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Software protection and security

Restore access to Instagram new

You need a specialist who will restore access to Instagram. Has lost access to your Instagram account, help is needed to restore access

Software protection and security
Дизайн і створення вебсайту new

Двомовність, Привабливий дизайн, проста навігація, зворотній зв'язок, відображення на різних пристроях, SEO-оптимізація, можливість самостійно редагувати вміст сайту, Сайт повинен мати заходи безпеки.

Web designSoftware protection and security ∙ 36 proposals
Remove viruses for several sites on one host new

Hello to everyone! Connected several sites on one host and apparently from one site got infection for all( I need to understand that, remove the script with the virus that came into the site code (I may be wrong), I add a screen of the problem. I will be glad to hear your…

Software protection and securitySoftware and server configuration ∙ 9 proposals
You need a specialist in detecting and removing viruses on the site new
50 USD

You need to find out which viruses are on the site and remove them. Website on WordPress Woocommerce The Internet Store Here is the website: https://cronix.md/ A screenshot of the virus.

Software protection and security ∙ 9 proposals
Protection against DDoS new

You need consultation on implementation of protection against DDOS attacks. Currently working on cloudflare, there were rules to enable JS protection, but they are now almost all randomized. It is included in the manual mode. You need to consult a specialist who is thinking…

Software protection and securitySoftware and server configuration ∙ 2 proposals
Needed specialists to conduct audits of the site according to the requirements of the KZ new

A specialist is required to conduct a full audit of the site according to the requirements for the protection of information. In the document it is necessary to indicate that on the side of the site and the server is already ready and is on the project, which is partially, and…

Software protection and security ∙ 2 proposals
Fixing errors on the WP website new

https://www.czemoravia.com/ The website is on the WP constantly at the first step makes a mistake. as a norm. You need to check everything and restore the normal functioning of the site.

CMS installation and configurationSoftware protection and security ∙ 9 proposals
Database Structure Analysis new
500 USD

Good day ! You need a person who analyzes the logical structure of our base (POSTGRESQL) from the point of view of building the base to understand that its structure is optimal to the business logic of the application. It’s interesting to the Data Structure – how correctly we…

Software protection and securityDesigning ∙ 4 proposals
Registration of 5-10 domains in the EU area new

You need to register 5-10 domains in the EU area. Domains must be confirmed. Interesting the price and the possibilities of the executive. Similar to Casey.

Web programmingSoftware protection and security ∙ 4 proposals
Resolve the problem with malicious code on the server new
1000 UAH

Good day . Today on hosting from UKRAINE at 1 hour was infected all the sites that are placed on this server. All WP sites have replaced the index.php file and added a malicious code. In the logs of access, it is not very clear what happened. 1 . You need to find out where…

System administrationSoftware protection and security ∙ 8 proposals
Protecting a WordPress site new
3000 UAH

Good day . You need to protect your website on WordPress. When scanning OWASP ZAP 2.12.0. There were security errors on the site. I add the screens. You need to correct the Anti-CSRF Token errors and all CSPs. Cross-Domain JavaScript and Strict-transport-security Multiple Header…

Web programmingSoftware protection and security ∙ 3 proposals
Licensing Key Bitrix24: Corridor Version new

Hello to you. I'm looking for a rental already activated license key Bitrix24: A corner version to contact the customer support service on the question of recovery of the portal. The key is already delayed. No new license for a standard price is required. I will review the…

1CSoftware protection and security ∙ 1 proposal
Whitehack Services – hack our sites to find vulnerabilities in them new

The goal is to find vulnerabilities in cryptodao.com and after we eliminate them, again to check these vulnerabilities. The second goal is to go down in the face.

Software protection and security ∙ 4 proposals