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CMS installation and configuration

Do what the XML downloads update the availability of the products on Prom yua new

You can now attach one XML / YML feed (commodity loading), so that it would update the info about those goods that are not available, and remove them from the Promo Juya or put the status of "not available". Plus can be updated up to a couple of hours. But if you add 4 feeds,…

Website maintenanceCMS installation and configuration ∙ 1 proposal
Set up the cost of delivery to OpenCart new

- You need to adjust the additional cost (cost of warm packaging), to the cost of delivery. But so that for individual categories of goods, this parameter could be included, turned off and changed separately. As for different categories it will be included in different periods…

Website maintenanceCMS installation and configuration ∙ 3 proposals
Setting a WP review page new

Site of windsurftoys(dot)com You need to complete the review page by https://www.figma.com/file/WZ6v0pbtradZXNF7uLy1rY/Windsurftoys?node-id=104%3A2 The deadlines don’t burn.

HTML and CSSCMS installation and configuration ∙ 16 proposals
Website with OpenCart new

It makes a mistake when making the order. The order in the site’s administration comes but is not sent to the CRM system (Bitrix24). When backup the file with sending the form, the problem disappears and everything works. But the next day the problem.

Online stores and e-commerceCMS installation and configuration ∙ 2 proposals
Settings of Magento 2 new

You need to adjust the existing Magento 2 template to specific requirements. There are many nuances, in fact it must be ready to download content.

HTML and CSSCMS installation and configuration ∙ 1 proposal
Update the site to WordPress, update PHP, template and save the URL new
10 000 UAH

Good day .I have a website once made by its company Site Image.Based on WordPress 5.2.1 But they made the type of ImageCms, added their plugins, and served them.Now the company has collapsed.Plugins are not updated, template too, Bd, WordPress and PHP do not recommend to update…

PHPCMS installation and configuration ∙ 9 proposals
Configurate the Ukrainian version of the site. new

Hi, we have the property agency website on CMS WordPress, in Russian, website praktik.cn.ua We need to set up a Ukrainian version. There may be some further improvements in the future.

Web designCMS installation and configuration ∙ 14 proposals
Add a button to the site new
1500 UAH

Good day When exhibiting goods without prices under the goods indicated ( 0 ) . You need anything instead of ( 0 ) to be a button ( under order ) In some positions the price is indicated and in some positions not. Later, I will put a screen as it looks. It is necessary for the…

CMS installation and configuration ∙ 1 proposal
Writing a module on an open card new

Hi, you need to write the module for the online store on the open card More detail will be discussed with the executive.

Website developmentCMS installation and configuration ∙ 6 proposals
Transfer the site to a modern engine with adaptive design new
5000 UAH

It is necessary to move the site (disel.com.ua) and landing (https://generator.disel.com.ua) to a modern engine with adaptive design (Opencart, WordPress, Modex, Drupal). The site itself is written on JUMLE 2.5.2. You need to transfer both similar designs in corporate colors…

HTML and CSSCMS installation and configuration ∙ 12 proposals
Website for WordPress new

To start only the main page, the blog page and the forum (all components with the main), It is important to have experience with: bbpress and its Customization. If it is possible to do on elementor pro will be super no necessarily. Design - (Please access the file through…

Web programmingCMS installation and configuration ∙ 9 proposals
Create a website on the WordPress platform new

You need to update the website https://luxliss.ua/ on the WordPress platform What exactly to work?1) Convert the main page and add blocks -Menu, Slider, and the "HIT SALE" catalogue field make.up.ua (there is a visual prototype as it should look) - Further, you need to add a…

Website developmentCMS installation and configuration ∙ 6 proposals
Create a website home page to WordPress (Sceo template) new
6000 UAH

For a new site on the Sceo template you need to re-create the head page by TZ (Axure prototype).What exactly is needed: Funny work: install the necessary plugins and remove the unnecessary, make settings, etc.Make a list and hierarchy of pages and sections (partly already…

HTML and CSSCMS installation and configuration ∙ 8 proposals
Connecting endpoints to the wordpress (element) new

There is a website - with 2 me formals One for registration for volunteering (you only need to transfer data to the endpoint) Second for donations (you need to transfer the data to 2 endpoints - first to the endpoints Iframe payment - then the data + reply from the payment…

Web programmingCMS installation and configuration ∙ 5 proposals
The Freshdesk System new
3000 UAH

You need help in setting the Freshdesk ticket system for the customer support department, which is engaged in the online barbecue hotels. specifically: explanation of how the rules of the automation of the tags work, the distribution of the tags by criteria, the designation of…

CMS installation and configurationSoftware and server configuration