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Mobile application-Victorin new
10 000 UAH

You need to write the simple mobile app "Game-Victorin" on Swift. The database of questions should be stored on the backend. All the design, animations and elements are drawn in the figure. In the app you need to connect the business logic - subscriptions and single purchases…

SwiftApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 9 proposals
IOS app to install third-party manufacturers’ applications new

Reference: https://flekstore.com/ The same functionality, only in a different design. From your side, only development is needed, the design will be provided. After studying the reference, please give you an estimate on the time and cost of the development, thank you.

SwiftApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 1 proposal
Needed Java + Swift Developer new
100 000 UAH

You need a professional in developing mobile applications with knowledge of both technologies at the same time: Java and Swift. You need a specialist on project maintenance, bug-fixing, improvements. You need a exclusively specialized person in this direction, with excellent…

JavaSwift ∙ 3 proposals
Changes to the iOS app Swift new

a timely task. Implementation of the app for iOS on Swift 1 . Add the order status change button on the screen - order details (Translate (add) all the logic related to the change of status - change of status at the route, change of status at the order) 2nd Make a screen…

SwiftApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 5 proposals
Recovery Lab Center for Physical Rehabilitation new
12 000 UAH

You need to create an app for online customer registration Visual Programs Simple by phone number and time

SwiftGaming applications ∙ 6 proposals
IOS app for the collection of crowdsourced geotagged sky imagery new
14 000 UAH

Good day !My name is Guldaria.I am a student, and this project is part of my summer internship.Deadline until 1 December.The application must be simple and contain (1) a camera with a compass and GPS, (2) a map that shows the weather report from users, and (3) a profile!The !The…

SwiftApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 3 proposals