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Making the bugs on the site

Translated53 USD

Client's feedback on cooperation with Andrii Migal


A wonderful specialist. He did everything operatively. Quality and very fast. They were unable to look at it and everything worked. thank you

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Anna Harkova

Task formulation

It's nice to work with Anna.
Clear task, commentary, timely payment.
I recommend cooperation!

  1. 2922    32  0
    3 days214 USD

    Hello to you!
    I will be happy to take your project!
    Great experience in this.
    Write to the Ls and watch the portfolio.
    С удовольствием возьмусь за ваш проект!
    Большой опыт в этом.
    Пишите в ЛС и смотрите портфолио

  2. 1106    86  8   3
    1 day27 USD

    I do it.

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  • Yury L.
    22 February, 14:38 |

    покажите сайт

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Create a website on DLE

Help to find the most similar template on CMS DLE (or create from scratch) Adapt to the proposed site structure Set up batch import - export of news, files to the site in the category (news)

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Stretch the layout to some cms and put it on hosting and domain

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Good day, you need to implement the layout on some cms so that you can then change the text and add photos and teach how to use it, the design is ready, the layout will be in 6-7 days, a business card website with 5 small pages, and add it to hosting the domain sz or some other…

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Files with malicious content have been found in my hosting account

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Files with malicious content have been found in my hosting account. It is necessary to eliminate this problem once and for all.

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Website refinement on OpenCart

Modifications are needed for the website opt.divan.ua (Opencart) 1. In order for the site to function as a retail store, it is necessary to remove REGISTRATION, "Login to personal account". Prices should be displayed immediately in categories and in the product card as they are…

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One-page landing page on WP

Need to implement a one-page website with 4-5 blocks (rough example attached) on WP Include technical part in the cost of work - domain linking, basic SEO B2B segment in the field of car delivery for car dealers. Write the cost of work, deadlines, preferences.

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Anna Harkova
Germany Bonn  17  0
Project published
1 month 26 days ago