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PIZZA-IF: My website for the sale of the best pizzas!

This site was created using modern technologies and tools to provide the customer with the most convenient and efficient process of ordering and delivering pizza.

I started work on the project with a thorough study of the requirements and wishes of the customer. It was necessary to create a simple and intuitively understandable interface that would be easy to use for ordering and paying pizza.

I used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as various libraries and frameworks, such as React. I also used Node.js to create a server and process orders.

The site has various functional features, including viewing the menu, selecting the ingredients, paying for the order and tracking its status.
Work details
Budget 2000 UAH
Added 24 March 2023
Dmitry Saliamon
Ukraine Vinnytsia  2  1

Available for hire Available for hire
2 Safe completed
On service 1 year