the task, but they didn’t want to listen, and they offered to quickly accept them as freelancers and pay for the service through the safe, thinking that the guys were professionals and decided to work with them in the hope that they complete the task, the task was not completed, and they want some part of the payment to go to them. Collaborate or not is up to you. I wish you all good luck and guys. Thanks to all!

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Aleksandr Janukovich

Task formulation

The customer does not understand in his field and accuses the executor of the fact that the task is not performed and has no idea what exactly to do. All advice and methods of solving a problem are ignored and not listened to them. The customer responded a long time, and the deadline was one day, as a result, the problem was not solved by an alternative method, as he refused, and the main method of implementation of the task does not exist. In the conclusions, it can only be said that the customer is not adequate. Think before collaborating with him.

Oleh V. | Safe Safe

  1. proposal concealed by freelancer
  2.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  • Profile banned
    3 August 2021, 22:28 |

    для чего прокси использовать если не секрет? а в целом  днс прописать и все.

  • Aleksandr Janukovich
    3 August 2021, 23:34 |

    Здравствуйте,прокси используется разных стран, в ручную каждый раз менять это проблемно, я бы хотел чтобы было так при подключении например прокси США хотябы чтобы показывал публичный днс гугл но США, и так же для других стран, в ручную прописывать разные днс каждый раз под разные страны занимает время. Требуется облегчение

  • Profile banned
    4 August 2021, 9:18 |

    заворачивайте трафик днс в прокси.

  • Maksim Guselnikov
    4 August 2021, 0:47 |

    Если актуально можно подробнее, что за проки? Из сообщений я так понял у вас несколько стран, они выбираются автоматом или пользователь сам выбирает? Можно ответить в личку

  • Aleksandr Magda
    4 August 2021, 10:39 |


    >>на клиенте с впн использую прокси

    То есть. вы подключаетесь по впн, а потом еще используете http прокси, верно? И еще вопрос, а Dns over HTTPS вам не подходит?

Aleksandr Janukovich
Kazakhstan Aktobe (Aktyubinsk)  3  1
Project published
1 year ago
  • dns
  • Linux (Centos Ubuntu Debian ...)