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Development and implementation of the algorithm of creating a program for the development of the


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  • Iryna Kaminkova
    7 June 2023, 20:09 |

    Со времён Паскаля много воды утекло. 

    Других вариантов нет?

Current freelance projects in the category Tuition

by eBay

29 USD

List of products on the European eBay The task: General consultation on the platform Excerpt of positions - 4 Training, assistance for further independent work Advisors are welcome in the future. Account - registered

Online stores and e-commerceTuition ∙ 2 proposals

Make a text guide for registration in the bank

13 USD

You need to make a check for registration and participation in shares in one of the Ukrainian banks. You can make a video headset or text, the better headset - the more we can pay for the job. Who can implement quickly and qualitatively write your proposals as you can…

TuitionPresentation development ∙ 10 proposals

Testing of work

26 USD

Your task: Go through a quick registration. - Start an online service add-on in demo mode 2 to 3 services. The conclusions of the work give a feedback on the service that you would change as a usual user from the street and that you were not intuitively understood at each…

TuitionCustomer support ∙ 21 proposals

Work in Jira and Slack


We are already registered and understood the functionality, but any tool can be much more convenient and understandable if there is a specialist who can explain how comfortable to work with applications based on our request.From the basic moments to the interesting fights.It’s…

Software and server configurationTuition ∙ 1 proposal

Advisory Advice


Welcome to. You need a person who knows how to work with banks. My bank asked for an income report. All my income went to my PUMB bank card (not a foop), almost everything you need to pay taxes and declare everything. I also opened FOP today, 2 groups, need advice how to work…

Data processingTuition

Olena Student
Ukraine Lvov  73  0
Project published
8 months 26 days ago