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Microsoft .NET

Excel table for calculation of the stock. new

Good evening ! You need to create an Excel table. The essence of the table is that there is a product database with items and when a particular item is entered and enter is pressed, +1 is added to the amount of the item, and if the tab is pressed, then it is removed (-1 to the…

Microsoft .NETApplication programming ∙ 11 proposals
Preparation of the website reports new
1000 UAH

Good day . There is a project on asp.net. Its essence is that it connects to the client bd (by structure they are all the same, only different data) and draws reports from them. The project has its own bd with authorization and connection data. The MS sql. The site is…

Microsoft .NETApplication programming
Create the program code on C# new

Hello to you. There is a code on C#. I can’t do it at the moment because there is a lack of knowledge. It is necessary to collect the project and protest it. The files are sent by mail, the telegram comes a notification, all the data are indicated in the program.cs file (token…

C#Microsoft .NET ∙ 2 proposals
Formule of DAX new

There are two tables in PowerBi. “Plan” (which has an id resource and how much we plan to get from it a unit) “Rules” (in which information who when and at what time worked on the resource) It is necessary to counter the plan on the resource to put the id of the employee who is…

Microsoft .NET ∙ 3 proposals
You need a bootstrap with excellent Bootstrap knowledge new

Good time for the day! You need an experienced booter with excellent knowledge of Bootstrap 4. It is very important to pay attention to the details of the layout. It requires excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS and at least basic knowledge of JS. A great bonus will be if…

HTML and CSSMicrosoft .NET ∙ 12 proposals
Development of the FPGA project new

I order the development of the project on the FGPA brand Xilinx.Requirements to the executor: * Experience in developing projects on the FPGA.The ability to work with Xilinx SDK and SDAccel.Working with cryptocurrency hash functions will be a good bonus.The task: 1 .In…

Microsoft .NETEmbedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 1 proposal
Required an experienced ASP Net Developer new

It requires an ASP NET developer to work on projects. Compulsory requirements and knowledge: 1 . The ASP.NET MVC5 2nd the entity framework; Three the thought; 4 . JS, jQuery and Bootstrap and 5. Experience working with different API + experience in writing new API; 6 .…

Microsoft .NETWeb programming ∙ 2 proposals