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Optimization WP.

Translated25 USD

  1. 574    7  0
    1 day25 USD

    Good day, I have been working in web programming for over 6 years. I work with rest api, frameworks, and cms such as laravel, yii2, wp, opencart, etc. I am ready to complete the task. You will need to provide access to ftp and admin panel.
    Добрый день, веб-программировании уже более 6 лет
    Работаю с rest api, фреймворками и cms такие как laravel, yii2, wp, opencart и т.д. Готов выполнить задачу.
    От вас требуется доступ к фтп и админке

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    1 day25 USD


    I have over 3 years of experience in WordPress development. Ready to start.

    Waiting for you in a personal message to discuss the details.

    I will be glad to cooperate.

    Маю досвід в розробці на WordPress більше 3-х років. Готовий приступити.

    Чекаю Вас в особисті повідомлення для узгодженя деталей.

    Буду радий співпраці.

  3. 725    32  5   2
    2 days25 USD

    Let's do it for today and tomorrow, just make sure you are available. Most likely, authorization or obtaining API keys for recaptcha v3 will be needed for it to work on the website. Please provide more details about the JavaScript issues. I will update the plugins and take care of the rest, especially if it's already set up on the test site.
    Давайте сделаю за сегодня и завтра, только нужно чтобы вы были на связи, понадобится скорее всего авторизация или получение ключей API для recaptcha v3 чтобы она заработала на сайте. Про проблемы js напишите подробнее. Плагины пообновляю, остальное тоже сделаю, тем более если уже на тестовом сайте настроено.

  1. 417    2  0
    1 day25 USD

    I have experience.
    Ready to help with analysis and consultation.
    Маю досвід.
    Готовий допомогти з аналізом та консультацією

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Script for extracting comics from an android application

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A variant with screenshots is not needed. Work through the LDPlayer9 emulator. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.naver.linewebtoon&hl=en_US https://ovact.ac.qq.com/magic-act/D9WdaWgukrhLaXRTTBhmTTEr3c/index_index.html?page=index&ovscroll=0&channelid=306015005 How…

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Google Chrome Cast

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Need to set up Google Chrome Cast in the application to stream m3u8 content from the Android app to the TV. Looking for someone with experience. Will provide all details in DMs

JavaApps for Android

Android app that can replace the main camera

676 USD

A program is needed for Android that can replace the main camera on certain versions of Android with root access. Everything should work so that the video with OBS is transmitted through an RTMP server to the phone's main camera.


System for monitoring, diagnostics, and management of computer networks

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The topic is recorded from the diploma, but the subtopic can be anything related to KM diagnostics. Network Monitoring System Development: Creating software that automatically monitors the state of computer networks, detects problems, and provides reports on them.…

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It is necessary to format (create a template) the product description on the ocStore 2.1 website

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Task: Need to format the product description on this page https://espiro.ua/espiro-yoga the same way as on the Polish website https://espiro.pl/espiro-yoga (knowledge of css, html is required). This should be a template so that by copy-pasting, I can format other items myself.…

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Office M.
Ukraine Lvov  22  0
Project published
1 month 14 days ago