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Business consulting

Give an explanation for the beginner of FOP III group new

I start doing freelancer (create an Etsy account). Interested in answering the question: How to complete the tax declaration (quarterly) How to pay taxes How to settle the money on the FOP currency card Specific answers are welcome, without “water”. I think 15-20 minutes of…

Business consultingAccounting services ∙ 10 proposals
Analysis of the company’s sales system and detection of defects new

I am looking for a professional who has experience working in sales and is ready to conduct an analysis and indicate the shortcomings in the sales system of our company, which works in the field of education. Interested for consultation.

Business consultingCustomer support ∙ 7 proposals
The cryptocurrency. The Trading new

Welcome to You need a trader in trading and cryptocurrency who will explain all the terminology and process. Write your offers, the number to hire, the price

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 5 proposals
HR specialist who will be able to gather a pro team of arbitraries new
180 USD

Good day, we are looking for a HR specialist who will be able to gather a professional team of arbitrators, from the team of Bayers and to processors.

Business consulting ∙ 2 proposals
I am looking for a specialist and professional in the field of goods and dropshipping. new

I am looking for a specialist and professional in the field of goods and dropshipping, a business consultant who can advise a good option to improve my business, time and money savings.The essence of the work: we are engaged in online trading of various goods, including…

Business consultingClient management and CRM ∙ 7 proposals
A Online Lectures new
16 USD

Looking for Business Analyst for Online Lectures “Crisis Management: Strategies to React to Unexpected Challenges”

Business consultingInformation gathering ∙ 3 proposals
I am looking for a specialist from Allegro new

I am looking for a specialist from Allegro Marketplace You need a person who has worked at Allegro Business and is skilled in all work processes

Business consulting ∙ 1 proposal
Consultation on the telegram channel new

You need advice on promoting telegram-channel in the construction sector. Interesting promoting among the specific circle of persons - builders (builders), lawyers, architects. Not interested in routers, companies that are involved in repairs and designers. It is desirable to…

Business consultingSocial media advertising ∙ 6 proposals
Marketer new

We are looking for a talented and creative marketer (metas.ua) Functional tasks: Monitoring the market and analysis of competitors’ activities. Development and implementation of marketing strategies Management and administration of advertising-related projects and site companies…

Business consultingMarketing research ∙ 3 proposals
Export & Import, UA-USA new

It is necessary to prepare an informational report on the export of houses from Ukraine to America. -Oriented cost of 40 High CUbe, 45 and 20 foot containers from Gdańsk to New York What documents are required for the import of products to the United States. The Production The…

Business consultingConsulting ∙ 3 proposals
PR manager to create the PR strategy of the LOR-Centers network new
27 USD

We are looking for a professional in PR. The task is to describe the PR strategy of the network of LOR-Centers and Hearing Centers "Betterton" The task is one, but if We and You go together, there may be further tasks in the direction of PR. We fix the minimum rate. Ready to…

Business consulting ∙ 4 proposals