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2000 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Askar A.


The contractor took to do the project, but it turned out that some points of the TZ he could not do. It was proposed to do without these points, but the process was very delayed, it sent intermediate results with a lot of bugs that broke another function and we had a week to repair the broken elsewhere. As a result, after 15 days of delay, on the proposal to do the project at least partially, he began to write that he had no time than he showed himself from a very non-professional side.
There were no contacts, there were no contacts.

  1. proposal concealed by freelancer
  2. 742    10  2   4
    Winning proposal3 days2000 UAH

    Здравствуйте, опыт работы 2 года. С вас потребуется доступ к админке и архив с проектом. Сроки 3 дня. Цена 2000 грн.

  3. 288    0  1
    3 days1800 UAH

    здравствуйте, заинтересовал ваш проект, предлогаю свою кандидатуру, гарантирую сроки и качество опыт больше 2 лет, портфолио на сайте.

  4. 573    11  0
    30 days1900 UAH

    От 1900 гривен минимум ! Программирую более 10 лет. После вуза. Непосредственно были проекты на престашоп также.

  1.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer