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Business consulting

You need the job of a person who builds sales on LinkedIn new

Everything from zero. Not only to tell, but also to do with your hands, partially or completely. Choose software, build everything, teach 1 person how and what to do and what not to do. Need now, ready to start right now. I ask you to tell you about your experience, what…

Business consultingLead generation and sales ∙ 1 proposal
Help in order to manage financial data. new

Good day We are doing construction in Sweden. Help is needed in ordering financial tables, indicators, calculations, analysis, etc. I need a person who can build such a system. Also assistance in the preparation of checks, accounts, wages for transfer to the accountant. by…

Business consultingAccounting services ∙ 8 proposals
Eurofound Slovakia new

It is necessary to develop and approve a business plan to obtain the NFD from the European Union's funds for the development of the enterprise in Slovakia (Kosheza). Profile of the company is a bakery. We are looking for people who can prepare a business plan to receive funding…

Business consultingLegal services ∙ 3 proposals
Registration of TM, Ukraine new
1500 UAH

Hello to you! It is necessary to pre-study the status around a particular trademark. If it is not busy, submit to registration. Please respond to specialists who have experience working with TM and Ukrpatent. First, you need a basic search for TM and groups. According to the…

Business consultingLegal services ∙ 3 proposals
Audit / Shop Advisory on Ebay new

There is a disclosed account on eBay, the average sales are stable for about 4 years.The goods are demanded, you need to get to a new level.Category - accessories and accessories for headphones and audio equipment.The main buyers from the United States, there are several…

Business consultingOnline stores and e-commerce
Search for a mobile game publisher new

You need to find a company that will agree to be the publisher of the mobile game https://sunlabgames.com/ and make a deal. On its part, ready to deal with support, correction of bugs, expansion of functionality. The main requirement of the publisher is marketing. We will also…

Business consultingLead generation and sales
Consulting the game industry online new

You need advice on the creation and launch of an online casino. Information on licenses, accounts, companies, promotion, staff, risks, budget, gaming providers, white label platforms and under key, in general, on the management of business.

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 1 proposal
Business Plan - Cabinet, Sweater, Beauty Salon, Line by Briket new

You need to make a business plan. Cabinet, sweater, beauty salon, line by briket/palettes! It is terminated!

Business consultingInformation gathering ∙ 10 proposals
Assistance in call center and SRM system new
500 UAH

Help in the call center and SRM system for commodity business Help in the call center and SRM system for commodity business

Business consulting ∙ 2 proposals
Calculate the optimal price of the goods new

It is necessary to calculate the optimal price of the goods with a discount. Find the most efficient price of the goods, in which (by discount) the volume of sales will increase and the volume will increase the profit. I will send all the necessary numbers to the executor in…

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 8 proposals

Hello, I write tokenology under my startup. Consultation from an expert is needed. Mast Heev successful cases show.

BlockchainBusiness consulting ∙ 2 proposals
I am looking for a corporate psychologist/trainer new

I am looking for a corporate psychologist/trainer in communication with staff, between employees, between managers.

Business consultingCustomer support ∙ 5 proposals
Preparation and submission of the grant application new

You need to prepare documents, application and present presentations to receive a grant from USAID. The essence of the project is clear, we have no experience in preparing such documents.

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 2 proposals
Developing a business plan new

It is necessary to develop a business plan. The concept of the project - Creating and launching a platform (addition) for mobile devices with the functionality for convenient and quick search for cargo. Preparation period: 3 weeks Description of tasks in the file is inserted.…

Business consulting ∙ 5 proposals