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Software protection and security

Writing a contract for the support of servers and the Internet project new
200 UAH

A contract is required for a large internet project. Special attention should be paid to the responsibilities of the execution: 24 hours monitoring of the project and servers performance, time of response to the problem, data storage security, server resistance, data storage…

System administrationSoftware protection and security ∙ 3 proposals
Repair the excess of processor minutes new

Good night, hosting Ukraine - constantly writing about exceeding processor minutes to correct, explain the reason and give a guarantee that this will not jump more Remind you of exceeding the permissible load on the server by a dsrub account.According to the terms of service,…

Web programmingSoftware protection and security ∙ 5 proposals
by X64dbg new
300 UAH

A program that sends a message. “Flag length is: 32” It needs to be the value of the variable and not the length.

Software protection and securitySystem programming ∙ 4 proposals
Information Security Assistance new

I am looking for a good expert in information security. We need advice and help. I will be grateful for the answer. The price for consultation, and if you need to help - you will set it yourself. For me, the main thing is that a man was good, he advised me and me. Thank you very…

Software protection and security ∙ 4 proposals
Virtual machine Hyper-V, the detector's circumference from the stim. new

A solution is needed for the Hyper-V virtual machine to cross the detector from Steam. A few days ago, the game New World turned off the possibility of playing on virtual machines. For Linux, the solution is already on the network, but we need a solution for Hyper-V.

Software protection and security ∙ 1 proposal
Cleaning from viruses in Word Press new

Good day, you need to clean up viruses and infectious files on one of our sites, cms Word Press. The site is now not working due to viruses, it is necessary to clean the malicious files and restore the site’s performance.

Web programmingSoftware protection and security ∙ 22 proposals
Remove SmartScreen and the virus notification in the browser new

There is an application and a certificate from Comodo (Pay), after the signature had to disappear the SmartScreen inscription, and the browser notification that the file is dangerous, but this did not happen, you need to fix it!

C#Software protection and security
Mobile Application new
77 352 UAH

Mobile application for international cash transfers, for now only 2 countries from one to the second.

DatabasesSoftware protection and security ∙ 6 proposals
File decompilation created in MinGW new
1000 UAH

I download the file, you need to dispack it, change it a bit and pack it back. If the file is dispacked via Unzip, the .phb files are created. I tried different decompilators - didn't help, I just needed in MinGW. If the price does not rise, offer options.

C and C++Software protection and security ∙ 2 proposals