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Writing three articles in SpanishНаписання трьох статей іспанською мовою

Translated2400 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Oleksii Pazii


Unfortunately, I can’t advise Alexis.
According to the fact, the text in Spanish is a translation written to them in Russian.
Knowledge of the game theme on 3+ - 4-, about what could be predicted - there is a lot of mistake in the theme. Water in the texts. Overall, very general articles came out on the level as we wrote 10 years ago... Although usefulness was placed in TZ as one of the main requirements, and examples were given.
And what’s very unpleasant is that it’s a high conflict, a lot of time has been spent on the correspondence and the evidence of what the directions need to be made.
From the positive: it does everything quickly, always on the contact, but it is not worth not to not put in mind that the buyer is not constantly sitting for Freelancehunt, yet the proct has a deadline, done earlier - great, but that doesn't mean that the buyer can check everything earlier.
Unpleasant experience is also experience.

Oleksii Pazii
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