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Package design

The standard label new

Make 8 labels for printing. There are texts and the size of the labels. The type of this, see. The file. Offer your price. It’s tired but it’s necessary.

Package design ∙ 21 proposals
Designer (Universal: Web, Polygraphy, Instagram) new

About us: We are Turbata, the production of candles with the Ukrainian cultural code. HTTPS://turbotamanufactory.com https://www.instagram.com/turbota_candles/ Requirements: Experience in design for websites, polygraphy and social networks. Working with Figma and Adobe…

Package designPrint design ∙ 12 proposals
Design of packaging new

It is necessary to create a packaging design for a 20 grams sache package. The design must meet the technical requirements (cover screen). Detailed technical tasks will be offered to designers who will respond to the portfolio.

Package design ∙ 14 proposals
Design of labels for the drug from cracks new

Task to develop a new label for the drug from the thorns: 1 .** Product Name**: Gel from Targan The 2ndDescription of the product**: Effective remedies from Targan.It guarantees a fast and long-term result.Manufacturing with advanced technologies.3 .* Key characteristics *:…

BannersPackage design ∙ 30 proposals
Graphics - Packaging Designer new

and hello. I’m looking for a graphics for the design of banners (for the use of the online store and sales platforms) and a packaging designer. We are working in the GSM industry, we are committed to a long-term cooperation. The first order is about 10 banners and 3 packaging…

BannersPackage design ∙ 21 proposals
Creating a website on the Shopify platform new
138 USD

Welcome to You need to create a site on shopify for one product where the product page will be the landing page. References on the site here: https://oklumi.com/products/oklumi-projector - please contact this more…

Web designPackage design ∙ 11 proposals
Design box for pizza. new
28 USD

Welcome to. It has a design-make box for pizza. The size of 303*302*35mm T-22. Instagram of pizza @ monapizza.kremenets in orange tones. Maximum of 3 colors. I think black-range As we see it and the logos attached to the files (the type that the box smiles (writing a mono as…

Package designPrint design ∙ 39 proposals
Design of labels for animal goods new

Develop modern stylish designs of labels on shampoo for animals 15 species * 3 tari + 5 other positions. Knowledge and compliance with the requirements of labelling and labelling of products in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

Package design ∙ 22 proposals
Design of labels new

You need to make the design of the label on a transparent plate, size 6cm to 7cm. It will stick to the banks with spices, the transparent background needs to be beautifully overwhelmed and make a stylish design. Plus, you need to make a logo design.

Package designLogo design ∙ 35 proposals
Create a box new

You need to make a box under the pellet fuel. https://grillland.com.ua/accessories/tproduct/458267747-260495239051-derevn-peleti-weber-alder-vlha-8-kg Something like that. The main task is to think: 1 . Comfort box for the customer The 2nd To keep the box in design. 3 .…

Package design ∙ 26 proposals
Create product design and packaging for the product on Amazon new

We need to cover the product design and packaging for the product on Amazon according to our recommendations But here we also need creativity from the designer itself to help us stand out among the competitors. Link to the product in the Amazon catalogue :…

Package designIndustrial design ∙ 14 proposals
Logo and corporate style (graphic designer) new
221 USD

You need to develop the logo and elements of the company style for the online store of Ukrainian souvenirs. Logo, product packaging design, stick, packaging paper and visitors. A designer is needed to prepare the patterns for printing, the output materials must be in the…

Package designLogo design ∙ 74 proposals
Conversion of a raw makeup into a label. new

Conversion of a raw makeup into a label. All the previous stages are completed, all the necessary graphic materials are available. Required purely technical skills to work in the Adobe Ps or CorelDraw or other software.

Package design ∙ 24 proposals
We need to develop a brand for clothing. new

Good day, for the brand of clothing you need to develop a brandbook: 1 ) Carton box for sending new Posts of different sizes 2 ) Premium packaging of different sizes and 3) Carton package of different sizes 4 ) Polyethylene Package of Different Size 5 ) Packages for sending new…

Package designIllustrations and drawings ∙ 19 proposals
Design of TM new
28 USD

Design for a brand. Manufacturing group of goods. The design is painted, you need to graphically repaint everything + create a couple of new All details by phone (Wayber)

Package design ∙ 13 proposals