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Integration of a PDF form into the Flutter app with the option of adding


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    1 day28 USD

    Good day ! The task is clear, I can do it. How urgent is?
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    Добрый день! Задача ясна, могу сделать. Насколько срочно?

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Current freelance projects in the category Web programming

Creating a website and app application for Telegram

511 USD

I want to create a project, a platform, for presale of tokens/coins/NFTs of projects. At this stage, I want to raise funds for the project from private investors without attracting funds. Funds will be raised by selling unique NFTs, which will later provide bonuses to holders.…

Web programmingGaming applications ∙ 7 proposals

Programmer for CMS Prestashop 1.6

204 USD

Hello, there are several tasks that need to be done. And to stay on support, there are plenty of other tasks on the site. Analysis of supplier categories We have a custom module that analyzes sales by suppliers/tags. I want each supplier to have a dropdown list of categories…

Web programmingData parsing ∙ 2 proposals

WordPress - bug fixing, website optimization, plugins

20 USD

We have a quite old website on WordPress 5.9.3, today it has a number of errors that need to be fixed: 1. Problem with the two language modules - Ukrainian, Russian 2. Problem with the menu module for two languages 3. Due to the problem with the above-mentioned modules, there…

Web programming ∙ 9 proposals

It is necessary to write or correct H1, H2

You need to write or correct H1, H2, etc. on the website. https://popcporn.net/ here is the website You need to write or correct H1, H2, etc. on the website. https://popcporn.net/ here is the website

Web programming ∙ 13 proposals

Stretch my PHP form into the landing page

There is a ready landing page, and a separate php+ajax form with its own functionality, and the necessary tasks: - Fix the encoding issue in the form UTF8 in the form. - Need to embed my form into my ready landing page - Insert the ready logo into the landing page and one…

Web programmingSystem programming ∙ 19 proposals

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