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Change the supplier's link and the formation of a new

Translated15 USD

  1. 238    1  0
    1 day15 USD

    It’s not hard, but I’d like to see the task.
    Загалом нічого складного, але хотілося б побачити докладне завдання

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    7 days127 USD

    Good day, please contact us, you can write an automated script for your file, maybe through CMS something to run if you need to be handwritten something to add
    Добрий день, звертайтеся, можна буде написати автоматизований скрипт для вашого файлу, можливо через CMS якусь проганяти, якщо вам потрібно буде вручну щось додавати

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Current freelance projects in the category Bot development

Create a chatbot for generating text documents

101 USD

There are files in docx format, it is necessary to create a bot that will change the text in certain places and output the finished document in PDF 15 documents (in each document 3-6 word lines to be changed) and one video made in Adobe After Effects, source is available (text…

PythonBot development ∙ 11 proposals

Consultation on browser fingerprints / PC anonymity when working with INST

13 USD

I am developing a bot for working with Instagram using Zennoposter and encountered such a problem, the bot has already been developed and worked fine for a month, using mobile proxies and anonymity settings in Zennoposter itself, however, one day all the accounts I work with…

Software protection and securityBot development ∙ 2 proposals

Telegram bot Google Indexing

217 USD

Need to create a bot similar to this BoostIndexBot Essence: the bot is connected to the Google Search Console Api and speeds up the indexing of website pages. The client tops up the balance - he is given a limit of links for indexing. The cost of each link is fixed. It is also…

Bot development ∙ 7 proposals

Create a Telegram chatbot on the Smart Sender platform for a language school.

Task to create a Telegram chatbot on the Smart Sender platform for a language school. 1 course of study. In 2 languages, Ukrainian and Russian. Students choose the language in which they want to receive knowledge, and then only this language is used. Add links to PDF files for…

Bot development ∙ 13 proposals

Telegram application

13 USD

Creation of applications in Telegram is required. Not too complicated. A person with experience is needed, who has already done such work and can show their projects.

HTML and CSSBot development ∙ 7 proposals

Dmitry Kolischichenko
Ukraine Ukraine  3  0
Project published
5 months 14 days ago