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System programming


Setting up Zebra GC420T printer

It is necessary to set up the printing of Zebra GC420T printer with the formation of barcodes from inventory and serial numbers and equipment signature. Printing from a notepad or other text editor or spreadsheet. Inv. 00000000000 below the barcode formed from Inv. Serial number…

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 2 proposals

Create a simple program for managing customer data.

I want to create a simple program for managing customer data. The system should include the following fields: Fields: identification number (determined automatically by the program), my identification number (will not be indicated in every record), last name, first name, phone…

PythonSystem programming ∙ 10 proposals

Figure out how to connect NodeJs to the library.

https://github.com/specinfo-ua/UAPKI this library will be deployed on an Ubuntu server. And working with it will be done through NodeJs. There are tests on the git, for checking successful integration. I will provide a test server. At the output, an instruction with…

DevOpsSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal

Creating an application for an online store.

Good day. I am planning to create an application for my online store, and I am interested in information about the development and cost. An example of the application we want, as similar as possible - https://apps.apple.com/app/id1575149519

1CSystem programming ∙ 7 proposals

Fix and supplement the script for working with the PayPass terminal

We have a single-board computer as an executive device to which a paypass terminal (Ingenico iUC160B) is connected via a converter. The device sends data to the server above. There is a need to duplicate this data to an external server in json format. It is necessary to modify…

Software and server configurationSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal


126 USD

Good day, I need 2 websites. 1. One-page website for one product: Product name Photo Price Order button With the ability to receive orders in Telegram through a bot. 2. Website for 10 products: Brief information about the store 10 product cards (with a short description and…

Web programmingSystem programming ∙ 47 proposals

Stretch my PHP form into the landing page

There is a ready landing page, and a separate php+ajax form with its own functionality, and the necessary tasks: - Fix the encoding issue in the form UTF8 in the form. - Need to embed my form into my ready landing page - Insert the ready logo into the landing page and one…

Web programmingSystem programming ∙ 23 proposals

More Telegram channel contacts need to be added.

13 USD

We need someone who understands how to add people to a Telegram channel (not manually!) Phone databases will be added, so the ability for regular loading should be provided.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 3 proposals

Forum on Vbulletin

1065 USD

We are launching a forum on VBulletin, we need someone to handle technical support. The workload is not full, but constant

System administrationSystem programming ∙ 5 proposals

Add contact database to Telegram Channel

13 USD

Need to add 130 contacts to Telegram channel. Phone databases will be added, so the possibility of regular loading should be provided.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 3 proposals

Consultation on connecting the payment system to the Vixi website

13 USD

Juju needs consultation on connecting the payment system to the site on Wix. I have a wirepay and cannot understand if I can connect it or not.

System programmingWebsite maintenance

Researching system behavior using Markov models

A system is considered that can be in one of 6 states. Transition between states occurs at discrete time moments. Generate the transition probability matrix randomly and round the probability values to two decimal places. The distribution law for generating the transition…

PythonSystem programming ∙ 4 proposals

Write and support the back-end for an online service (startup)

1. An online service for the Asian market is being developed (startup). Customers and service providers register on the site. The former order services, the latter perform them, the service earns a commission (something like Kabancheck with modifications). 2. I am looking for a…

Web programmingSystem programming ∙ 21 proposals

Lead generation on LinkedIn. Technological company. For DACH countries

Setting up lead generation on LinkedIn for a large technology company in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Please write only to agencies that have extensive experience working in these countries and are confident in the quality of work execution.

System programming

Expert needed for consultation in English language AI + 3D modeling

Project - this is three-dimensional modeling. We want to develop a system that can model a person based on photographs taken from all angles using a phone. On the model, it will be possible to create hairstyles based on artificial intelligence. It will be possible to choose the…

Machine learningSystem programming