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Package design

Design for steel new

We have a product on the Amazon - stalls. We need new creative design options. We provide a ready image of the glass with a logo, a site with drawings - you just have to choose the picture (preferential illusion, 3D) and put it on the stick so that everything looks…

Package designCorporate style ∙ 8 proposals
Design of booklet + design of label new
200 UAH

It is necessary to design a food bullet for cats. To do this, you also need to make the design of labels on the products: - Cats for dogs - 1 basic label. There’s already a preliminary design from the manufacturer, you just need to make a bit more + based on it to make 4…

Package designPrint design ∙ 25 proposals
Make the labels new

It is necessary to make labels for the product size: 42*148.5 for printing in A4 format (prepare the ready for printing image immediately) The label must be linked to the product, all must be in the same style.On the label to place: description of the product, composition,…

Package design ∙ 18 proposals
The Tea Concentrate Plate new
5000 UAH

You need to develop the design of the plate (folgering cover under the stick) for the tea concentrate under the brand Smack So

Package designArtwork ∙ 24 proposals
Preview for the YouTube channel on a permanent basis new
2000 UAH

The channel is engaged in the sale of tractors and other agricultural equipment We need creative and diversified designs. Average of up to 30 pieces per month

Package design ∙ 7 proposals
Pack and develop a visual for Instagram new
500 UAH

Good morning, for the expert you need to develop a visual for the profile on Instagram. Nisha is marketing, a target. Photo + reference is available. Possible long-term cooperation.

Package designSocial media page design ∙ 26 proposals
Design of packaging new

Design of packaging of fruit-free mixture for smoking. The audience of the product is men and women 18-60 years old.

Package design ∙ 35 proposals
Design of banks for cutting corns, tomatoes, pearls new
1800 UAH

Hello, I need to make the design of the baths for my close friend to boil garlics, tomatoes, pearls. Only three bottles. The form of the bank itself doesn’t matter, I’ll just need a stick on the bank. In general, 3 banks, the design on the bank (mockup) , the stickers themselves…

Package design ∙ 24 proposals
Design of Tea Packaging new
300 EUR

Create a tea packaging design (5 types at the moment). We need a person with experience working in food designs, desirable, a similar topic, with a strong portfolio. We will provide TZ, but we also want the creative participation of the designer in the project.

Package design ∙ 37 proposals
Inst\FB Advertising on the Sale of Collar Tree new

We are a manufacturing company, one of our directions is the work with the tree of the sheep. Now the heating season begins and there is an interest in selling the coloured tree to the population with delivery. The Kiev Region (Right Coast) 1 . You need to make a creative +…

Package designSocial media advertising ∙ 22 proposals
Create a stylish design for building Instagram new
1600 UAH

You need to make a caston design with a unique style for 19 stores. Very close to what I want to get applied From the requirements you want something creative and simple, with blue and pink gradients, you also need the source files and creativity. It requires very good and…

Package designSocial media page design ∙ 25 proposals
Children book cover design new

Hello, we are looking to design covers of a series of Virtues books for Children. We want fresh and very modern looking covers. Scope of work - design a template consisting of layout, type treatment for series name and title. image to be used from inside of book. suggestion…

Package designPrint design ∙ 13 proposals
Cover for the Culinary Book new

We are looking for a talented and creative designer for a cooking book cover. We will be happy to find a designer for long-term cooperation. Cost of the agreement project

Package designPrint design ∙ 49 proposals
Company style, packaging design, capsule coffee packaging new
25 000 UAH

Congratulations to everyone! It is necessary to make a firm style and design of coffee packages. Not necessarily, but more welcomed is a designer who has had experience working with the coffee industry and there are examples of work. Qualitative examples in minimalist style…

Package designCorporate style ∙ 42 proposals
Create a visual for the Instagram page new
2000 UAH

Hi, you need to create a visual for the Instagram store of women and men's clothes, leave requests with examples of work, the cost we'll discuss by fact

Package design ∙ 25 proposals