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Transfer the full functionality to the web application


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    30 days638 USD

    Hello to you.
    Ready to fulfill your order.
    Write to discuss.
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    Готов выполнить ваш заказ.
    Пишите обсудим.

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    30 days766 USD

    The framework of Symfony.
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    Сделаю на фреймворке Symfony

Current freelance projects in the category Web programming

Develop a quiz landing

You need to develop a quiz landing page on the topic of insulating apartments and private houses. Please respond only to those who already have a portfolio of similar landings. In the response, indicate the price / deadlines / link to the portfolio of projects.

Web programmingWeb design ∙ 4 proposals

Internet store based on Wordpress template

511 USD

A freelance project is needed for an online store based on this template https://woodmart.xtemos.com/demo-fashion-colored/demo/fashion-colored/#/demo/fashion-colored/ But without additional accent colors, only black and white. Online store for selling clothes in 6 languages…

Web programmingWeb design ∙ 21 proposals

Writing a script for installing from GitHub in Docker

Writing a script for installing from GitHub in Docker Hello! Thank you for your interest in this task, your experience and willingness to help are very important to us. We are looking for a developer who has experience working with Docker and can implement an automated system…

Web programming ∙ 2 proposals

Bind new layout (WordPress)

26 USD

You need to attach new layout to the landing page on WordPress. Landing page in two languages (main page + two text pages). The checkout page remains the same. No need for editing admin panel.

Web programmingCMS installation and configuration ∙ 16 proposals

Finish 2 pages and optimize for mobile version website on Webflow

On the product page, you need to add a gallery with photos and an order form (selection of size, color, and quantity). Complete the checkout page. Create a mobile version for all pages (approximately 5 in total) + adjust button transitions, animations, etc.…

Web programmingWeb design ∙ 5 proposals

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