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Computer networking


We need someone who can disable Cloudflare WAF


We have a website connected to TCP and we have taken information. But the information comes very little. We are sure that Cloudflare WAF blocks traffic. We tried to add a lot of rules, but we couldn’t solve the problem.

Web programmingComputer networking ∙ 7 proposals

Proxy service work


Good day, we need a consultation on the work of proxy services. The example HTTPS://proxyline.net/ HTTPS://proxy-sale.com/ HTTPS://proxy-seller.io/ How do these websites work? Where do I get the IP address?

IP-telephony and VoIPComputer networking ∙ 2 proposals

You need a man to collect logs from a proxy farm


You need a person to collect logs from a proxy farm. There are PCs on which proxy rotates. You need to log the actions of people, in case of suspicions, or to further check the actions, or immediately enter IP/Sites or ports into the blacklist. Each week to provide logs of…

WindowsComputer networking ∙ 1 proposal

Required HDMI connection


I can't extract a picture to a laptop from a tablet (android) on a tablet no confirmation is requested. Tell me who you met.

System administrationComputer networking ∙ 3 proposals

Set the Wiber + Printer

13 USD

Good day . You need to set the wiber in a distance (glut) on 1 compy and set the PDF reader. The second to set the print on the printer (there is a long time to print)

Computer networkingSoftware and server configuration ∙ 4 proposals