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Projects for freelancer


Writing scripts for short videos Shorts, Reels, Tik-Tok

Need to write 5 scenarios for an expert, a nutritionist, scenarios for recording videos. The task is to build a subscriber base of people interested in health topics, proper nutrition, children's health ... any topics related to health and beauty. The scenario should not…

Script writingSocial media marketing ∙ 11 proposals

Remote freelance work is becoming more and more popular. On Freelancehunt, every freelancer will be able to find a profitable project in his specialization and do remote jobs from home. The number of actual tasks that are waiting for their performers is constantly growing.

What is freelancer's work about

Remote work for yourself involves performing one-time or repeatable tasks for different clients. The biggest difference between being employed and freelance is the freedom of choice. The freelancer independently builds his own schedule, evaluates the workload, selects interesting projects and clients with whom it is comfortable to work at home doing remote jobs. Proper self-organization in freelance provides success and anyone can learn this. Everyone can become a freelancer and find a job, regardless of the place of residence. Everything you need is a will, skills in a certain area and the willingness to constantly learn and develop.

What makes a good freelancer

Experienced freelancers easily find profitable projects and tasks remotely. And if the specialist has written a correct and detailed CV, filled the portfolio with interesting work examples, pumped the rating, then the client will offer him a Personal project after examining the profile on the service. A newbie freelancer differs from a pro only by experience. To gain experience, you need to regularly:

  • improve your knowledge;
  • follow trends in your professional area;
  • apply innovations in practice;
  • analyze the results of work, including the introduced innovations;
  • draw conclusions based on the results and improve the quality of work every time;
  • while working as a freelancer, take seriously the responsibilities when doing the task or project.

Special features of freelancing

Many clients are not professionals in the field they are looking for a performer, so they cannot always clearly formulate requirements. Show your interest to the client: ask additional questions, specify details and suggest better options to do the task. The prices set by the client are flexible in most cases, your potential employers are willing to pay more. You are competing with other participants of the freelance marketplace, so carefully examine the offers of the freelancers and their profiles in order to evaluate your capabilities and find ways to distance from your competitors.

How to start freelancing

If you have decided to become a freelancer and do remote work at home, the freelancing service is the best place to start. There are two ways to find remote work on Freelancehunt and get a job as a freelancer:

  1. You can search for tasks yourself. Hundreds of new projects are published on the platform every day. Choose the ones you like and place your proposals.
  2. Upgrade your account: describe in detail your skills and abilities, fill the portfolio with relevant examples, increase your rating, earn positive feedback. In this case, clients will find you and offer you a job. Such an option is suitable for freelance accounts that have a large portfolio and a lot of positive feedback, so don't forget to constantly improve your profile.

We recommend using two options at the same time, preferring the independent search for freelance projects. To do this, select the appropriate specialization in the category catalog. The digit after the name of each category shows the number of current projects.

Respond to the projects that have been added recently. Follow up the latest offers throughout the day. If you are the first to respond to a freelance project, it will be a point in your favor. The client may specify the project category incorrectly, so look for freelance work in related categories.

If you are new to freelancing, we recommend that you fill out your profile as much as possible to get started with your freelancer’s work faster. The more information you provide in your profile, the more likely you will be chosen as a performer.

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