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Microsoft .NET

Participate in an interview with the project. VBA, VB.NET for AutoCAD. new
50 EUR

Attention !100% payment of the funds specified in the project regardless of the results of the interview.Therefore, indicate 50 EUR in your rate.The project is designed to pay the expenses to the interview candidates and, in the event of selection, to set the necessary tools for…

Microsoft .NETApplication programming ∙ 2 proposals
The .NET Laboratory new
700 UAH

You need to perform 4 laboratory work on .NET using the ADO.NET framework. I put the task below - the 3rd option of the 1st lab. All the things, all the things, depend on it. Offer a price for the deadlines for the execution of all tasks immediately.

Microsoft .NET ∙ 3 proposals
Development of the FPGA project new

I order the development of the project on the FGPA brand Xilinx.Requirements to the executor: * Experience in developing projects on the FPGA.The ability to work with Xilinx SDK and SDAccel.Working with cryptocurrency hash functions will be a good bonus.The task: 1 .In…

Microsoft .NETEmbedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 1 proposal