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Delphi and Object Pascal

Program for optimization of the structure. new

Good day !I want to optimize the master's composition, but I don't understand exactly how to do it.From the equipment now I have 1 screenscanner and a thermoprinter for printing labels.The situation is as follows: a different type of material comes to the warehouse, it is…

C#Delphi and Object Pascal ∙ 10 proposals
Integration with external Delphi 10.3, Socket, JSON, XML new
5000 UAH

You need to write on Delphi 10.3: Module for data exchange through the socket, without the use of the Indy library/component: TIdHTTP, TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL,TidCookieManager, TIdCompressorZLib. 2nd Using the written module to write integration with external services-…

Delphi and Object PascalData parsing ∙ 2 proposals